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  1. trickdaley

    Youtube Channel looking to film in Florida - Interesting people needed

    Hello! WHO I AM My name is Pat Daley, I run an adventure Youtube channel called True Transient ( . I film adventures like canoeing down the east coast, hitchhiking across the USA, and visiting unique places. WHAT IM DOING I currently live in Orlando, Florida in...
  2. trickdaley

    Video Infiltrating the most infamous party house in the USA - The Sausage Castle

    Although this didn't actually happen while traveling, I do consider this a story that was embarked upon in the adventurous fashion of a traveler - Follow along with this mini-documentary on how a friend and I got invited to the Sausage Castle and the craziness that occurred thereafter. And...
  3. trickdaley

    Video How to Live On A Sailboat and Travel the World

    I recently met a couple who had just embarked on becoming full time "liveaboards." I joined them for a few days on their sailboat. Here is some insight on how to take the steps to this lifestyle from their perspective.
  4. trickdaley

    Canoeing to Mexico from NYC Episode 2

    Greetings from Virginia, I've now canoed over 250 miles from NYC and am taking a break to catch up on editing videos. You can track my progress live here: Check out my latest episode! I'm pretty stoked on this one... Thanks again to the STP family for your inspiration
  5. trickdaley

    NYC to Mexico in a CANOE - Premiere Episode

    I've finally embarked on my voyage from NYC to Mexico in a canoe...and I present to you the first episode on youtube. Hope you all enjoy!
  6. trickdaley

    True Transient Cribs: Canoe Edition

    Had fun with the edit on this video. I briefly show the canoe I'll be using to get from NYC to Mexico via the intracoastal waterway in a week or so.
  7. trickdaley

    Become my camera man - embark on a unique journey - no video exp. needed

    Hey STPers, Im canoeing a total of 2600 miles from NYC to Mexico via the Intracoastal waterway. I run a YouTube channel called True Transient ( where I film uncommon adventures. This is the next adventure and I'm looking to recruit someone who simply wants to become...
  8. trickdaley

    I'm Officially Canoeing to Mexico from NYC

    It's official...
  9. trickdaley

    Video Climbing 130 feet with cell phone workers

    Had a bit of an interesting day after I met some Cell phone tower workers at a bar, here is the vlog I've edited documenting this adventure up "The Tower" I think I may have found a new passion in Tower climbing !!
  10. trickdaley

    Canoe or Kayak?

    I'm planning a LONG distance trip via either a canoe or kayak - along the intracoastal on the East Coast. Does anyone know the pros and cons to both? Which is quicker? More stable? Any opinions on which I should choose?
  11. trickdaley

    Hitchhiking Through Mexico

    Anyone have any experience hitchhiking through Northern Mexico? or Mexico at all? I may be hitchhiking from NY to the Mexican border and am curious as to whether I could continue on through Mexico.
  12. trickdaley

    Video Good Morning Vietnam - A Journey Out of Thailand (WITH PRICES)

    Hello my beloved Squatters, Here is a fun video detailing my journey out of Thailand after living there illegally and being forced to pay a huge fine. I've included prices of everything I purchased in the native currency. Let me know what you think ! If you dig the video, give it a thumbs up!
  13. trickdaley

    Video I Quit A Job In Hollywood.

    Know your worth. Or someone else will define it for you. I moved out to Hollywood from Hanoi, Vietnam to join a startup company. After 2 days I knew it wasn't the right place for me. Here is a detailed video:
  14. trickdaley

    Video Digital Nomad Day in the Life | Hanoi, Vietnam - Ice Cream, Foreign Women, etc.

    Check out my Day in the Life video, an off-the-cuff vlog style video filmed here in Hanoi, Vietnam. This will give you a good idea of costs in terms of staples like coffee and the average food dish. Plus, we have some fun talking to foreign girls by the lake.
  15. trickdaley

    Video Your Life is Your Life. Know it while you have it.

    I've been brainstorming this video for about 3 months and haven't pulled the trigger on it until today. This video welcomes viewers to my YouTube channel and really encapsulates what my videos are all about. Give it a watch and let me know what you think ! Thank you all for being such an...
  16. trickdaley

    Video HOW TO HITCHIKE - 7 Tips to Take With you

    Many people have asked me for tips on how to hitchhike after watching my videos. Here is my response in the form of 7 tips. Do any of you have similar tips? Different ones? Share them here! Subscribe to my channel here:
  17. trickdaley

    Mind of A Hitchhiker with Where's Woncho - VIDEO with Crazy Threesome Story

    I traveled a bit in Thailand with my friend and veteran hitchhiker Woncho from Where's Woncho We discuss the hitchhiking mindset and he tells a funny story about a threesome proposition on the road. Let me know what you guys think! I think some of you may be able to relate to the stories in...
  18. trickdaley

    My Day In the Life in Chiang Mai, Thailand WITH PRICES - VIDEO

    I'm living in Chiang Mai, Thailand and focusing on building my freelance graphic design business. Here is a video of my daily activities along with the prices of my general purchases. Let me know what you think, any questions, etc.
  19. trickdaley

