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  1. CaptainCassius

    Back pack tool kits.

    Really depends on what work you intend on needing the tools for, but anyways, a little tip for organizing loose wrenches is to slide sets of them onto carabiners- you can even get different colored ones for easy identification of metric and imperial! Ok that's enough Martha Stewart advice for today.
  2. CaptainCassius

    There is no such thing as Clean/Green Energy

    I like what you've said here, I've always thought of nuclear power as one of those 'with great power comes great responsibility' types of situations, yes it can be extremely dangerous but on the other hand it is a huge achievement in the progress of energy production, technology, science, and...
  3. CaptainCassius

    There is no such thing as Clean/Green Energy

    idk guyzz I think OP is onto something here about saying bollocks to alternative energy: -shoot the rich, steal their guzzoline -man lives out mad max/postman-esque fantasy -world burns -woman and feral cats inherit the earth.
  4. CaptainCassius

    California knife laws

    I'm sorry but WHY would you keep a machete within reach inside the cabin of a vehicle where you have no space to actually utilize a weapon that size.. Steak knife in the visor is a thousand times more practical.
  5. CaptainCassius

    California knife laws

    You don't ever need to declare a machete as a weapon during a traffic stop, it's widely considered a 'tool' and if you yourself treat it as such you'll receive a lot less attention about it when asked. That question is loaded, mostly for fishing info and while knives might be of some interest to...
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    California knife laws

    Also about the length thing: you can open carry a sword if you want provided it's sheathed, attached to your hip, and visible from 3 sides... Not saying you won't get attention but I mean.. It's legal. The stipulation is that *in CA at least and probably, definitely, every other state* you can...
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    California knife laws

    I have a small (~3.5") folding pocket knife pretty much on me at all times, mostly for cutting poor rigging or rat-nested lines and such but it also makes its way into pretty much every establishment that doesn't have a metal detector and fits easy enough in a boot to bypass general searches...
  8. CaptainCassius

    California knife laws

    For example: Johnny has a 4 1/2 inch folding pocket knife that he carries inside his pocket with the usual spring clip. It's not spring assisted but does have a thumb detent on the back of the blade to unfold it - technically illegal if it 'facilitates rapid opening' or some such nonsense- this...
  9. CaptainCassius

    California knife laws

    This has been discussed before; The knife laws in CA are pretty straightforward, the issue most people end up having is, that officers are usually unaware of, or blatantly disregard (at their discretion) the laws set in place. Partly because they know some kid on the street, let alone anyone...
  10. CaptainCassius

    Ask me anything about vehicle repair

    @JasonnAngel If you're experiencing the trans slipping, especially when warm- it could be anything from simply incorrect, dirty, or insufficient TF to a leaky torque converter to worn out clutch discs. I'm not familiar with that particular transmission but there a few that get real finicky...
  11. CaptainCassius

    Ask me anything about vehicle repair

    Not exactly sure what you mean by 'lost gears' but moderate to drastic changes in overall tire/wheel circumference will definitely make a noticeable difference on WHEN the trans will shift gears on both older hydraulic/mechanical auto trans and newer; those electronically controlled with VSS...
  12. CaptainCassius

    Has anyone plane hopped

    Obviously not nowadays, at least not without serious risk or consequences in any developed country or with any major airline. Anyone remember 'catch me if you can' ? Based on Frank Abagnale's time cashing pan-am checks and posing as a pilot to basically fly all around the world committing...
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    Today's sketch, Victorian/Goth girl with face tattoos
  14. CaptainCassius

    @[14199:@Cornelius Vango] it's put me down and out for a few weeks so far but I'm starting to be...

    @[14199:@Cornelius Vango] it's put me down and out for a few weeks so far but I'm starting to be able to walk on my own again! So supposedly that means no permanent damage which I'm grateful for, just can't wait to be able to hike and have full mobility again.
  15. CaptainCassius

    Damaged my spine, guess I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. This is beyond suck.

