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  1. c4s3

    Staying safe?

    Stick around other like minded individuals, sleep in areas that are close to 24/7 stores, etc. Don't trust a lot of the people in larger cities, they will not think twice to rob ya blind. Hold your ground, don't just go around starting shit, sleep with one eye open. Always keep your eyes and...
  2. c4s3

    where do the punks hang out in Vancouver?

    Also, check out the art gallery just off granville.
  3. c4s3

    Best Places in British Columbia

    the island, nanaimo is really nice im there now. always like the okenogen valley, and vancouver for short periods of time isn't bad.
  4. c4s3

    Canadian Hitchhiking Laws

    I'm on vancouver island right now in nanaimo, lots of them around. they will go all the way down the main highways for a bit cause of that serial killer in the 90's, they stop round kamloops.
  5. c4s3

    Canadian Hitchhiking Laws

    I think its a 60 dollar ticket for hitching if the cops at dick, at least that was what it was outside Sudbury.
  6. c4s3

    Canadian Hitchhiking Laws

    I've been hassled outside of Surrey for walking down the highway, he just drove me to the skytrain station. Most of the times I've been hassled it was the fucking OPP, Ontario has anti-hitchhiking laws, so if the cop is a dick he can ticket you, etc. On the other hand I was hitchin outside of...
  7. c4s3

    Greetings from SK, Canada

    Finally decided to join after years of lurking, I'm 24, been on and off the road since I was around 17. Not too experienced in train hopping, but have hitch-hiked across most of Canada several times. For the time being, I'm in Saskatchewan preparing for a trip out east. Just thought I'd...