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  1. TBone

    Vancouver to Prince Rupert

    I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience hitching in that part of Canada. It's looking like I'm going to have some cannery work up in Petersburg Alaska and am thinking of foregoing the plane trip from Seattle and hitching up to Prince Rupert and then taking a ferry or plane from...
  2. TBone

    Should i use a camelback to carry water?

    I don't know about them. I guess my biggest bitch about them is pulling all the shit out of my pack when I want to refill and also not being able to gauge how much water I have. I've more than once woken up thirsty as hell on a train and began sucking at the camel back teat to get one mouth...
  3. TBone

    0 degree sleeping beg question ?

    Yeah just slipping another light weight bag into whatever you have makes a world of difference. Silk liners are the business I've heard, no first hand knowledge. I just dropped almost two bills on a Wiggys superlight. You get what you pay for when it comes to gear though. Look into the military...
  4. TBone

    East or West?

    Love the Pacific Northwest and love lets say Richmond VA. Either or man. It is what you make of it. South coast is good too so is Tennessee. I would say do a southern tour and up the east coast. You'll get the good with the bad and not just end up on the west coast not caring to leave.
  5. TBone

    need help getting out of mobile, AL

    On the electrical box under the overpass/bridge deal next to the port?
  6. TBone

    Gear for riding in the winter?

    Also Michaels Fabric and Hobby Lobby are great corporations to dumpster for fabric and I find Walgreens floss to be superior to CVS or Rite Aid brand floss. This is also being typed from a Hewlett Packard lap top using a Logitech wireless mouse while wearing a Fruit of the Loom t-shirt and...
  7. TBone

    Gear for riding in the winter?

    Charming. I couldn't find a way to describe my particular setup without using brand names. I also couldn't find enough cardboard, dental floss and dumpstered fabric to construct a DIY set of winter bibs or bivy or sleeping bag. Sorry for all the brand placement. What I mentioned works and...
  8. TBone

    Gear for riding in the winter?

    Poly pro union suit. Basically the hill billy looking thing with a butt flap except not cotton. Jeans whatever, thick flannel, fleece jacket, carhart arctic bibs (black lining), Carhart artic coat, ski mask, and the military issue modular sleep system. It's two bags an intermediate and a...
  9. TBone

    News & Blogs One of you lose a puppy?

    Where are you heading from CXR1037? If you do get down to New Orleans still be prepared for cold weather. Although being extremely south it still gets a bit nippy during the winter months. Down in to the 30's at times so pack for the cold. If you like Crass I could suggest a few other...
  10. TBone

    What the fuck are you doing for Halloween 2011?

    I'm going to NOLa dooodsss. : ) Nothing other than packing up all my shit in a car and moving it to St. Helens Oregon area. I really would like to be in New Orleans this year though.
  11. TBone

    The word "Oi"

    Alcohol fueled rant after a shitty night. I apologize.
  12. TBone

    The word "Oi"

    Bottom line, who gives a shit? This is like "The View" except with people who bought a Crass album and sewed a Subhumans patch on there Carhartts. Aren't we supposed to be sharing pertinent information on shit that actually helps or matters? "hey trying to get out of Sioux Falls, just got a...
  13. TBone

    The word "Oi"

    It's basically what fag is to cigarette as oi is to hey or chips are to fries. Skins put a bad name on something else. Astonishing...
  14. TBone

    The word "Oi"

    I like using it going into a known jungle at night to put anyone that might be camped at ease knowing it's not a cop behind the light. It's not an issue with me either way.
  15. TBone

    Photos MD Deathfest Fight !

    hahaha Jesus Christ. It amazes me how fucking bent out of shape people get. Great set of photos, excellent side boob and a laugh riot. Control your shit folks.
  16. TBone

    Making Moonshine

    Well yeah but there is no distillation process involved. If you did distill it though you would end up with a honey brandy I guess.
  17. TBone

    Making Moonshine

    I don't know much about mead but it's pretty much a fermentation process isn't it similar to beer? I also think it takes a good bit of time.
  18. TBone

    Making Moonshine

    Great website. It's where I learned damn near everything about getting this up and running. Table sugar is a bit cheaper and starting out didn't want to mess with flavoring coming out of the gate. But yeah, anyone really wanting to learn about distilling that site is where it's at.
  19. TBone

    Featured How to Cure a Staph Infection

    I didn't read any of this. Go to the emergency room.
  20. TBone

    Hey guy. How the hell are you and where the hell are you at?

    Hey guy. How the hell are you and where the hell are you at?
  21. TBone

    Possible Midwest STP late summer/fall gathering

    I'm in Louisville until I move to Oregon in late October so if it happens before then I'm down.
  22. TBone

    Making Moonshine

    Well I've recently delved into making liquor after wanting to tackle this for sometime. This is a how-to, to a certain degree but also a bit a documentation of my first attempt at it. But this will lay out the basics as this is a fairly rudimentary setup and you can tweak, twaddle and use what...
  23. TBone

    my super shitty trip from oakland to tucson

    If you get spotted on the walkway of a unit, DPU or not, and they conveniently stop in front of the yard office and cops are there. That's not a crew change bro, that's an arrest.
  24. TBone

    Nah man I've only dealt with the BNSF Tennessee Yard down there. I'll see if I can do some...

    Nah man I've only dealt with the BNSF Tennessee Yard down there. I'll see if I can do some homework for you though. Best of luck.
  25. TBone

    Yo man I met you in Nola like a year ago and am trying to find info on Cincy bound trains out of...

