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  1. jimbo slice

    Thoughts on florida

    Live off edgr Live off edge
  2. jimbo slice

    Rejected Destinations by region

    They used to when I first started using this site... have it divided into separate sections for each state
  3. jimbo slice

    Whos in indiana or illinois?

    im in Bloomington
  4. jimbo slice

    I want out

    I'm just curious if there's anyone out there in the national forests living free of this messed up social system that just chews people up and spits them out. Yes there is one guy and he has a show...have you ever seen it..he stays in the olympic national park..."the legend of mick dodge"
  5. jimbo slice

    Thoughts on florida

    Im not in Florida was thinking about going there ...everyone says irs a shit hole can't be much worse than jndiana
  6. jimbo slice

    Thoughts on florida

  7. jimbo slice

    Thoughts on florida

    Any advice on florida for a newbie?easy going towns?work?cheap places to my e?ect....ect...
  8. jimbo slice

    10 acres in 29 palms

    Ok oops gotcha down for some desert homesteading keep us posted!!
  9. jimbo slice

    10 acres in 29 palms

    Where's ten palms?
  10. jimbo slice

    STP treehouse commune?

    Well I'm in Midwest now so I'm sure you know more about the area...I'm ready to go when weather hits
  11. jimbo slice

    STP treehouse commune?

    have you found a place? u421"]ok cool. lets get the details worked out and get this going spring/summer '19
  12. jimbo slice

    STP treehouse commune?

    Yeah me
  13. jimbo slice

    Infected tooth ... swollen lower jaw

    Everytime I see this nobody say ibuprofen...that's all you really need it's takes the sweeling down so no pain...then your mouth will fight off infection.just from experience
  14. jimbo slice

    Has anyone plane hopped

    There's been cases I've seen where people Stowe away in the wheel compartments.. dangerous!!
  15. jimbo slice

    Found a job traveling in a van

    How do you apply for such jobs I'm having trouble finding any
  16. jimbo slice

    Getting Free Shit...All...The...Time...

    I like to help out the homeless when i can..especially the elderly or war vets...kinda cancels out the stupid stuff i do...which is reminding me of one of my favorite shows..My name is earl..But no man I dont think you should feel bad because you gotta take what you can get when you have limited...
  17. jimbo slice

    hey with the face...what's your favorite place to spend winter!!

    Trying to ditch the Midwest and not do another winter of freezing nuts in a fucking just curious if anyone knows somewhere with do job opps in the yule tide ...somewhere kinda warm doesn't have to be tropical or nothing...seems like every winter I seem to die a little more inside and...
  18. jimbo slice

    rv for sugar beet harvest?

    I'm not sure why they won't let you sleep in a tent.Ive never done it before and I think it's to late this year to sign up...But scince you have done a lot of work hatvesting do you know of anything in the fall/winter?
  19. jimbo slice

    rv for sugar beet harvest?

    Trying to find someone because apparently you can't sleep in your car or tent which is what my plan was ..I don't want to trade my car for a rv because id be stuck driving a rv even if someone would just say I was crashing with them in thieirs.
  20. jimbo slice

    rv for sugar beet harvest?

    Who wants to go do some work in Montana for awhile?you have to have a rv can't camp in tent...I'll have some gas money to throw..sound like a plan?
  21. jimbo slice

    Advice needed

    Hey I'll come stay...even kick those folks out for ya!!
  22. jimbo slice

    sup everybody check this out

    Was thinking about heading out late August early September is there someplace y'all recommend that's lucrative/exciting that time of year.. weather and safety being considered..gonna have to find a way to hunker down for the winter
  23. jimbo slice

    So does anyone have any jokes??

    Have you ever had sex while squatting?'s "in tents". Three guys die and go to the next life..ones a drunk ones a herion addict ones a pot head ... The gate keeper takes the drunk to his domain and it's a big bar tells em have fun get wasted.. Takes the junkie to a dope house tells em...
  24. jimbo slice

    Mellow traveler to wander with...

    where is the nationals at?/
  25. jimbo slice

    places to get lucky

    Also... when on the road..what's the best place I can stop and grab a nice cock meat sandwich?
  26. jimbo slice

    places to get lucky

    Just what I always wanted to drown in dicks!!
  27. jimbo slice

    places to get lucky

    I guess I was looking for some past experiences from some travelers..maybe some places..or experiences here in America anyways
  28. jimbo slice

    places to get lucky

    What are some of the best towns..shows.. festivals..clubs..bars..nieghborhoods.. to go get laid??,just wondering any experiences at places to hat have the best sex lyfe??
  29. jimbo slice

    need some advice

    I'm tired of my routine and i want to break free! Want to travel some but really just want to find somewhere I can move that... has work..isn't that dangerous... decent cost of living...nice night life..ect...any recommendations on towns of cities that are easy to start fresh in??or just cool...