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  1. Cristian


    be carefull hoppin out of colton going eastbound because they are crackin down hard. the north bound isnt that bad but east is bad. hopefully everyone reads this cause i just got a ticket for that. lol.
  2. Cristian

    my first and second ride on freight.

    well i met up with some kids in San Diego and we all went to Colton (it took us a while cause we kinda homebummed it in a couple spots.) Anyways, we made it to Colton and we waited for the train to come across the steel bridge (over Rancho Ave.) we waited for a good rideable car, mind u we had a...
  3. Cristian


    i got a sick throw down on some sick ass backpack its worth like 200 but i got it for free was so stocked it holds everything perfectly
  4. Cristian

    California Coast Trip?

    anyone let me know if you are down to start near san diego and make your way up the coast to maybe even about washington i think it would be a fun adventure :)
  5. Cristian


    What does anyone think about this pack? any good?
  6. Cristian

    Hello STP!

    well basically i want to start traveling, i'm kinda sick of the home-life/taking everything for granted...i just want to try out an adventure to basically anywhere...i've done abando's before, and i had no problem with that for about 3 months. i'm 19 years old, and i don't play any instruments...