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  1. mikefwt


    So ive been living here since june of 2012 and i dont have any friends. does anyone who actually lives in this crapper hole wanna ever hang out? *THIS ISNT A WAYSTATION POST. NO, YOU CANT STAY AT MY HOUSE* PORTLAND, OREGON SRRRYY
  2. mikefwt


    OK, so over the past year, ive gotten myself into a bit of trouble that could possibly land me in jail for three to six months. Thankfully, i acquired a bomb lawyer and the charges were just recently dropped with me having to do things like community service and some other stuff that i had to...
  3. mikefwt

    Worcester MA

    yeah so i will be living here in Worcester for the next few months. dont know anyone or have anything to do. it seems like this place is dead and i cant find any resources to get involved with any rad people like collective a go go or even any good bands. if anyone knows of any punk houses or...
  4. mikefwt

    fuck yeah, dirty rig

    hey everyone, im mike. its really hard to describe myself but i will try my best. ive been on stp for a while... try to come here daily for anyone coming my way or to look at pictures or video or anything really. i never post because i dont really have anything to say or feel the need to do so...