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  1. Franny

    ATTN: Bike punks!! Help!!

    How did the stem break off and what does it look like now? I could *try* to think of a solution depending on how it's broken. But like Steve said, slim chance. Tubeless tires rely on the pressure within the tire to hold the valve in the proper position, so even if I can think of something...
  2. Franny

    Haven't been here in a long while

    and probably won't be logging in again any time soon. Nothing personal, just too busy to keep up with multiple social networking sites when there's so much other cool shit I could be doing. I miss some of you though, if any of you remember me. I still will log in from time to time, but like I...
  3. Franny

    Featured How to Cure a Staph Infection

    Nice. I might caution you to do the same thing, my friend. Rubbing alcohol and denatured alcohol are not the same. Denatured alcohol (often used as an industrial solvent) DOES contain isopropyl alcohol...and acetone...and methynol...and dyes. Lots of stuff you wouldn't want in an open...
  4. Franny

    Featured How to Cure a Staph Infection

    Just another note: Listerine and generic equivalents are good antiseptics -because- they contain large amounts of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Rubbing alcohol can be substituted (but doesn't make a very good mouthwash). Also, rubbing alcohol IS meant for rubbing, and it is unpleasant. If you...
  5. Franny


    I personally feel that polyamory is more "natural" than monogamy, at least for me. For a lot of the reasons that Gudj mentioned, I have a primary partner and am open to others (both for me and my partner). I can't imagine having a relationship as strong and long lasting as what I have being...
  6. Franny

    Effective 'resistance' versus pointless rioting?

    The POINT is visibility. Not saying that's always accomplished, but that's usually the goal. People get confused on this issue though: the point is not to make yourself visible, but to make the issue visible. I see both mob-riots and pacifist sit-down strikes effective depending on the...
  7. Franny

    how do you kill snakes?

    I would really advise not fucking with snakes unless you HAVE to. Of course. But as I currently live right on a canal there are water moccassins (cotton mouths) that stick around in my back yard sometimes. Since I have outdoor cats I use a hoe with a long handle and whack their heads off...
  8. Franny

    Postcard Exchange

    Rash! You're that Rash? I think I have postcards you sent me. I was Oral Defecation on IAMBMEzine before I gave up on that. And I'd love to exchange postcards. If anyone wants my address, PM me.
  9. Franny

    doggie diet...

    Dogs don't like dry food once they know how much it sucks. Trust me, I've eaten it. I know I'm weird, but I can 100% assure you that dry food is shit. Dogs aren't genetically programmed to eat dehydrated old corn-filled crap. And wet food isn't all that much better, just more palatable...
  10. Franny

    stupid fucking hangovers

    My grandfather (who puts bourbon in his morning coffee) told me when I was six years old- space your drinks twenty minutes apart and you won't get a hangover. That works to a certain extent. Other than that, water. When I have nasty hangovers I burn bread and eat it. Not just toasted, I make...
  11. Franny

    Kidney Health

    Thanks. I did go back to the doctor and it does appear to be more than what I can manage on my own. I've got to balance my own electrolytes and measure my urine output and shit. It's actually a bit scary. And I'm allowed neither broccoli nor potatoes! The horrors! But in the interest of...
  12. Franny

    Photos first leg in florida

    Those turnips look like ube before they ripen and turn purple. Is that what they are?
  13. Franny


    The Mayans actually said December 2012 is the end of TIME. Not the end of the world. And with the translations and all, who knows what they actually meant by that. I do think it's possible that a prediction was made that may relate to a geological event (like a polar shift, for instance), but...
  14. Franny

    White Ghettos

    I live in unincorporated Delray Beach, FL, not far from Speedy really. Florida is full of redneck "white ghettos" as you call them. So is Southern Georgia. In South Florida though, the areas are small and fairly segregated. My particular neighborhood is quite racially mixed, but just North...
  15. Franny

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Hey Mo- You can handle this. You're fucking strong-willed and tough as shit, and nobody is going to get away with hurting you. Most of the time people who are acting intimidating are doing so out of some fear/insecurity/problem themselves, so keep in mind that you're not dealing with people...
  16. Franny

    Anti-Civ discussion

    I've been thinking about this A LOT lately. I agree with your statement wholeheartedly. We've done more damage to ourselves and the Earth in the past 100 years than should even be possible. Climate change, deforestation, toxic waste, new diseases, etc. I've been planning to make some...
  17. Franny

    nothing to offer

    This is a crock of shit. You ARE part of society, we are all SOCIETY. No matter what you do (or don't do) you make an impact. And maybe it's a terrifying thought that you do make an impact and you want to disregard that. Your ideas, your mannerisms, the way you approach situations, your...
  18. Franny

    So does anyone have any jokes??

