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  1. PotBellyFatGuy

    Pics of us as youngsters compared to now

    point of mentioning the jeans was just to compare trends and time-eras. today all the young kids wear tight jeans. baggy jeans are way out. it's just a little detail i remember. i actually (today in my life) wear nothing with logos and even get them removed at the tailor. i am not joking. i like...
  2. PotBellyFatGuy

    Pics of us as youngsters compared to now

    they didn't all get wealthy. one did (he is the executive vice president for bear sterns in the legal dept. for the entire company; he had studied securities law) whilst another rode his coattails to get a cushy job in the company. another opened up his own nightclub, first in russia, and now in...
  3. PotBellyFatGuy

    Pics of us as youngsters compared to now

    damn i LOVED having friends. every single friend i have had during my youth has either moved away or up and out of the economic class (the biggest issue i have had) we were in as kids. some did turn to drugs while others became very wealthy. i just stayed pretty much around average. they were...

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