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  1. 3knd

    Last Night....

    I wasn't having the greatest day nor night. I'm In san Jose and I decide to take a late cruise around downtown to see if I could find anyone Interesting. I ran Into some Yuppie punks outside of a bar, they smoked weed with me, i gave them a cigarette in return told them about my shitty day...
  2. 3knd

    Photos On the Road, you know. doin' stuff.

    -hangin' out In new Orleans, I remember yellin', "Stop talkin' shit let me eat" at everyone who went by. -Takin' a break after Bike tourin, watching mountains.
  3. 3knd

    3 months on the Road (So far)

    So far...Things have been Alright. My first month on the road, I went bike touring with this guy that I met In MA. That was fun. Going to a wedding and what not. the wedding was coo. I kind of embarrassed myself just because it was open bar, so I was filling up on wine, then I started hitting on...
  4. 3knd

    fuck dubstep hippies!

    Well, it all started when I first got off of probation. I was suck in MA for about 6 months. I got slightly drunk off of one 40oz (King cobra) I got into some shit with the guy I was dating at the time. Eventually he calls the cops on me and I get arrested for resisting arrest and assault and...
  5. 3knd

    Stuck in worcestor, Ma

    Just arrived here with a freidn from portland, ME yesterday. Tried hitching out to amherst. no ride. just a ton of assholes in cars swearing at us. Any Ideas?!
  6. 3knd

    So, I have a Problem (A)

    So, yesterday. I got busted by the tracks for an open container. under covers cops busted me and two other people. we weren't be loud or anything. It's fucked, I know. I shouldn't have done it, but I was completely cool about it. well, My probation ends by the end of next month and during that...
  7. 3knd

    Do I have herpes?

    So, I went to vermint about a week ago, There was this guy sittin infront of a coffee shop, we drank for like 2 days and just made out a lot. he told me that he had hep C, so i got tested after that. and I didn't have anything -Phew- he didn't have any scars on his face. nothing. I also Bite my...
  8. 3knd

    I like beer, wanna cuddle?

    ..Life sucks, I like movies, beer and cigarettes...Do You?
  9. 3knd

    Yes, I'm a hypochondriac....Do I have AIDS?

    This morning, I woke up...someone rolled a joint for me. I went to a bus stop and smoked it there. a woman who stays in a shelter with me asked to smoke some (as I always do, I hesitated and then felt guilty), so I passed it out to her. she took a few drags and handed it back top me, I didn't...
  10. 3knd


    So, I've been havin' this problem. and I'm not sure if it's something that i should Ignore. but like, I've been having these weird side pains...and sometimes underneath my rib cage on the right. I'm not in SERIOUS amounts of pain, but it does suck whenever It happens. Help? sorry i can't give a...
  11. 3knd

    Massachusetts? I need a new bag...Bigger.

    well, the post says it all. yeah, if anyone here around the 413 area has a bag they're not using and wants to kick it down to someone cool (Like me) Then that'd be awesome. Plus, If i find something useful to trade..(Like my old pack) then I'd love to do that for you! Thanks.
  12. 3knd

    Hey, Taz there anyone from Massachusetts?

    Is there? I need friends, because friends are awesome :D
  13. 3knd

    Hey, I'm Taz...I like doing things.

    Hey, Um...I'm not that good with words, but I'll try -Ahem- I live in a small town In MA, I'm on probation for 6 months, but It's legit. No drug tests, Etc. Still, I'm not a big fan of this area. Um, I'm normally wondering around. Normally bumming smoking, asking for free donuts from dunkin...
  14. 3knd

    I posted A bulletin

    I like to do Stuff, like...get piercings and tattoo's, Ride bikes, eat Stuff like Food, make Art, love and play guitar. I'm a hypochondriac, So i like to freak Out and believe that Everyday Is A threat Or that I'm gonna die. I usually mumble my Words Around And never make much Sense. I hitch...
  15. 3knd

    The Love Hate

    Is there Such Thing To combine such opposites? Well, In My opinion..."YES"! And It Fuckin Sucks.

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