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  1. CelticWanderer

    how bad of an idea would a cadillac hearse be?

    its 1991 Cadillac Brougham Hearse, 103,000 miles for like 3k. Thinking of getting it and turning it into a camper. Thing is i dont know much about cars. Would this just be a really dumb idea? Do cadillacs hold up well over long distance?
  2. CelticWanderer

    Housed up for a long while, so, maybe school?

    So, at the start of last year I tore my ACL working trails in cali and had to get reconstructive surgery, wound up back in Georgia and am still recovering. Doc says it can be up to 13 months before I can do something like trail work again. In the mean time ive been thinking about how my body...
  3. CelticWanderer

    Four Walls Blues

    getting really ancy from being housed up due to an ACL tear and wrote this simple thing and thought I would share Link:
  4. CelticWanderer

    what's your favorite sayings/aphorisms?

    so one of my favorite things about traveling is learning new and odd sayings, I'm sure y'all have some good ones so let's hear it! I'll kick it off with a few of my favorites that I've picked up over the years. "Its hotter than a fresh fucked fox in a forest fire." "Its comin down harder than...
  5. CelticWanderer

    Puttin out feelers in cali?

    EDIT: my C1 got me a ticket and im on my way home to Ga
  6. CelticWanderer

    Folky mandolin thang

    Just wrote and recorded this song at the greyhound, wanted to share with yall <3
  7. CelticWanderer

    lookin for lotus?

    Met her in Asheville NC before hopping on a friends bus outta there. Shes got a little hunting dog named jacks (pretty sure thats the name my memory is shit) and another little black dog named Velma. Carries a tea cup haha. Anyone know her? It'd be dope to catch up
  8. CelticWanderer

    Cherokee Sweat Lodge

    I don't feel like recounting everything again so heres just a passage from my journal, May 10th Nothing note worthy of the day so ill just get right to the sweat lodge. That was one of the hardest things I've ever done and I didnt even make it through all the way. I had to stop at round two of...
  9. CelticWanderer

    My bands first EP! Those Old Robins

    Hey guys my friends and I did a thing and self recorded an EP. We put alot of heart and work into it thanks to anyone who stops to listen :D Its freee kinda of a simple blusey thing about traveling and always having to leave and shit like that
  10. CelticWanderer

    Gear list- trying to downsize as much as I can, help?

    My ways of wandering involve a lot of walking and being in the middle of nowhere for sometimes long times. I never really actively hitch just walk and if rides happen cool. Trains freak me out despite how bad I wanna do that, anyways, Big three -Astral Cruiser, Camp trails external frame pack -A...
  11. CelticWanderer

    Got fucked up and now i gatta go

    Long story short ive been off the road a loong fuckin while trying to get my shit together to become like, a responsible fuckin person but i screwed the pooch on that and now im fixin to get the boot from where im at and im guessin i gatta another long walk ahead of me. My sister has a place for...
  12. CelticWanderer

    Shaking Bones Mountain (original song) hey everyone the band im in , cage pacer finally got a shitty recording done i really hope you guys dig it and id love to know what yall think
  13. CelticWanderer

    How to sate your wanderlust withouy actually traveling?

    Its something ive been struggling with alot recently. I dont wanna be a bum when im older cause my body wont be able to handle ( knee dislocates, shitty back, terrible joints) so im learning how to be a benchwork jeweler, it pays real well and i love doing it but my wanderlust is killing me...
  14. CelticWanderer

    Questions-Houseboating down the Mississippi?

    Alright, so I recently broke my foot real bad (funny story, thatone) and managed to land a nice job in jewelry repair so I'm makin a good bit of money. Now, cause of my foot i'm pretty much grounded here, can't travel, but what I can do is save up shit loads of money. So my question is, anyone...
  15. CelticWanderer

    How is Maine?

