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  1. Matt Derrick

    Comment by 'Matt Derrick' in item 'Harpers Ferry, West Virginia'

    sweet man, thanks! i'm looking forward to learning more about this place!
  2. Matt Derrick

    Review by 'Matt Derrick' on item 'Austin, Texas'

    I want to write my own review here just because while I do think Austin is worth visiting, it has a lot of similarities with Portland, Oregon and that's both good and bad. It's bad because while I've had a good time here in Austin, one of the reasons for that was because it was much like what...
  3. Austin, Texas

    Austin, Texas

    Austin Texas is another one of those cities I never thought I would have spent as much time in as I have, but overall I'm glad I did. It's a great town overall that's easy to find work in, making it a great place to save up money between travels. Unfortunately there's not a lot of punks or other...
  4. Matt Derrick

    Comment by 'Matt Derrick' in item 'Chicago, Illinois'

    Good info, thanks for posting!
  5. Matt Derrick

    Comment by 'Matt Derrick' in item 'London - Camden Town'

    Thanks for the contribution, that's interesting to hear! I've always had this on my list of places to check out, I'm especially curious to see what the squatter culture out here is like (if there's much of it left at all).

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