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  1. maus

    aging hobo

    ok, i turned 25 this year. i know it isnt *that* old but i definitely started going 'wtf am i doing with myself?!?!' a lot. my back hurts. my liver hurts. i live under a tarp in the woods. i dont even really travel anymore. i am just one bum among a thousand in santa cruz. i dont aim to end up...
  2. maus

    oakland riots after police slaying fuck yeah
  3. maus

    Photos paradise city aug 06

    what a shitty time. but, i had a nice camera to play with.
  4. maus

    in santa cruz.

    and let me tell you, its a lovely place. lovely enough that im semi settled down now. built me a little house in the woods; i know my way around and have a few extra tarps. theres a really good crew around these parts. im down to busk , have fires, go hiking... drink wine by the ocean? yea...
  5. maus

    revolt in greece

    some sources for updates in english: some awesome pictures:
  6. maus

    who wants to bet on the presidential election?

    at least some good will come out of this mess... ill take money from suckaz. honest abe says palin hit it out of the park already. (ive already got one taker, and a note in my phone for nov 4 that says "get 5 bucks from lee") bring it !
  7. maus

    dude, fuck hitchhiking.

    straight up. or at least fuck how crappy it is anyway. fuck how many people pick you up that are creepy and controlling or preachy and tell you to get a job or just plain fucking nuts. its so not good in most places. a hitchhiking trip in so cal this past winter was the turning point of me...
  8. maus

    fermented foods and probiotics

    can i get a what what
  9. maus

    Santa cruz:

    yes! im so excited to go squat the woods there next month.
  10. maus

    i think im going to this in eugene. im not really down with a lot of the activisty stuff but first of all i think theres going to be circus punk stuff, and its a big fun camp out in the woods, im sure therell be some good folks. its interesting how climate change/carbon emissions are realy...
  11. maus

    black mesa: herd sheep for the navajo resistance!

    this is actually where im on my way to... i did it in nov/dec too. basically, black mesa is this place on the navajo rez in northeastern arizona where the government is trying to expel all the navajos so that it can be destroyed by coal mining. so, there is a group based in flagstaff called...
  12. maus

    i've been offered caretakership of some land in s. az...

  13. maus

    Squatter scores $8m plot of land

    $260 million estate has 21-year squatter Published: April 5, 2008 at 3:53 PM LONDON, April 5 (UPI) -- The owner of a London estate soon to be worth nearly $260 million can't evict a man who has inhabited the garden for 21 years, British media report. Harry Hallowes' cost-free digs will soon...
  14. maus

    so'ern kalifornia?

    so im staying with some very cool friends in ramona right now but i have a hankering to take off and hitch around by my lonesome for a bit... what are the good places to hit up, squat, busk, camp? where are the cool travelers gonna be at? im thinking santa barbara, goleta, maybe the promenade in...
  15. maus


    so i wound up hitching to the truck stop in ontario and just waiting for a trucker there instead of dealing with colton and trains... when i got there, also trying to hitch east were these 2 goofy ass kids talking about the rainbow gathering and stuff... i mean they were nice enough but i wasnt...
  16. maus

    where to stay in flagstaff??

    squats, friendly houses, easy to sleep in libraries...? anything? whatcha got? its getting cold out there at night, i heard.
  17. maus


    whats goin on? i will be there later this week (hopefully). ive only been there a little bit before so im down to make some friends and find some new spots!
  18. maus

    The Great Iraq and Roll Swindle, and the \"bin Laden tr ... aq_swindle this article is tight and a good expose ..... although anyway who still complains about "corruption" needs to realize that state and capital exist precisely to plunder everything within reach.