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  1. WanderLost Radical

    Jungle camping in Central America

    Hey guys! I'm starting to plan a trip to South/Central America this winter, and I'd like you guys' input and experiences. I've been considering trying to spend as many nights as possible sleeping outside, on beaches and bushed areas, like I usually do when I travel, but I also know by...
  2. WanderLost Radical

    having bad day

    I dont know if it'll make your day better, but it usually mellows my bad days...
  3. WanderLost Radical

    What is your favorite form of activism?

    I think the only way to make an actual difference in this world, is direct action. Considering that everything is ruled by profit, the only way to make people and companies stop doing stupid shit, is by making it unprofitable to do it. Boycott, monkeywrench, picket lines, name it... Send a...
  4. WanderLost Radical

    Awesome story writing update: I am such a procrastinating piece of shit.

    Awesome story writing update: I am such a procrastinating piece of shit.
  5. WanderLost Radical

    Treating fentanyl OD

    The problem is that fentanyl sticks to itself. So you could have a grain of fentanyl in your bag (enough to kill you), but the sample didnt have the grain in it.
  6. WanderLost Radical

    Treating fentanyl OD

    I did my course, and they handed out the kits. You dont need to be an addict to get it. Also, she explained why cops don't have the kits. Apparently it's for liability reasons. The process of administering Narcan is physical, so they could be charged with police brutality. I call bullshit on...
  7. WanderLost Radical

    How did you learn to play an instrument?

    I found this app a couple months ago, called Yousician. Its only for guitar, bass, banjo and uke (I think), but it's pretty sick!! It teaches you notes, chords and theory. It's free to download, and it lets you play 15mins/day. But you can pay 10$/month to have it unlimited. Honestly, if you're...
  8. WanderLost Radical

    Preparing a kickass story for you guya to enjoy!! (I fucking enjoyed it)

    Preparing a kickass story for you guya to enjoy!! (I fucking enjoyed it)
  9. WanderLost Radical

    1st Time Hitchhiking Ever....and in Nepal

    Nepal's the shit!! I miss it a lot!! It's one of the few asian country I didnt hitchhike in, because hey, riding on the roof of the busses was just too damn fun!!
  10. WanderLost Radical

    Featured What They Don't Tell You About Having A Road Dawg (Or Cat)

    I think you misunderstood what a road dawg is, but other than that, this post is ON POINT!! Thank you!!
  11. WanderLost Radical

    Interior inspiration

    Hey guys! I am planning on spending the day insulating the walls of my van to make it winter ready!! For the walls, i am simply gonna put some pads behind some nailers and plywood, but I am running out of ideas on how to make the curves around the doors look good... i have been looking for some...
  12. WanderLost Radical

    What is the best beer you have had to date and why?

    My all time fav beer was actually brewed by my twin sister in chemistry class!! And of course she gave it to me because she knows beer's my one true love... (Thanks sis!!) Maple syrup and cinnamon flavor!! 12%, that shit was kick ass!! Unfortunately she lost the recipe so that was the last of...
  13. WanderLost Radical

    Lockpicking basics

    I agree, but on the other hand, I never had my bag searched, and even if they did, I feel like lockpicks are easy to hide somewhere they wont find it
  14. WanderLost Radical

    parking a car outside a squat

    If theres other cars parked around, I wouldnt sweat about it at all. Maybe just move it around a bit so it looks like it's being used? If it looks out of place, I would park it at the nearest place where a car wouldn't look weird and have the same strategy
  15. WanderLost Radical

    Anarchy is actually far right

    Anarchism is the furthest left you can go, dude... And most anarchists have socialist ideologies, because yes, revolution sounds great and all, but socialism is a more attainable goal for the moment
  16. WanderLost Radical

    Is my coat worth the weight?

    Do you care about it? If not, just bring it. If you later realise you dont wanna carry it, just ditch it
  17. WanderLost Radical

    how long do travelers last?

    You mean in bed, or...?
  18. WanderLost Radical

    Van safety

    Pretty much the only things you could see is a box of dumpstered food, some clothes and a drawer. Maybe some dishes. I dont have windows in the back
  19. WanderLost Radical

    Van safety

    Yeah, im not worried about when Im sleeping, the sole fact of them not expecting someone in the van is enough to throw anyone off and have them take off. And if they don't, they'll get kicked out. It really is when Im crashing at someone's that Im worried about. And 99% of my friends live in...
  20. WanderLost Radical

    Van safety

    Sooo.... after like 2 months of van dwelling, I got my first break-in. I guess thats what I get for sleeping in the punk side of town... But that thing aside, anyone has any recommendation on how to keep the van safe? Luckily, this time I was in it, and scared the shit out of the guy. Im more...
  21. WanderLost Radical

    Movie Night Suggestions

    Requiem for an american dream
  22. WanderLost Radical

    Who's afraid of the big bad bull? Who's afraid of the big bad bull?

    Who's afraid of the big bad bull? Who's afraid of the big bad bull?
  23. WanderLost Radical

    Got jumped in a hick(ass) town.

    Im more of a second option kinda guy. Dont take em out, but attack what they love. Every redneck loves their truck. Buncha sugar in the fuel tank wouldve made it for me. Maybe a smashed window or 2... Fuck the pigs.
  24. WanderLost Radical

    When people ask what your squatter's symbol tattoo means...

