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  1. JonTheNomad

    Walking along the Brazilian Coast

    Hey guys, So I've been meaning to write up the past couple weeks in Brazil for some time now and finally figured it was time. So here it is, I hope you guys enjoy my little write-up It started with me realizing that I felt trapped in the city. Something about Sao Paulo makes it...
  2. JonTheNomad

    Gonna be attempting a walking trip in Brazil, any tips?

    Hey y'all, I'm gonna be attempting to travel from Sao Paulo to Ubatuba walking. Expecting more or less 8 days to get there on foot, does anyone have any experience doing a trip on foot in over here? I know some minimal Portuguese with semifluent Spanish to help me out, but my main concerns are...
  3. JonTheNomad

    Hello all! Intro from a El Paso,TX

    Hey everyone, I've been lurking around in the forums for some time now and figured it was about time to make an introduction post! About Me I'm JonTheNomad from El Paso! A beautifully shit border town in Texas that I can't help but love because of its shittiness. I just finished school last...