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    cleaning food you hunt

    ima start a rural squat none to far from an urban area preety soon, i would be able to hunt things like birds or squirrels and stuff. What are some methods for cleaning the meat properly and some recipes for small game like that or even possums and such?
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    News & Blogs Free Pussy Riot

    so, this feminist punk band in russia called Pussy Riot stormed a cathedrial to protest putin and now theyr facing hard time, check it out informative article heres the wiki article on the band...
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    WUGAZI : WU TANG/FUGAZI MASHUP THIS SHIT IS DOPE sleep rules everything around me ghetto afterthought
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    sustaining health while being vegan/veg

    duz anyone else get a weak tingly feeling in their limbs? i been vegetarian for years and i hav a shit diet and my doc says i need more protein and fiber, but how do all these hardcore motherfuckers make it being vegetarian or vegan wi no cash and getn fucked up all the time? iv been able to do...
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    sleepn under the stars

    I am drunk as balls, at the homies pad, then me and my squatter buddy gunna go hop the fence into one of our old squat spots that got rolled by pigs previously, i figure no one gunna check it out tonight. we got sum sleeping bags and thanks to a lack of sobriety will not hav to wrestle wi inner...
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    duz anyone here identify as a Marxist and not an "anarchist"? just curious, despite a deep reverence for the man and having spent ALOT ALOT ALOT of time reading his work, i personallly do not consider myself a "marxist" as it were.
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    amerikan imperialism in Libya & Ghaddafi

    what say you of mr. Muammar Ghaddafi? hav any of you read his Green Book or read about the Libyan situation outside of an imperialist media context? and while were on the same note, hav any of you seen all the shit about Nelson Mandela standing up for him?
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    tricky EBT situation, need advice

    my buddy is a 25 yr old widow, homeless with no job, and 39 thousand in a paypall account thats frozen until september. there is a possibility that they could hold the money even long after that. We going to get his ebt card today, and when i got interviewed they asked me if i had a bank account...
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    Cleveland National Forrest

    Soooooo, anyone been to Cleveland National Forest in Southern California? What are the pros and cons? What necesary supplies are idiosyncratic to that area and what should I look out for (be it health, nature related, or legal). Does anyone have any long term squating experience? Do yall know of...
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    long beach or venice/santa monica squats?

    anyone savy about squats in the lbc or santa monica/venice area? or at least know of sum factories or rooftops or spaces with potential for liberation?
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    Shit sistren/brethren. It has happened for the second time: our spot got busted by the muthafucken bitchass popo. Thank Allah that for the second time also, we were not present (as all of us hav legal woe hanging over our heads). Luckily we managed to recover our magickal items from a dumpster...
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    Squatting in Southern California, new

    hullo there! I been squatting and couch surfing for about 8/9 months, my current location being a roofless bedouin like setting in the fascist police state of Cypress. I spend most of my time trying to get to shows or protests. I play guitar, skate, put up some stencils here and there. We got...

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