    I consider the squatter's right symbol/movement to be about the right to property. accessibility to free/cheap housing, and the decriminalization of poverty. It's part of the anti-capitalist fight.
  25. WanderLost Radical

    Solo Female Travelers

    I hope my cis-male interruption will be forgiven by this female-written article (What men need to know about women who travel solo)
  26. WanderLost Radical

    Crossing into Canada near Vancouver

    They can ask you to look it up on your phone. And maybe stash it somewhere you can find it again when you come back? Or mail it to Alaska?
  27. WanderLost Radical

    Crossing into Canada near Vancouver

    I'd ditch the knife before coming in. Anything over 4.5" is illegal in Canada. Also, have a story ready for your friend transfering you money, because they look at the last 30 days, not just the total amount
  28. WanderLost Radical

    See ya there!!

    See ya there!!
  29. WanderLost Radical

    How to make yourself into boyfriend material

    Eat her pussy. Its really not that hard, guys!!
  30. WanderLost Radical

    Short bus or van?

    We still hit some good 80's in average in the summer. And we're talking about a guy who cracks open his window in winter because he's too hot... And yeah, idk about the territories, but the coasts are way too humid for swamp coolers. Idk, i feel like city busses are super trustworthy!! Also...
  31. WanderLost Radical

    Short bus or van?

    Hey guys! Here's the deal: I need to clear my Montreal apartment by May 1st, and leaving to travel across Canada sometime in July. Since it's not worth finding a new place for 2 months, I'm planning on Vandwelling. Luckily, theres a government vehicules auction on April 29th! There'll be short...
  32. WanderLost Radical

    Anyone ever built a raft?

    Did you check canoeing websites for infos on the river itself (i.e. is there rapids, swamps, what creatures are you expected to encounter, is fishing good, etc) That itself should answer a lot of your questions, especially the last one. I don't know much about building rafts, but if I were you...
  33. WanderLost Radical

    Photos Hobo cross.

    Only one way to find out!! PS: Dont do that!
  34. WanderLost Radical

    Photos Hobo cross.

    Not at all. It just bothers me everytime I see one. Felt good to vent about it :P
  35. WanderLost Radical

    Photos Hobo cross.

    What's with the swaz and lightning bolts, though?
  36. WanderLost Radical

    I would've been like: Well fuck your drunk ass xD You're sleeping in an alley tonight!!

    I would've been like: Well fuck your drunk ass xD You're sleeping in an alley tonight!!
  37. WanderLost Radical

    Hitch hiking trip to Tofino.....hippies, shrooms, and a commune

    How was Kelowna? I've heard so much about, it kinda took the interest off for me... Like, all Quebecers talk about is Kelowna and the Okinagan... I don't wanna travel just to hangout with a bunch of Quebecers somewhere else than quebec xD
  38. WanderLost Radical

    Hitchhiking China

    Especially since theres no such thing as "Chinese language" people speak different languages across China. Ie. Mandarin, cantonese etc
  39. WanderLost Radical

    Hitchhiking China

    Very true. In every country I've been in, getting in was the hardest part. (Especially the USA) Once you're in, you can do pretty much what you want. Never been to China, though, might be different there. I've hitchiked a bit through Asia, and here are my advices: -Like mentionned, make sure...
  40. WanderLost Radical

    Creating a New Hobo Code

    I'd say it's still pretty relevant. My only edit would be to rule out #15. They don't respect me, won't respect them. #ACAB
  41. WanderLost Radical

    Alice escaped wonderland

    Idk about her, but my favorite things about Quebec are: -The montreal punk scene. Theres shows every week for everyone's tastes. Fucking love it. -Old Montreal and Old Quebec City. Beautiful places. Really hip and trinket-touristy, but the architecture's beautiful and the ambiance is living...
  42. WanderLost Radical

    Alice escaped wonderland

    Hey salut! Moi avec j'viens de revenir a Montreal apres 14 mois on the road. Fais chier en criss, mais bin content d'avoir un toit sua tete pour l'hiver. Je repars en juillet. Si t'es down pour une biere un moment donné, on jasera des states!
  43. WanderLost Radical

    Walked into the camping store, and saw a brand new version of my pack. That's a shock xD

    Walked into the camping store, and saw a brand new version of my pack. That's a shock xD
  44. WanderLost Radical

    ¡Hola, Gente!

    Holy shit! Youve done all that travelling before finishing highsvhool?!? Now thats impressive!! Welcome to StP!!
  45. WanderLost Radical

    Hey from Aus

    Never been (i have plans of going this september though) but I heard squatting is going strong in Melbourne in the last couple years!! Worth checking out! Anyway! Welcome to StP! Always great to have new members from overseas!
  46. WanderLost Radical

    The Hitchhiker's Pilgrimage?

    I volunteer to be the Hitchiker's Mecca! Everyone try to hitchhike to my location!! ::drinkingbuddy::
  47. WanderLost Radical

    Brain cells screaming in agony is like music to my ears.

    Brain cells screaming in agony is like music to my ears.
  48. WanderLost Radical

    The cruel return to "normal" life

    I was the same before I started travelling. That's actually what got me to quit everything and leave. Now I'm fighting hard not to get back to the same guy I used to be. My job wasn't the problem, though. I liked it. I just... wasn't happy. I guess some people arent meant to be sedentary...