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  1. LysergicAbreaction

    Ran into my ex

    I saw one of my ex girlfriends, and it really made me think... She looked horrible, she was strung out on drugs, toothless, and psychologically had not changed since she was 19. I was on the streets when I was young, but after running into her, and having her take me on a little tour of her...
  2. LysergicAbreaction

    Living off the land

    Is this even a realistic notion? Like, can a person who was well trained really just walk out into nature and survive? ...And not just for like week or two, but actually survive as a lifestyle? What's the minimum one would need?
  3. LysergicAbreaction

    Learning the site

    Hello. Completely new to this site. I am not entirely proficient with most technological devices, so I apologize in advance for any effect that my mediocre technological abilities might have on posting. At this point I have just been browsing through and trying to get to know the site, and...