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  1. CascadiaRising

    Stop the Coal Train Banner Drop

    Today at approximately 1:30 PM, members of No Coal Eugene dropped a banner reading “STOP THE COAL TRAIN” from the parking garage on 10th and Oak in Eugene, Oregon. This action was done in solidarity with Rocky Mountain Powershift and to bring attention to the coal trains proposed to run through...
  2. CascadiaRising

    Cascadia Forest Defense Action Camp

    Come out to Cascadia this summer! For more information go to:
  3. CascadiaRising

    Banner Drop in Solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution

    Banner Drop in Solidarity with the Egyptian Revolution There is an ad on the wall of a bus in Dublin it reads: Egypt- Where it all begins. Yesterday, Eugene’s Black Tea Society dropped a banner, in a token gesture of support for the Egyptian Revolution , and in Solidarity with our...
  4. CascadiaRising

    Hey brother bear!

    just joking! I am from Eugene tho, and looking to do a bit of traveling in the next couple years.