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  1. Dunia

    Freeloading NewZealand

    I arrived with misconceptions that New Zealand would be very expensive and stealth camping difficult, in fact the generosity of the people make up for the need for money I've continuously been invited in, taken for a ride, given food or people have gone out of their way to be nice Hitching...
  2. Dunia

    Bernie Sanders

    The system of stochocracy has been proposed as an improved system compared to the system of representative democracy, where representatives are elected. Stochocracy aims to at least reduce this degradation by having all representatives appointed by lottery instead of by voting. Therefore, this...
  3. Dunia

    How are you?

    Me too! I'm arriving in Auckland next week, curious about good places to stay for free
  4. Dunia

    Read This First! The Complete Guide to Using StP

    How about a film section;)