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  1. Sebe Bach

    is anybody picking yall hitchhikers up in the plague?

    ive not been a traveler in a long while, but a coworker (we all just got layed off) who is more plugged into the scene, told me its rough out there. which sucks as hitting the road is such a great fall back to have. silver-lining is that those of us who have some experience of living on the...
  2. Sebe Bach

    patient assessment system

    sorry it is so long! lol
  3. Sebe Bach

    patient assessment system

    hey, so these are some of my notes from a wilderness medicine certification I did years ago. this kinda knowledge is especially good for travelers as it emphasizes improvisation and lack of resources. the patient assessment system is the smallest "chunk" of knowledge that is useful in this field...

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