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  1. kriminalmisfit

    Gig/EP Review- SoWithout (Las Vegas HC)

    I caught the emo-influenced Las Vegas Hardcore band "SoWithout' recently playing with Frail Body (IL), Hand Of Doubt (NV), and Modern Color (CA) at an outdoor show on a rainy night in Vegas on 3/10/2020. I had never heard of SoWithout, but had gone to the show to catch Frail Body, who are one of...
  2. kriminalmisfit

    Anyone into Emoviolence or Skrams music?

    There seems to be some overlap in the Folk and Crust punk community in the "skramz" scene. There were so many sick releases last year by bands like Shin Guard, State Faults, Frail Body and stuff like that. was really into the energy the scene seemed to have by the end of last year, i've gotten...
  3. kriminalmisfit


    Been traveling around in my van for a few weeks, checking out random hardcore shows wherever i happen to be. i got a bass guitar and amp, i was thinking maybe i'll meet some people to jam with, but i'm on the move pretty often. Are any kids here into the newer hardcore scene? i love straight...
  4. kriminalmisfit

    Rest in Power Annah "Found" Willow

    I'm still super devastated to say my best fucking friend in the whole world, Found Willow, passed away from her struggle with congestive heart failure last month on October 15th. Her 25th birthday would have been this november 6th. She was a member of this site under the handle @Multifaceted...
  5. kriminalmisfit

    Anybody going to the fest 15

    Is anyone on here going to the fest 15 in Gainesville Florida? I'm guessing most of y'all are going to the jamboree, but if you're trying to rock out on the east coast the fest is on Octoberober 28-31 in Gainesville. If anyone on here is going, let's camp, drink play music and mosh it up. Pm me...
  6. kriminalmisfit

    trouble with depression in winter

    man I feel like I am struggling. I am wondering if anyone else has this problem in the winter. i'm not sure how much the weather can affect your mood but the depression seem to follow a schedule.. also holidays, unpleasant anniversaries etc... just a bummer in general. anyone else relate/
  7. kriminalmisfit

    Infiltrating Fun Fun Fun

    howdy everyone, I would like to ask yall's experience of sneaking into festivals and high security events. I was just down at fun fun fun and rode my bike around the perimeter of the event. pretty aggressive security, mad cops and bright lights everywhere... not very fun.. I almost got a ticket...

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