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    how can i treat my pup for worms naturally??

    I just got a puppy, and although the person who gave me the dog told me she had been treated, she still has worms. I was wondering if anyone knew any home/natural remedies to rid dogs of these parasitic pests! (preventative/proactive measures as well) HELP! thank you much!
  2. tapes

    MDC in PGH!

    MDC's playing April 24th in Pittsburgh with Mouth Sewn Shut, Embrace the Kill, Short Dark Strangers, and The Vaginas. Location: Belvedere's (sp?) 4016 Butler St. 10 bucks, doors at 6:30. this shit will get crazy... you might know how Pittsburgh's been the last couple of weeks...
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    i'm hoppin outta knoxville tomorrow headed for chattanooga, TN. i've never been there. what's the scene like? anyone wanna share their experiences in the city? GOOD PLACES TO CAMP???? any community houses? infoshops? house shows? cool little coffee shops? free food? good spangin? good...
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    any of you guys in asheville, NC??

    so as i was hitching up 26 from columbia, i got adopted by an awesome dude who got outta the pen (9 years!) about 5 months ago. he let me chill with him until today when he gets paid, and he's taking me to the bus station and gettin me a bus ticket up to asheville cause he doesn't like me...
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    asheville, NC

    I need information on possible squats to crash at, good places to get free food, and good places to spange in Asheville. any off ramps? also, is it relatively easy to hitchhike out? i can't imagine it being a black hole. also, what's the yard like there? sorry, this is a lot of questions but...
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    hi. i'm tapes

    i just got back to columbia SC from a trip gone...well not gone wrong, just cut short because of my traveling mate's back getting fucked up. that was my first trip and now i'm in love with traveling and can't wait to get out again. i'm always looking for people to travel with and new friends in...