    Damaged my spine, guess I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. This is beyond suck.
  16. CaptainCassius

    Some personal updates along with my future plans for StP

    Congrats on the new job! Glad you're using this as an opportunity to further your goals and get things done, good luck and I hope the prospect of what's to come keeps you motivated and away from getting down and out.
  17. CaptainCassius

    Hired as a welder in Oregon, guess I'm upper crust again

    Hired as a welder in Oregon, guess I'm upper crust again
  18. CaptainCassius

    Volunteers Needed For Jamboree 2018

    @EphemeralStick Care to extrapolate on "Slab City Exploration Drivers"?
  19. CaptainCassius

    The progressive movement and the hypocrisy of our tavern culture

    Leave it.. Guys either off his rocker, fckn with everyone, a bot, or potentially stupid or at least incapable of forming coherent arguments; and- .. Ain't nobody got time for that
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    Can anyone(s) run a solar panel workshop?

    Yours on the bus is just panel -> solenoid -> battery bank -> inverter right? Clean and simple system to use as an example!
  21. CaptainCassius

    Van, bus or trailer?

    OH you know.. unless it's one of those that's glued in like your windshield, in which case, yeah it's a little trickier
  22. CaptainCassius

    Van, bus or trailer?

    It's just held in with a rubber seal around the lip of the glass and the lip of the window frame, fairly easy to remove with two people, you stick a hook in the seal from the inside(use soap to lubricate)and push outward working your way around while the helper holds onto the glass from outside...
  23. CaptainCassius

    Toyota truck: a love affair (and repair)

    Installation: Clean your parts well to get rid of the old grease, then get silly with the grease (I prefer Lucas red n tacky)and make sure you *pack your wheel bearings with grease* you can do this by hand, look it up online but you MUST pack them, just dipping them in grease isn't enough...
  24. CaptainCassius

    Toyota truck: a love affair (and repair)

    Wheel bearing replacement/wheel hub breakdown Same basic concept on FWD and RWD vehicles and trailers. Note* you can see the damage on the thrust washer from the old wobbly bearing in exhibit #11 Removal: Pic #1:wheel hub assembly, locking hub assembly, brake caliper assembly Pic #2...
  25. CaptainCassius

    Van, bus or trailer?

    Cut a hole in the back of the camper about the same size as the truck cab rear window, rivet or form a lip on the siding so a rubber bellows type cab-to-shell seal will fit it (like the kind for a fiberglass topper) remove the rear window of the truck and now you got an access hatch to the truck...
  26. CaptainCassius

    Van, bus or trailer?

    Seen a few box truck living space/workshop conversions which were pretty cool, you'd probably be alright with an old u-haul or Penske But I know a lot of the small bread trucks and delivery vans were never intended for highway travel and so have extremely low horsepower engines compared to the...
  27. CaptainCassius

    Contemplating an overland excursion into South America.

    Contemplating an overland excursion into South America.
  28. CaptainCassius

    Toyota truck: a love affair (and repair)

    Here you can see its painted and mounted, oak ribs on the underside, cheap-o insulated headliner, and a finished pic of the bumper that I built.
  29. CaptainCassius

    Toyota truck: a love affair (and repair)

    I've wanted a roof rack on this thing since I got it. Problem is the 1st generation of Toyota 4Runners have a fiberglass hard top much like a camper shell you'd put on a pickup. I've seen a lot of exoskeleton type racks to get around the issue of weight stressing the fiberglass which seems like...
  30. CaptainCassius

    Toyota truck: a love affair (and repair)

    So in conclusion I think in materials I was out about $70 and have a bumper that works for me and is custom fit to my vehicle. Beats a $300 smittybuilt any day.
  31. CaptainCassius

    Toyota truck: a love affair (and repair)

    Next order of business: I wanted to bring the bumper out a little farther from the body but being limited by the length of the old mounting brackets I needed some spacers. This is made from a piece of 1.5"x4"x12" 6061 aluminum I picked up out of the steel yard scrap bin for around $20. Easiest...
  32. CaptainCassius

    Toyota truck: a love affair (and repair)

    So here's the first installment: rear bumper/tow bar and some fabrication stuff. I built the bumper itself a few weeks ago and didn't take any pictures of the fabrication process, but I needed to paint it and machine some spacers so I pulled it off today. I flame-cut the old mounting brackets...
  33. CaptainCassius

    I don't know what to make of this guy...

