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  1. shitbagdanny

    ash borer.

  2. shitbagdanny

    what was once something decent, has failed as a whole.

    bite the bullet on the way out of the barrel. my unborn child has more knowledge of the road and life on it than 95% of you folks. no wonder this site had a mutiny. all hail the church of the FSM anyhow, what do you folks think of NSBM and SDBM? im all for it. and toby keith...
  3. shitbagdanny


    fuck yea depressive black metal. learn german.
  4. shitbagdanny

    hey guys

    yea im not new so whatever, im just gettin this shit done quick fuck all yall mother fuckers, fuck this site, fuck this choch ass oogle hippy queer bullshit heil fucking aids bitches, eat the corn outta my fucking shit you fuckin cunts. yer all too lame for anymore thought, i hope you all...
  5. shitbagdanny

    c.f.p-90 GI issue pack

    i've gone through alot of packs in my day, from swissgear, to northface, to kelty, alice to molle... none really do the exact job i need i just got a cfp 90 gi issue and is seems perfect so far, i was wondering if anyone has, or has had one in the past and what your experiences were any...