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  1. TBone

    Vancouver to Prince Rupert

    I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience hitching in that part of Canada. It's looking like I'm going to have some cannery work up in Petersburg Alaska and am thinking of foregoing the plane trip from Seattle and hitching up to Prince Rupert and then taking a ferry or plane from...
  2. TBone

    Making Moonshine

    Well I've recently delved into making liquor after wanting to tackle this for sometime. This is a how-to, to a certain degree but also a bit a documentation of my first attempt at it. But this will lay out the basics as this is a fairly rudimentary setup and you can tweak, twaddle and use what...
  3. TBone

    Traveling in Mexico/Language Barrier

    Simple question. Knowing very little Spanish is it advisable to travel Mexico? It would be predominately freight if I were to go. No real plans as of yet I'm just entertaining the idea.
  4. TBone

    Groin Rash

    Kinda gross but whatever here goes. I have a rash on both sides of my groin that won't go away. I've tried jock itch spray and washing it well to no avail. Recently I broke up with my girlfriend and before I left we had one last roll in the hay for old times sake. We'll she had a bit of a...
  5. TBone

    Get your asses to Radio Shack - Pro-84 Scanner $29.97

    Radioshack is having a close-out on Pro-84 scanners. They are very similar to the beloved Pro-83. They even come with big dumbass headphones but it is an in store only sale. ... age=family I may pick one up for a spare. This is probably the best...
  6. TBone

    Bluetooth Your Scanner

    As much as I hate the bluetooth headset I constantly have to be on the cellphone I'm talking to myself dipshits this is a pretty neat little mod for anyone who uses scanners. Attach a CARDO BTAII bluetooth adapter to your scanner. You may have to use a submini(3/32 2.5m) jack to Mini(1/8...
  7. TBone

    Birmingham Bithcuts

    Birmingham Bithcuts It's been over two years now since my first ride and I’ve just recently learned the convenience of my city's bus system. After asking for rides, inconveniencing people, and hiking miles across town, I come to the realization of getting a bus schedule and walking down to a...
  8. TBone

    "Yuppie Packs"

    I've been hauling an old Alice Pack for awhile now and it's done me good. It's bullet proof ,with different straps it's fairly comfy if the loads not much over 30 lbs and it is also pretty spacious. I had a chance to try on a Kelty Coyote I think it was and god damn that thing was light...
  9. TBone

    GAHH My Rib

    Has anyone ever fucked there ribs up before? I was riding my bike other night drunk and wiped out in an alley. I didn't hurt so much the next day now 3 days later it's fucking hurting. It's right off my sternum below collar bone. I don't think it's broke but something is fucked up.
  10. TBone

    The Rasterbator

    This is a great way to make HUGE prints. Some of them can look pretty amazing. Two people could wheatpaste the side of a building with flyers/propaganda/art/whatever statement they want fairly quickly it's cheap and like I said huge. There is a standalone program on this site for free that is...
  11. TBone

    Nahsville Squat

    I was down there this weekend chilling out in the park in front of the library and some dude came up and asked if I was hopping freight and told me about some other riders that have a squat around the downtown and church st. area. He gave me directions and said he would be right back and he...
  12. TBone

    Google Earth Project

    For the past few months I've been adding points of interest in google earth that pertain to hopping like yard locations and what not. You can save all the place marks to a file and email said file to whoever has information they would like to add to it and double check info already in there. We...
  13. TBone

    Good boots?

    Anyone have any recommendations on a good relatively inexpensive pair of hiking boots? I was going nearly cross country a couple months back and ruined my trip by wearing a shitty old pair of worn out workboots. Packing too heavy had a part in it but I fucked my feet up real bad. Ended up...