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  1. mikefwt

    How to use stolen solar panels

    as a person who works for a solar energy company, ive never heard of gps tracked solar panels. also its not the government that does the install or electric, its contracted out to a company. also..... i may be wrong, but if you dont have a disconnect tool or a zip tie or hell even a small flat...
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    Its not rainy now, but i think stating tuesday its supposed to be a lil rainy til friday
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    im still waiting for it! any day now... Im gonna be in the redwoods this week and then go out to dunsmuir to come back to portland. if yr gonna be in RV in a week or so, you should just come on up to the butte and say whats up. other than that, ill be in the bay the first week of may.. i think
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    yeah! you can find me at the bluffs mon-fri 10am-6pm. ill be the obviously depressed guy on the bench with a 12 pack
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    eh if you came from seattle you could crash. i dont want people to just email me cause i told everyone i live here and expect a place to sleep, you know? even better i could come up there? we'll figure something out. you come down here and the first rounds on me.
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    yeah i know what you mean. i was working for a while on swain island but the hours were crappy and it was too far so i quit. now i got nothing to bide my time and all of my friends went to mexico. i would leave but im doing a stint in love jail. let me know when you do get some free time. id...
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    do it! i think im escaping back home to NC in june. if you get here before then, drop me a line!
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    So ive been living here since june of 2012 and i dont have any friends. does anyone who actually lives in this crapper hole wanna ever hang out? *THIS ISNT A WAYSTATION POST. NO, YOU CANT STAY AT MY HOUSE* PORTLAND, OREGON SRRRYY
  9. mikefwt

    my first train ride went like this...

    my first ride was NS 352, a turn from greensboro to raleigh, nc - about 80 miles. it was january of '10 and it was me and three others. they all knew what they were doing and i had not a clue to even the type of car we were riding. i was def a greenhorn and would not have been there if i didnt...
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  11. mikefwt

    im live in boston now. going to nyc to check out wall st sometime at the end of the month. hit...

    im live in boston now. going to nyc to check out wall st sometime at the end of the month. hit me back with a contact and ill get in touch with you
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    stupid knuck tattoos

    dirt poor.... but it looks like dirt poop
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    116 market st
  14. mikefwt

    Your site has gone to shit.

  15. mikefwt

    wheres this fracken barn i hear about?

    wheres this fracken barn i hear about?
  16. mikefwt

    Where to get punk patches?
  17. mikefwt

    dumb traveler names

    ahh punk normativity
  18. mikefwt

    New kid in Phx lookin for a way out

    how can you be sure its really what you want to do until you ACTUALLY do it? experience is the best teacher.... or so they say
  19. mikefwt

    You gonna travel around till the day you die? You gonna be a lonely old man like myself?

    im already a lonely man. i have nothing to lose.
  20. mikefwt

    some of the stuff Im into

    Bad dream!!
  21. mikefwt

    Hippie Hatred

    youre right, what am i thinking?
  22. mikefwt

    Hippie Hatred

    apathy really got the best of me, like it always does, (is that part of being a punk?) so i could give a shit about this stupid ass thread to reply with MY OWN thoughts on the subject. see my above post for for what im going to call my own.
  23. mikefwt

    Hippie Hatred

    oh my god aside from the faggot part this is one of the best posts ive seen on this website.
  24. mikefwt

    What are your summer plans?

    also, this.
  25. mikefwt

    What are your summer plans?

    lets see.. ill probably volunteer more at the animal shelter since cutting back some hours at my job at libby hill. probably get the the gears of duty when it comes out. that will keep me busy for a few days. hang out at the library, catch up on some reading. scare kids around the neighborhood...
  26. mikefwt

    Heading out of Richmond -> West Coast

    again why in the hell would you want to go to roanoke unless you HAD to??
  27. mikefwt

    North American Hitch Hikers Gathering

    noooo not anywhere in the PNW. us simple suthern foke miss out sometimes. also way too many cool things happen there anyway. also, dont know how i feel about something like this being associated with the darn rainbow gathering, but hey, whats it matter what i think? i prolly wont be at either of...
  28. mikefwt

    Weirdest thing you carry

  29. mikefwt

    Weirdest thing you carry

    the same stephen king book ive never read. only bout half. it will probably stay that way. its a tradition by now.
  30. mikefwt

    Finding girls on the road (A silly but relevant thread!)

    well glad you found humor in it. its becoming a problem; me and the internet after a certian time of night.
  31. mikefwt

    squatting a murder house?

    dawgunner are you a cop
  32. mikefwt

    Finding girls on the road (A silly but relevant thread!)

    monkeywrench hit the nail on the head. YOU LOOK LIKE AN ASS. also find yr local squat mattress bro. wtf is wrong with you? also this post is mildly FUCKING WEIRD AND CREEPY. I CALL BULLSHIT ON YOUR 8 PERCENT HIGHER SEX DRIVE CAUSE YR HAVING TO POST A PERSONAL ON SKWAT DA PLANET. IF YR REALLY THE...
  33. mikefwt

    Dear kids...

  34. mikefwt

    Dear kids...

    read down to the part of "you have no god..." im just going to go ahead and stop cause i know where this rant is going and im just going to say i agree with it for the sake of actually having to read it
  35. mikefwt

    squatting a murder house?

  36. mikefwt

    same shit, different day. trying to keep myself busy so i dont go crazy. waiting til may and im...

    same shit, different day. trying to keep myself busy so i dont go crazy. waiting til may and im going up to nyc with some friends. coming back for nc rising the last weekend in may and then making my way to the west coast. whoever said "an idle mind is the devils workshop" knew what they were...
  37. mikefwt

    College Campuses, a nice playground for getting your toes wet.

    also cool post, uni across the st has steam tunnels that go throughout campus and into some buildings. really creepy, kind of, and a lot of tight spots but overall its really neat. never found any unlocked door.. idk where you live but i think people here are smarter than that. did however get...
  38. mikefwt

    word keep it real. where you thinking about going?

    word keep it real. where you thinking about going?
  39. mikefwt

    oh my gah harry mcclintock i thought you were dead

    oh my gah harry mcclintock i thought you were dead
  40. mikefwt

    im working on it. i'll let you know when its going down

    im working on it. i'll let you know when its going down
  41. mikefwt

    Worst Detour I Ever Took

    god damn 55 tornadoes in 3 days! alsothat line sounds so fucking dangerous. what a shit show dude... glad you made it outta there with only a pain n the ass.
  42. mikefwt

    Anyone here a fan of Black Metal?

    a lot of different bands have been on repeat for me lately. Hate Forest, Drudkh, Abyssic Hate, Weapon, Darkspace, Wold, Grand Belials Key and Gorgoroths "Antichrist." also Darkthrones newest jam "Circle The Wagons" is fucking awesome and i recomend it. im supprised that none of those bands were...
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    merry christmas, stp
  44. mikefwt


    dmac, ill keep that in mind for the next time i run into a copper. i also agree with you and wize on this but i think im going to have to side with wizehop, i hate even the idea of jail and id much rather shell out a pretty penny than spend any time locked up. but also, by now i also wouldnt...
  45. mikefwt


    OK, so over the past year, ive gotten myself into a bit of trouble that could possibly land me in jail for three to six months. Thankfully, i acquired a bomb lawyer and the charges were just recently dropped with me having to do things like community service and some other stuff that i had to...
  46. mikefwt

    Hitching out of NYC

    yea dude its cold as fuck in nc and im sure its cold as witches titty up north with all this winter storm talk and whatnot. chinatown is like 40 to charlotte nc which is where it stops i think for one of the busses. idk how much yr willing to spend or have to spend on a bus ticket if any but...