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  1. LEAN

    The NEW 2019 Jamboree: New Orleans Edition

    Whats the plan? Are alot of you camping at the location? I really want to come but I will be in Denver that week and could make it down but also have other plans for the rest of November and I'm not sure which way to go, east or west... LOL.
  2. LEAN

    Ex Cop tells where to hide your stash

    It's a cool video about some guy who went from a cop to teacher but for the most part what he's saying has no relevance to todays drug smugglers. If you get pulled over and the cops say they are gonna bring a dog, that means they are gonna have the dog alert on your car no matter what just by...
  3. LEAN

    Sex for a wheelchair-bound individual w/cerebral palsy

    Mad props if you convince your sister to do it. LMAO!!!
  4. LEAN

    Sex for a wheelchair-bound individual w/cerebral palsy

    Im sure you know Juan but just in case, that is a VERY old internet meme when someone posts something crazy or unbelievable... On a more serious note, you might have more luck approaching it from a legitimate angle... Like ask around for advice from hospitals and nurses, they have people that...
  5. LEAN

    Sex for a wheelchair-bound individual w/cerebral palsy

    This is the Interwebz. PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!!!
  6. LEAN

    Guns/gun violence - thoughts?

    The current estimate for gun ownership is around 400 million guns and the population is right up around there, so around 1 gun for every person in the US. I myself have shot and owned guns but I don't think banning from people who haven't done anything wrong is the answer. What happens with...
  7. LEAN

    Potential Land Squats

    Probably set your gear up so you can put your front foot in a "slot" and use your back foot for dismounting. It seems like a decent way to cover distance. My friends used to skate/longboard hills around my area and the longboards were always the best to cruise and hit bumps, the board...
  8. LEAN

    Entering Canada. What will they actually check for?

    Canada seems like the hardest border to cross. I understand that they have to set a precedent so everyone doesn't just start flooding it (that reminds me of something LOL). I have most of my shit in line and can probably pass their test, but I just can't agree with the extensive probe they...
  9. LEAN

    Seeking Ride Stuck in New Jersey

    oh cool, im up north. you heading anywhere?
  10. LEAN

    Photos I stayed at Nevada's most haunted Clown Motel and it was just okay

    I would've snagged that Clint painting.
  11. LEAN

    Seeking Ride Stuck in New Jersey

    What part of Jersey you in? What you trying to do?
  12. LEAN

    Video Avoiding the Knock-Stealth Parking Tips and Tricks

    This is an awesome video about the inner workings of rubber tramping. Making your vehicle blend in with the environment seems key in making it work long term and I love the tips about hard hat and random work documents on the dash.
  13. LEAN

    Photos I pulled the trigger....

    @Faceplant I agree, you do have to make some decisions on what you want it to be and how you will place certain things but there are some options to do solar and roof rack. The ladder idea doesn't even have to be functional just there for "work" purposes, making it look like a real work van...
  14. LEAN

    Places to stealth camp in Nashville?

    You could try asking the job site if you can camp near the location, it would be in their best interest to have you nearby and not having to rely on the bus to be on time... If they say no, then your best bet would to arrive a few days early and just start scoping out places. Go to the camping...
  15. LEAN

    Photos I pulled the trigger....

    Nice!!! I've been thinking of selling my SUV and grabbing something like this, there are a bunch since I live near NYC. I also agree with LUPO, add some BS logo about service company and find a free ladder to throw on top. Make that thing look like a real work van and no one will hassle. Even...
  16. LEAN

    Time for a New Adventure

    Not trying to hate on the Area 51 raid but you do know the guards will not hesitate about shooting you right? UFO filmers have been exploring that area for years and have videos of them getting shot at and ran up on with rifles pointed at them for just hitting the edge of the property lines...
  17. LEAN

    How to ask this guy in a letter if we are still together? he didnt come see me for 4 days.

    It is up to you if you wanna be with him or move on... it seems like you both met each other at a low point in your life and I know how that feels. But right now you can only focus on helping yourself if you don't know where he is... You can contact the jail and ask them if he is still there...
  18. LEAN

    Featured Photos Off-Grid homesteadin' wing'n it yeh

    Awesome work!!! I hope to build something like that myself one day, have a van for traveling and a cool off the grid spot to enjoy as well. Do you have any problems with the coyotes and your chickens? Might want to grab a cheap rifle in case they get too curious...
  19. LEAN

    Seeking Ride Buffalo--->Anywhere West!!! First Time Tramper!!!

    If you make it down near NJ, let me know. I am trying to get on the road and explore...
  20. LEAN

    Experiences with smoking ganja in public ?

    All legal states say that you can't smoke in public but whenever I roll through, ALL you can smell is weed on every corner. I was in Denver 1.5 years ago and all the homeless guys on the corner were blazing joints and blunts, so YMMV. I have noticed that the bigger the city, usually has more...
  21. LEAN

    a late introduction from a lurker

    Welcome! I've never been up to Maine but I heard the winter sucks. I am planning to leave in the next month or two, if you make it down to New Jersey area I can try and link up with you for part of the journey. Hope everything works out.
  22. LEAN

    Imposter Syndrome and Some Other Complicated Things

    I catch myself questioning things I've done in the past and being hypocritical, then I realize that no one else is thinking about my problems because its all just in my head. Do what makes you feel happy and secure in your own body.
  23. LEAN

    Hoping Freight Truck?

    I would much rather fall off a moving train then fall off a moving semi. If you dont get sucked under at least its just rocks and grass till you stop rolling, if you miss the truck wheels you gotta worry about the cars behind who are probably on their phones not expecting someone falling off...
  24. LEAN

    Punks in Mexico

    Last I heard that market has kinda died down and not what it used to be but I never got a chance to go visit it. There is still plenty of people who are into punk and hardcore, you just need to know the where to find it. When I was in Merida (Yucatan State), I went out to drink with some...
  25. LEAN

    Looking for approx. 10 individuals that have backpacked in/to Mexico

    Mexico is an awesome and vibrant country with so much to do. I've been twice in the past 2 years, Yucatan and Mexico City. I'd be glad to help and maybe even join if you need a road buddy. I haven't hitchhiked there but the people are very friendly if you can speak enough spanish to get...
  26. LEAN

    I’m here for good friends, good beer, and greater adventures

    Hey! Seems like we have similar interests and backgrounds. I've done a few solo travel trips and also enjoy learning languages... haven't made the jump into "real" solo travel like the guys and gals on here do. My goal right now is to explore the US through hitchhiking and bus travel and if I...
  27. LEAN

    Cancer on the road

    Hope everything comes back clean! You said VA so I am gonna assume they cover your costs to have it treated but if it turns out to be expensive you can always travel down south to Mexico or Costa Rica. They have very good healthcare at much lower costs then the US.
  28. LEAN

    Los Angeles Typhus Outbreak

    I was in LA a few months ago and I was shocked at the amount of people on the street. Literally every overpass had tents from one side to the other, you can't even walk on the sidewalk and have to use the street to walk by. I don't mean any disrespect by this but the sheer amount of homeless...
  29. LEAN

    News & Blogs 7 drug overdoses over 10-hour period possibly linked to fentanyl...

    It's so interesting how drugs affect people differently... I've tried shrooms twice and LSD once, the shroom trips were okay and bad respectively. It could have been the setting I was in but it felt like I was wayyyy to much in my head and just spiraled into a bad trip. LSD on the other hand...