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  1. Loaf

    A list

    of songs about trains 3:10 To Yuma – Sandy Denny (Fairport Convention) 5:15 – The Who 500 Miles – Kingston Trio/Peter Paul & Mary/Bobby Bare Ain’t No Brakeman – John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers All Night Train – Allman Brothers Band Amtrak (Ain’t Comin’ Back) – Billy Joe Shaver Amtrak Is...
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    News & Blogs Another squat saved by resistance(for now)

    Non-commercial house not evicted Icon_article Published: Friday 23 October 2009 13:32 by Sna Tagged as: eviction freeshop free_spaces Neighbourhoods: High court bailiffs turned up this morning but gave up seeing as the place was barricaded, and supporters were present both outside and...
  3. Loaf

    News & Blogs Squatting now ILLEGAL in the Netherlands

    I just recieved an e-mail from some people regarding this. Seems to me like squatting is under attack everywhere in all parts of the globe. You have to love the economic agenda. You know we are in deep shit when one of the most tolerant countries in the world to squatting has made it illegal...
  4. Loaf

    Advice for Showering & Staying Clean

    A lot of things can be solved by simply taking a shower. Wherever and whenever you can. Being dirty doesn't give you crust punk points or make you ride trains better. It makes you smell like shit and contract skin diseases like staph and MRSA. So the biggest thing to do is take a shower once or...
  5. Loaf

    Swimming on top of a building

    In orlando at the end of Orange where it intersects magnolia there is a hotel with a pool on top of it. Use the parking garage right next to the building go to the top, hop the gate on to the empty rooftop and go to the little opening. A great place to get a bath take a dip at night when it is...
  6. Loaf

    Jacksonville Bulls

    Finally rolled into Pritchard yard round 11 am from Charlotte. We had fallen asleep somewhere in Georgia and decided to jump off the train and get into town. As we were doing so the string went a little wild and started rolling backwards. So we jumped off rolling at about 10-15 and the bull was...
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    Rabies babies

    Rabies Babies UK punk band cheeeeeeeckkkkk itttttt
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    Lightfoot sustainable Post (READ THIS IT IS GOLDEN)

    I was introduced to this idea by my friend Lily and Charlie whom I met in Amsterdam. Give it a thought any questions feel free to ask. Hopefully we will have those letters flying around! Lightfoot is about writing letters. Real letters. Not a complex pattern of zeros and ones, transmitted...
  9. Loaf

    Asheville Hitch toward Charlotte

    Best place to hitch out toward charlotte?
  10. Loaf

    Careful for the damn Immigration Police in EU

    I was hitching through Belgium when the car I was in got stopped.The police asked to see my papers for some reason and I said sure thing. Well my pops is Dutch so I got the passport and shit but I had lost it in Amsterdam so I was on the American. Well about an hour later I find myself in a jail...
  11. Loaf

    Yello everybody!

    Me name is Marcel or, to the people of bristol,Squally ( a combo of where is waldo that squats)Tell me about it shit nickname. Anyhow, i am always in constant motion have been for about a year now cause I am only a baby and all that jazz. I got scabbed knees and elbows and I always smell like...