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  1. CaptainCassius

    Toyota truck: a love affair (and repair)

    So it is; that glorious time of year where I shall receive my return on the interest free loan I give the government every year in the form of excess taxes. Seeing as I have near 400,000 miles on this motor, and a bunch of other fun stuff I'd like to do to this rig in the form of maintenance...
  2. CaptainCassius

    Whaddup Oregon?

    Where's all the other frosty Oregonians? Gonna make this pretty little state my home for the cold months
  3. CaptainCassius

    Toyota Pickup Mod/Conversion to Camper

    I own a 1987 Toyota pickup long bed-Xtra cab with the 22R motor carbureted. I have been trucking around in this thing for a while with only the camper shell and my gear in the back but recently I got the idea to turn it into somewhat of an RV type thing except I'm going off of the design of a...
  4. CaptainCassius

    Mojave Meltdown

    4:00 AM 'DING DING DING DING DING' I am awoken from my slumber by the rail crossing signal. Still dark. I wonder If I am out of Long Beach yet. Close your eyes.. 9:13 AM 'SCREEEEECH JEERK POP!!!' Shit I better not fall into the suicide holes in this thing. Could be a nasty pink spot on the...
  5. CaptainCassius

    Re-Wiring the Truck

    I'm really not happy about this, luckily I found some stuff on a toyota trucks forum with some info regarding my problem but mainly its gonna be a bitch. opening up the wiring harness and testing each wire is a bitch, anyways..:mad: First my taillights went out then the flasher/turn signals now...
  6. CaptainCassius

    Squatting in the Redwoods

    I'm heading to northern California redwood and weed country and I know there's plenty of forest to go around but I've heard not only do you have to watch your step around 'farmers' lands but that the police like to write illegal camping tickets. just curious about viable options for safe and...