    A guy goes to the bar and says to his friend, "You won't believe what happened. I was taking a short cut along the railway track, and I found a girl tied to it. I untied her, and then we had sex over and over again, all the positions, everything. His friend replies, "That's great: did you get a...
  19. Franny

    Kidney Health

    As I've noticed there are some very knowledgeable people on this forum...does anyone know of any simple/herbal remedies for mild kidney problems? My kidney function isn't so great. The doctor said that drinking plenty of water (check) and a low protein diet (check) are beneficial to kidney...
  20. Franny

    Ramming a dildo up yr boyfreinds ass

    That was not theoretical advice. That was an adventure so badly timed that it did end up in piss soaked carpet and immediate eviction. Aside from the locking the door if you live with easily shocked people advice, all I can offer is lube. Lube is wonderful stuff. Prevents the anal...
  21. Franny

    Ramming a dildo up yr boyfreinds ass

    The only advice I have is to lock the door if you're at his mother's house, because otherwise his mother might walk in and stand there open mouthed before passing out in a puddle of her own urine.
  22. Franny

    Ocala FL for the rainbow gathering?

    I take this back. I'm sorry. I won't be able to make it, but if anyone needs a ride/info about getting in and out of FL by whatever means I'd be glad to help if you PM me before the 5th.
  23. Franny

    (VERY General) What is your idea of anarchy?

    I really will give a more substantial reply to this. But.... are you sure about this?
  24. Franny

    [18+ Adults Only - Not Safe For Work!] -Anal Talk!!-

    Yes. Physiologically it makes sense. The clitoris is not just what you see on the outside; it's a very long bundle of nerves that runs far up into the body. It can be stimulated from inside the anus at the proper angles. Psychologically the taboo aspect of it plays a definite role...
  25. Franny

    [18+ Adults Only - Not Safe For Work!] -Anal Talk!!-

    So first off, anal sex will hurt initially for most people. You have to get used to it (unless you've abused the hell out of laxatives and enemas your whole life as I have, in which case, disregard this). Lube. Lube is important. There can never be too much lube, it's impossible...
  26. Franny

    What classifies someone as a "slut"?

    Hm. Lots of birds are technically buzzards. The carrion eaters or the predators? I think I'm okay with this either way.
  27. Franny

    Advice for Showering & Staying Clean

    Anne might have a different method than I, but this is how I use it: for shampoo- dump some on head. wet head. rub around on head. rinse. for soap- wet something (rag, loofah, hand). add baking soda. rub on self. rinse. for toothpaste- wet toothbrush. dip in baking soda. brush. rinse...
  28. Franny

    Does Anarchism Contradict Human Nature?

    Lord. Chompsky. Drink water, eat burned toast.
  29. Franny

    Does Anarchism Contradict Human Nature?

    I think the loaded undefinable terms we use are the most functionally useful ones out there. Ok, maybe functional isn't the best word for how I feel, but abstract concepts certainly are thought provoking. Freedom means something slightly different to everyone, and on the whole we do a terrible...
  30. Franny

    Does Anarchism Contradict Human Nature?

    I've read a great deal about the brain. And its function (overall) still confuses me. I can't take scientific word as fact because what my brain experiences transcends that. The reason I think that all people are good is because I sense that on a very deep level. Even when I think of the...
  31. Franny

    Does Anarchism Contradict Human Nature?

    What I meant is that anarchism will never be "utopia". That it's a political system, and all systems (physiological, social, etc.) follow basic laws of nature. I was just comparing a political system to our physiological system of homeostasis.
  32. Franny

    Does Anarchism Contradict Human Nature?

