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  1. jdrakeh

    Converted Ford Transit Van

    I haven't posted on here for quite a while, but I saw this and just wanted to say that I think it's an awesome conversion.
  2. jdrakeh

    Heh. I slacked off on watching my profile for a while. Thanks for the comment. As for why I...

    Heh. I slacked off on watching my profile for a while. Thanks for the comment. As for why I quoted Burroughs - the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel. Nobody knows addiction like another addict!
  3. jdrakeh

    Recommend A Song

    You're Gonna Miss Me by the 13th Floor Elevators. Also, Cold Night For Alligators by Roky Erickson might be up your alley.
  4. jdrakeh

    rotten teeth

    I've had a broken molar since 2002 or so. I still have it because, as you say, dentists are expensive and, when I had money, there were more fun things to spend it on than having a root canal. ;) Over the years, I've found that a combination of plain 'ol aspirin and antibiotics (from the free...
  5. jdrakeh

    Seattle area radio tower taken down by force.

    Sadly, that very accurately describes a large majority of Black Bloc participants I have known.
  6. jdrakeh

    Seattle area radio tower taken down by force.

    This puts these particular ELF members in the same category of Stupid as clueless black bloc protestors who think that throwing bricks through the front glass of a Wal-Mart store is going to topple capitalism. Real results require real action, not petty vandalism.
  7. jdrakeh

    Tent or tarp?

    I searched and didn't find this specific topic, but it's possible that it was posted under another heading. I grew up in Eastern Kansas and did a lot of camping as a kid, so I'm used to insect issues. I haven't done much outdoor living during the Winter — can the heat retention issue be...
  8. jdrakeh

    Tent or tarp?

    I've only used a polytarp but, Slitarps look amazing. Thanks for letting me know about them!
  9. jdrakeh

    how to pass a piss test

    Cheating tests depends on what kind of test you're taking. Strips/cups/tracks are pretty easy to beat by drinking lots of water prior to the test. A true spectral analysis is almost impossible to beat, as it will break down and isolate everything in your urine (bleach, water, etc). The only 100%...
  10. jdrakeh

    Tent or tarp?

    I imagine this boils down to personal preference and/or knowledge of outdoor survival skills, but which of these two items generally makes for a better pack accessory on cross-country trips? When camping (weekend trips), I've used a tarp instead of a tent — if you know how to stake it and...
  11. jdrakeh

    Best jeans?

    Wrangler's Rigid Cowboy Cut blue jeans are extremely tough — I've had pairs of them last me through years of abuse, including spelunking half submerged limestone caverns in Kansas and old mine shafts in Southern California. Make sure you get the Rigid Cowboy Cut, though — regular Wranglers are...
  12. jdrakeh

    Haunted Places

    There's always the old Central Admin building in Topeka, KS. It's all that remains of the old Topeka State Hospital (Kirkbride plan asylum). When Shawnee County owned the land back in the late 90s (after the hospital closed), they stored records there. I remember the office temps drawing straws...
  13. jdrakeh

    Howdy doody!

    I'm 32 years old, a former security and tech professional heading toward homelessness due to increasingly difficult to control bi-polar affective disorder and attention defecit disorder that have pretty much ruined my ability to work in either field. Luckily, I still have a zest for life (at...