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    Rights we should have. How I practice lifestyle anarchism

    Super true That’s where I separate harassment from free speech. But you can protect one while protecting from the other
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    Time to see the countryside...

    Glad you’re out seeing the world. Good luck to you
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    Rights we should have. How I practice lifestyle anarchism

    I think you should change the first one to sleep anywhere, not just under shelter. Totally agree abt. dumpsters, that shit is way off. This is radical, but the right to occupy and claim custody of unused or abused land. Not ownership, I dont think you get to own stuff, but once you occupy it...
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    Tired of feeling like shit

    Hey dude, wish you the best of luck in your search. Definitely believe that wanting to change is the best of starts.
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    Maybe I'm romanticizing the lifestyle and won't last... Only one way to find out

    Awesome stuff dude, happy for you. I’m getting there myself and it’s good (though hitching, at least in SoCal has been a pain in the ass), and I think i want to do a lot more of it. Hope we bump into each other some time. <-gender non-conformist, but my being so doesn’t really change much about...
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    Looking for closure

    Good luck dudes.
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    I hate tweakers so fucking much

    Tweakers are a bummer out on the road. I’ve been camping on a lot of beaches lately and there seem to be more of them on the beaches of big towns than the little bugs that crawl all around and bite the shit out of me while I’m sleeping. They do seem to glom on to whomever is around. I’ve always...
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    Newbie Fresh B-)

    I'm starting to try it myself. It's been fun, but I haven't committed to never going back. Just find a way to do it on your terms and then go for it. In my experience, there a no right or proper way .
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    Anarchy is actually far right

    It's interesting that you describe college as a "marketplace of ideas". Are you a proponent of entirely free markets, then? Interestingly, ideas could possibly be compared to commodities in their proliferation, not meant to be explored nor improved upon, but proliferated and packaged for mass...
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    Tips for bad knees

    I've had a knee problem for years ever since my second dislocation. Best thing i need is to strengthen the muscles around the knee (there are like 15 you need to work on) and start carrying a walking stick. Both are good, but probably glucosamine would also be good.
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    Tent or tarp?

    I picked myself up a nice 2lb tent for $200 and I find that its nice not having to worry about insects at night at all. There are condensation issues and sometimes it can be hard to set it up in certain situations. For just starting uot, I think a tent is right for me. But eventually I think the...
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    Photos My winter gear setup/list

    How much does all that weigh? (just your pack, not the stuff outside) I picked up an osprey 65 AG and have heard they don't work too well above 35-40 pounds, with yours maybe being closer to 40. is yours holding up ok? They have that lifetime repair option which is pretty cool. anyway im liking...
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    Anarchy is actually far right

    I love this question but its logic is a bit misguided. I mean, I see people on the right emphasizing feeding and helping the poor, but would that mean social welfare is rightist and leftism is about personal enrichment? obviously not. So anarchism isn't right because there are people on the left...
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    crawling through the east

    Hey @Snorting Nitrons I'm coming up your way next week or the week after. You seem like a good guy, and it would be cool to meet up somewhere around where you are.
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    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome. I'm probably in the same boat - looking to live a lifestyle I've wanted for a while, just trying to build up strength in my leg in order to do it (hate driving, love walking and hitchhiking, enjoy riding in other peoples cars :)) nice to meet you. Hope you continue to grow!
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    crawling through the east

    I'm coming up northwest but from LA. Maybe I'll see you in the area.
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    hi there!!

    Hey I'm out here in Southern California if you end up passing by this way - I'm looking to meet and share some past (or current) experiences with like-minded people. Keep it in mind!
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    New to the site - Hello everyone!

    Thank you!
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    New to the site - Hello everyone!

    Hi all, my name's Tyler - 26 years old independent minded California-born human. I value empathy, kindness, open-mindedness, integrity, and confidence. Hope I get to meet and potentially travel with some awesome people through here at some point. -Tyler