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  1. jimbo slice

    Thoughts on florida

    Any advice on florida for a newbie?easy going towns?work?cheap places to my e?ect....ect...
  2. jimbo slice

    hey with the face...what's your favorite place to spend winter!!

    Trying to ditch the Midwest and not do another winter of freezing nuts in a fucking just curious if anyone knows somewhere with do job opps in the yule tide ...somewhere kinda warm doesn't have to be tropical or nothing...seems like every winter I seem to die a little more inside and...
  3. jimbo slice

    rv for sugar beet harvest?

    Who wants to go do some work in Montana for awhile?you have to have a rv can't camp in tent...I'll have some gas money to throw..sound like a plan?
  4. jimbo slice

    sup everybody check this out

    Was thinking about heading out late August early September is there someplace y'all recommend that's lucrative/exciting that time of year.. weather and safety being considered..gonna have to find a way to hunker down for the winter
  5. jimbo slice

    places to get lucky

    What are some of the best towns..shows.. festivals..clubs..bars..nieghborhoods.. to go get laid??,just wondering any experiences at places to hat have the best sex lyfe??
  6. jimbo slice

    need some advice

    I'm tired of my routine and i want to break free! Want to travel some but really just want to find somewhere I can move that... has work..isn't that dangerous... decent cost of living...nice night life..ect...any recommendations on towns of cities that are easy to start fresh in??or just cool...