    So, I'm thinking at the start of 2017 I'm ganna longboarding up the east coast greenway and walking/skating/hitching hiking points in between all the way up to maine (starting in Ga) anyone hung around there for a decent ammount of time as a traveler? How do the locals treat dirty kids and is...
  16. CelticWanderer

    Video Guante -You say millionaire like its a good thing

    Found this dude on youtube today. Holy crap is he good. His spoken word stuff is great too. Just wanted to share
  17. CelticWanderer

    Video Gypsy soul/Bad mood Original songs

    Hey guys, thought i would post a couple of songs I wrote. Critiques would be awesome :D Gypsy Soul Bad Mood Hope you all like it
  18. CelticWanderer

    Split in half, late night rant

    I don't even know what im doing posting this but shit, im fucking losing it and if i don't do something, i dunno. This community seems to care more about strangers than most the people i know cares about their friends. I got off work from redlobster at around 12:30. Went to a bar and drank didnt...
  19. CelticWanderer

    News & Blogs Massive discovery for life in the universe

    I feel like this is huge. One step closer to figuring out how life propagates itself through out the universe. Just, really fucking amazing. NASA scientists studying the origin of life have reproduced...
  20. CelticWanderer

    proper satire shits funny. The whole damn site is great, really. Police Use Axe Body Spray to Break Up Crust Punk Protest NEW YORK — New York Police Department officers deployed Axe Body Spray against a group of...
  21. CelticWanderer

    Feeling out energy

    Soooo, just curious, is there anyone out there that can literally feel the energies in a place? For example I went up to springer mountain, GA the other day and the energy there is wild, buzzing around and almost violent. On the AT it was "good" feeling and putting my hands on the signs and...
  22. CelticWanderer

    A strange thing

    Anyone ever experience this? You're just sitting around not really doing anything, maybe watching a movie, or just staring at the ceiling listening to your music And then bam. your hit with this fuckin feelin. Like something in you just shifted, something major, and you know its ganna change...
  23. CelticWanderer

    Nifty things that make living a /wee/ bit easier

    A lot of stuff on here is for the big picture, what kinda shelters, how to eat plants and all that good shit. Well, I wanna hear about yalls small, mcgyver type things that make life on the road just a wee bit more comfortable and easy. Like painting the tips of tent stakes bright orange to...
  24. CelticWanderer

    Creative writing

    ey guys and gals, Any of you got some creative writes you'd like to share? I wanna read yalls souls. I'll kick it off with a few *Lazy Gas Station Days* Crystals to my cranium. Crepuscular rays in my hair. Homeless is how I'd like to be. *Suffering and Freedom* Cataracts have grown over my...
  25. CelticWanderer

    Anyone ever hike the AT?

    I'm going March 14th. I'm hilariously under prepared and have only gone hiking maybe 4 or 5 times in my life, but I just kinda wanna go do it. I can't run more than a mile and have no money for food. So, anyone have any stories or something to share from their experience out there? I kinda wanna...
  26. CelticWanderer

    From GA to OK; shit that happened in between. (longstory)

    I went traveling about 2 years ago or so, thought I'd share some of the more interesting parts of the journey. (buckle in I like to write; scatter brained as it is) It started in Shitty old Augusta GA, Hopped on a hippy bus, (actually met the guy on here) it was decided about 2 months prior in...
  27. CelticWanderer

    Abandoned buildings in Augusta, Ga?

    I'm bored as hell and I've been craving a desolate building of disrepair to wander around in. I've already gone through the Jail and grain silos downtown, and the mill-house is being renovated (apparently) and just can't seem to find any more neat places to explore. So does anyone know of...
  28. CelticWanderer

    any one else deal with chronic pain?

    Ive got fibromyalgia, really bad costochondritis and horribly tense muscles that cause all sorts of back pains, like sciatica for example. Just wonder if anyone else deals with any kinda chronic pain when out traveling and any tricks or tips they've picked up along the way that might help ease...
  29. CelticWanderer

    The chances of this?

    So, what do you guys think the chances of some kid whos hardly ever even camped getting to Ocala from GA mostly on foot and traveling west ward and around back east for a year so mostly by himself with out dieing is? I have a good pack, my dad is ex military and helped put it together but thats...
  30. CelticWanderer

    Greetings from Augusta Ga

    So, im totally new to this whole thing. Ive never really traveled by myself but i plan on hitting the road sometime late this month. apparently theres this big gathering thing down in Ocala florida or something, my friend keeps talking about it so i suppose im ganna go there first. After that I...