    Yo man I met you in Nola like a year ago and am trying to find info on Cincy bound trains out of Osborn yard louisville. We are heading out for a birthday tonight and am trying to get out shit straight. Checked the schedules and seems like most shit is heading that way. Any input?
  26. TBone

    Groin Rash

    Well I think it all boiled down to a really bad heat rash that had gotten a bit infected. I stayed with a friend for a couple weeks and after diligent washing, gold bond, and changing and washing of underclothes everything cleared up. I also used a good bit of baby rash ointment between periods...
  27. TBone

    Photos STP Breakfast Club - Richmond, VA 12/09 at McCleans!

    haha 3 of the folks in these pictures picked me and my buddy up from underneath a trailer we were sleeping under by the war memorial shortly after this.
  28. TBone

    Traveling in Mexico/Language Barrier

    Simple question. Knowing very little Spanish is it advisable to travel Mexico? It would be predominately freight if I were to go. No real plans as of yet I'm just entertaining the idea.
  29. TBone

    I'm in Louisville for the time being and may be heading Northwest in late Marchish. Is everyone...

    I'm in Louisville for the time being and may be heading Northwest in late Marchish. Is everyone still in the house?
  30. TBone

    Asolo Sleeping Bags

    I don't have experience with there sleeping bags but I love there boots.
  31. TBone

    Lyle! Slanky and I are in NOLA right now headed to Tucson. Hope things are good in Richmond...

    Lyle! Slanky and I are in NOLA right now headed to Tucson. Hope things are good in Richmond. Later on!
  32. TBone

    I think I met you down in NOLA a couple weeks ago. You still down there?

    I think I met you down in NOLA a couple weeks ago. You still down there?
  33. TBone

    Advice for Showering & Staying Clean

    Who said anything about showering everyday? I've not had one in a few but I'm not smelling like a bag full of assholes and sauerkraut. When the funk arises take care of it when you can. Human smell is one thing but if you smell like you've shit your pants that's fucking gross. If you eat hot...
  34. TBone

    Advice for Showering & Staying Clean

    I love a beer in the shower it makes it even more enjoyable. I like to crank up some tunes, have a beer and enjoy the shower. I don't always do it but it's ok to splurge sometimes.
  35. TBone

    Hello from Havre!

    Wow, this website at it's finest.
  36. TBone

    Best "get pissed at the system" songs?

    Propagandhi - anything The album Today's Empires Tomorrow's Ashes was a pretty good departure from their "poppy'er" music. It's all damn good though.
  37. TBone

    Best "get pissed at the system" songs?

    Fucking Aus Rotten - The System Works For Them Hell, any Aus Rotten.
  38. TBone

    Groin Rash

    Kinda gross but whatever here goes. I have a rash on both sides of my groin that won't go away. I've tried jock itch spray and washing it well to no avail. Recently I broke up with my girlfriend and before I left we had one last roll in the hay for old times sake. We'll she had a bit of a...
  39. TBone

    ?Which boot is "your" friend on the steel?

    I just recently bought my first pair of "real" hiking boots, a pair of Asolo TPS 520's and have been very pleased with them. Without even breaking them in I was able to put 5+ mile hikes with a heavy pack on with only a couple hot spots on my foot. They are a little out of your price range but...
  40. TBone

    Nope I sure wasn't.

    Nope I sure wasn't.
  41. TBone

    I never knew trains were so long...

    Longest US Freight: "The longest and heaviest freight train on record was one about 4 miles in length consisting of 500 coal cars with three 3600 hp diesels pulling and three more in the middle, on the Iaegar, WV, to Portsmouth, OH stretch of 157 miles on the Norfolk & Western RR on Nov...
  42. TBone

    What to pack?

    I have a percolator I carry for coffee. It's pretty light and I stuff all my coffee and spare shit inside it to save on space.
  43. TBone

    Oh Please Dear God No

    Fucking Jabbers haha
  44. TBone

    Google Earth Project

    After a long time of this being a stagnant project I was wondering if anyone would still want to add to this. I have moved most of it to an online google map so anyone should be able to access it from any PC with a internet connection. If you are interested give me your email and I can send...
  45. TBone

    Get your asses to Radio Shack - Pro-84 Scanner $29.97

    Radioshack is having a close-out on Pro-84 scanners. They are very similar to the beloved Pro-83. They even come with big dumbass headphones but it is an in store only sale. ... age=family I may pick one up for a spare. This is probably the best...
  46. TBone

    I-69 resistance, southwestern Indiana

    Evansville is where I call home. Is that where you're from kt? I'm starting to see word of this in a lot of different places besides Evansville and there seems to be a lot of activity and word getting out about this. I'm hoping to see people swarm down on Evansville.
  47. TBone

    Bluetooth Your Scanner

    As much as I hate the bluetooth headset I constantly have to be on the cellphone I'm talking to myself dipshits this is a pretty neat little mod for anyone who uses scanners. Attach a CARDO BTAII bluetooth adapter to your scanner. You may have to use a submini(3/32 2.5m) jack to Mini(1/8...
  48. TBone

    Birmingham Bithcuts

    Birmingham Bithcuts It's been over two years now since my first ride and I’ve just recently learned the convenience of my city's bus system. After asking for rides, inconveniencing people, and hiking miles across town, I come to the realization of getting a bus schedule and walking down to a...
  49. TBone

    "Yuppie Packs"

    Well I ended up getting a Mountainsmith Cross Country 3.0 Last night I loaded all the shit from my Alice pack and everything came in at about 22 lbs. minus food, water, and beer. The 22lbs...