    Oh I understand, believe me. It's likely one or the other; I like to think he's just a legend.
  34. CaptainCassius

    I don't know what to make of this guy...

    Sounds like he might just be on a sick one. About the gear question: I knew this lady that pretty much traveled that light all the time, just a jansport and her banjo, dog, and canteen. Mind you this was considerably warmer out but, she would literally only carry the bare minimum necessary gear...
  35. CaptainCassius

    Read This First! Rules for posting!

    Crescent moon tattoo where?
  36. CaptainCassius

    That dude at the intersection who told me to get a job

    He's just mad 'cause he hasn't figured out how to make people take money out of their pockets and give it to him. Don't let it keep you down!
  37. CaptainCassius

    Toyota truck: a love affair (and repair)

    Also I will cover engine tuning! Timing Idle speed TPS adjustment Etc. If anyone wants me to include engine management system component checks I will. If you have a carbureted model I can offer plenty of other info but unfortunately no pics.
  38. CaptainCassius

    Toyota truck: a love affair (and repair)

    Let me know if you want any in depth breakdowns of components or anything. I'd be happy to go the extra step. I hope there will be more people like you to benefit from this thread!
  39. CaptainCassius

    Toyota truck: a love affair (and repair)

    So it is; that glorious time of year where I shall receive my return on the interest free loan I give the government every year in the form of excess taxes. Seeing as I have near 400,000 miles on this motor, and a bunch of other fun stuff I'd like to do to this rig in the form of maintenance...
  40. CaptainCassius

    Homeless Bill of Rights *(CO, CA, OR)*

    It depends, though mostly the absolute power a police officer has in that holster on his belt lets them pretty much do whatever they want. I've argued politely before about playing music on the (public) sidewalk as being defended by my right to assemble and free speech, and that because my case...
  41. CaptainCassius

    Heylo to all!

    Don't be shy when you get to CA I'll be there or up in OR and WA later this year as well. Safe travels you two!
  42. CaptainCassius

    I've been a terrible partner

    Like others have said, it's not an issue singular to you although the names and places have been changed. Walking the earth is a good way to start, it gives you a lot of time to figure it out in your own way. Self forgiveness is hard, and it may never come but; acknowledgement of what you've...
  43. CaptainCassius

    Hijacking water....

    Shimming the detents? That's pretty clever! though the quality of the machining on the lock is going to affect your ability to do that greatly. Not to mention how the bar actually locks into the body can vary, but for knock off and low grade master locks it's a great idea!
  44. CaptainCassius

    Hijacking water....

    Forget the bolt cutters; use a bump key and replace the lock when you're done. They'll never figure it out. On a side note: you can always defeat those hose bibs by loosening the gate valve itself.
  45. CaptainCassius

    What to do about the criminalization of homelessness?

    Yeah. Put your phone number and have them send money to your PayPal :D
  46. CaptainCassius

    Fuck cupcakes!!!

    @Matt Derrick has a good point about the kinds of subversive tactics authoritative agencies take part in to sway the public view. Nonetheless I know that some misguided individuals or groups might have actually seen that as some kind of achievement. Going back to another thread 'stranded as fuck...
  47. CaptainCassius

    Best jeans for travel

    Value: either dickies carpenter jeans which can be had around $20-$30 or you can get 'rustlers' which is wranglers economy line at target and Walmart for something like $12 a pair Quality: carhartt double knees are great but pricey at about $70 a pair, the dickies are very comparable as far as...
  48. CaptainCassius

    Sweet desert rain in Slab City today.

    Sweet desert rain in Slab City today.
  49. CaptainCassius

    Slab city facts

    Depends a lot on what people are looking for; some places like The Library have a wish list. Also there is a trading circle on main/beal once a week. Swap meet in Niland on Fridays? And the weekends. Nonetheless if you bring some shinys and cool stuff, you'll more than likely do some trading...