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  1. caffine addict

    What type of food should I bring when hitchhiking?

    Me and a friend of mine are planning to head on down to the coast next month and im trying to figure out what is the best food to pack when your in the middle of nowhere. (I'm sorry if there's anyone who already posted this before but I haven't seen anyone post a question similar or exact to...
  2. caffine addict

    Useful site for squating

    For anyone who needs a place to squat while hitchhiking or anything else, I got what you need. A Website called "" is a Website/Wiki that shows all locations of ghost towns in the United States and Canada. Some places are abandoned, some are private property. Be safe
  3. caffine addict

    Need some help out

    I got a tent that I wanna bring for hitch hiking bit I don't have a big duffle bag for it, I do have tarp and can someone tell me what's best to bring? (I'm planning to hitch hike in june with a friend).
  4. caffine addict

    Points of interest in Utah?

    Me and my friend are planning to hitchhike in June and I was wondering if anyone knew any places that would be perfect to go in Utah, and maybe some places to avoid so our travel will go well
  5. caffine addict

    Best place to hitchhike in nevada?

    I'm inretested in hitch hiking from Oregon to Nevada (probably doing it in early or mid june). Any interesting places to go? (Except for Vegas, lived their).