    Anarchism is not only perfectly plausible, but IS human nature. This is how I see it: We all have varying degrees of desire for domination and submission, leadership and being led. And what lobotomy3yes said (I really need to learn your name) about our capability for critical thought plays...
  33. Franny

    your dog looks so much like my friend's dog. I saw the pic and clicked on it and saw you're not...

    your dog looks so much like my friend's dog. I saw the pic and clicked on it and saw you're not peter, but regardless, cute dog!
  34. Franny

    You favorite Right-Wing news sources!

    Soy contains precursors to estrogen, and if a body is programmed to produce large amounts of estrogen soy may aid the process. But as for altering hormones, it doesn't do that to a significant extent. The hormones injected into cattle and given to chickens in their feed though, those are the...
  35. Franny

    ELF vs ExWorkersCollective

    What is this thread? I don't even
  36. Franny

    A Politely Hostile Performance Review of the Anarchist "Community"

    Of course. But humans have to recognize their tendency towards being oppressed, learn to thwart it as much as possible, and beyond that learn to deal. And I honestly think that if society was organized as groupings of smaller communities rather than operating on a global level under the rule...
  37. Franny

    A Politely Hostile Performance Review of the Anarchist "Community"

    This is exactly why I think anarchism IS possible, because in my mind (and dreams), this is what anarchism is. I've been enjoying watching this conversation, and just wanted to put in my two cents that violent revolution is some strange urban legend regarding the whole of anarchism, and...
  38. Franny

    What classifies someone as a "slut"?

    It's a damn shame when things like this end up all over the friggin' internet. I feel fairly lousy for whoever this is. Unless it's a joke/forced meme type deal, then, props. I haven't posted my official stance on this "slut" business yet. The word itself usually bothers me, but how much it...
  39. Franny

    Cooperative Games, Anarchist Games, ect.

    This may be obvious, which may be why nobody has mentioned it yet, but....parkour? Strategically maneuvering urban terrain for someone that's never heard of it. I've spent whole days doing this it's so much fun.
  40. Franny

    Andrew Jackson Jihads on tour

    And they're not playing anywhere even remotely close to a somewhere I'll be able to go. Damn it all. I do love AJJ.
  41. Franny

    Any of you know of a publisher

    Would it be possible to break the novella up into articles? You could maybe find a magazine that would do a serial on it. And sometimes you can get a book picked up by a publishing house in going the serial magazine route. And not trying to come off as pretentious, but if you need an editor...
  42. Franny

    What classifies someone as a "slut"?

    What led you to this conclusion?
  43. Franny

    What classifies someone as a "slut"?

    I like this word: promiscuous Function: adjective Etymology: Latin promiscuus, from pro- forth + miscēre to mix — more at pro-, mix 1 : composed of all sorts of persons or things 2 : not restricted to one class, sort, or person : indiscriminate 3 : not restricted to one sexual partner 4 ...
  44. Franny

    What classifies someone as a "slut"?

    Under what circumstances would you say or think someone was a slut? Is it simply the number of partners one has had, or something else? Does it make a difference if the person in question is male or female? This has been bothering me a lot lately, and I'd appreciate some feedback.
  45. Franny

    Whats the deal with Rainbow Gatherings?

    I really stand in opposition to a lot that's been said about the Rainbow Gatherings. I AM NOT (I will stress again, NOT) at all similar to a lot of people that religiously attend these gatherings. I don't act or look much like a "hippie", and I don't share many spiritual/cultural viewpoints...
  46. Franny

    Any of you know of a publisher

    Cool isn't too much of a factor in getting things published. Even though going for publishers that already publish a certain genre can't hurt, just submit EVERYWHERE. Prepare for billions of rejections letters. Keep at it. Someone will bite.
  47. Franny

    Got a ticket for sitting on the sidewalk

    Ditto what Dirty Rig said. I got one of these sitting outside a taco bell drinking a soda I PAID FOR THERE. I feel a bit of your rage I think. edit: Charlottesville, VA for the record.
  48. Franny

    Advice for Showering & Staying Clean

    Peregrin- go into one of those cookie cutter suburban neighborhoods early in the morning. Find a lawn with its sprinklers on. Use it as a bidet.
  49. Franny

    Ocala FL for the rainbow gathering?

    Believe me, camping will be free. And I will 100% be there. I'm already in Florida, only a few hours away. I'm driving, so if anyone is somewhere between Key West and there and needs a ride, send me a PM.