    Video Drinking Whiskey on a Mountain with Thai Locals

    An unforgettable travel experience...
  20. trickdaley

    Zero to Travel Podcast on Hitchhiking Across the USA

    I was fortunate to be interviewed by Jason Moore on the Zero to Travel podcast - my interview starts around 12 minutes Listen here:
  21. trickdaley

    Hitchhiking Across the USA - Walking Into California VIDEO

    The FINAL video in my Hitchhiking Across the USA series. I am surprised by the lack of willing drivers along Highway 101. Enjoy. Please like and subscribe if you are into my series :)
  22. trickdaley

    Super Cheap $80 Apartment in Thailand VIDEO

    Currently renting a studio apartment in Northern Thailand for $80 per month - cheaper than a one-night stay in most US hotels. Check the video here:
  23. trickdaley

    Hitchhiking Across the USA Day 39 - Don't Drink & Drive - VIDEO

    A little fun hitching out of Oregon from the coast...
  24. trickdaley

    This is Why We Hitchhike...Getting A Pedicure in Oregon

    If you told me I'd be in Eugene, Oregon at a mall getting a pedicure at any point in my life, I wouldn't believe you. But that's how life works, especially when you are hitchhiking across the States, and really...getting into situations like these is why I hitchhike. If you havent seen any of my...
  25. trickdaley

    For Those Who Have Never Hitchhiked Before...

    You're sick of your day-to-day routine. You constantly dream about taking the trip of a lifetime. You have seriously thought about embarking on a long-distance hitchhiking trip, but for some reason it has never panned out. If this sounds like you, click the link below and fill out the short...
  26. trickdaley


    Friends, family, countrymen, I am out here in Oahu, Hawaii. I've been itching to do my next hitchhiking trip and came across the idea to hitchhike around the island of Kauai. Does anyone have any experience hitchhiking in Hawaii, more specifically the island of Kauai?? Hitchwiki has a small...
  27. trickdaley

    Hitchhiking Out of Denver - VIDEO

    Hello STPers I've been editing and sharing video from my Hitchhiking trip across the USA from FL to CA. Here is the latest episode, one of my favorites! I figured you all would enjoy some hitchhiking action!
  28. trickdaley

    Winter Hitch Across Country

    I recently hitchhiked FL to CA and now am getting the itch to do it again..except this time West to East, CA to Pennsylvania. Probably head out around mid-november. Has anyone hitchhiked cross country (or a long distance) during this winter month? How is it dealing with the cold (I will be...
  29. trickdaley

    Podcast Interview on Hitchhiking

    I was interviewed by a podcast out of Orlando, Florida called A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan. Pretty fun interview, these guys are raunchy. Apparently they try to mess with their guests a lot but I think they warmed up to me and were genuinely interested in my story. Check it here: Let me...
  30. trickdaley

    Video I Made it on the News

    I am doing a cross-country hitchhiking trip from Orlando to San Francisco. The Orlando Sentinel thought my story was interesting and covered it with a video interview. Check it out guys!
  31. trickdaley

    Where Have All the Hitchhikers Gone? Podcast

    Podcast created by the authors of Freakanomics, interesting listen
  32. trickdaley


    So these past few months have been quite a whirlwind of planning, saving, and self-reflection. Along with scrambling to keep relationships mended as I tell family members and loved ones of my rather unorthodox trip plans. This commotion has led to a lot of self-doubt, most of which I trample out...
  33. trickdaley

    Skateboard Pack Alteration

    I recently altered my pack to allow my penny board to slide in and stay comfortably hands free. I used this video to learn how to do this simple alteration: post images Have any of you guys recently altered your pack in a fun way to allow for extra carrying? I would love to see what you all...
  34. trickdaley

    Strapping a Skateboard to Pack

    I'll be taking my skateboard on my next hitching trip in July. Its a penny board, really small and lightweight compared to most (and it fuckin rips). For those who have brought their skateboard on a hitch trip, how exactly did you strap it to your pack in the most effective way? I found this...
  35. trickdaley

    Family or Hitch-hiking?

    So I am the youngest of 5 children. The "baby" in the family. I just told all of my family this past weekend about my plans to hitchhike from FL to Cali in July this summer. I have hitched before (150 miles. small trip.) and my mom wouldnt talk to me/was super pissed about it. But this is...
  36. trickdaley

    Banana boat to Hawaii?

    I will be hitching to California this summer. Once I arrive, my plan is to fly to Hawaii..but recently a friend told me about a Dole banana boat that leaves from San Diego or LA and takes you to their port in Hawaii if you help out on the boat. Have you done this before? or even heard of this?
  37. trickdaley

    FL > CA. Ever done it?

    Hello, I am planning a cross-country Florida to CA hitch-hiking trip. I know there are many different variables that can affect the length of my trip. But for those of you who may have completed a similar trip, how long did it take you?
  38. trickdaley

    Planning my "Escape"

    Hello STPers! My name is Patrick. Long story short, I am looking to leave my full-time "career" in Orlando, Florida and hitch across the country to CA. Once there, I will fly to Hawaii and do some WWOOFing. Just wanted to introduce myself to the community! Has anyone ever had a similar trip...