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  1. scatwomb

    Missing! Noah Dewitt!

    Hi Everyone, Although I do not now him, I keep seeing posters up around Eugene, OR about, Noah Dewitt, who went missing on February 13th. He was definitely last seen in south Eugene. He may have been seen in Grants Pass, OR soon after he disappeared. By all accounts, he seems like a...
  2. scatwomb

    News & Blogs Dark Ecology: Searching for truth in a post-green world

    Here's a cool article about the Progress Trap, Ted Kaczynski, and the problems with neo-environmentalists: THE HANDLE, which varies in length according to the height of its user, and in some cases is made by that user to his or...
  3. scatwomb

    RNC and DNC Conventions

    Will anyone here be going to either the RNC or DNC Conventions later this summer? The RNC is in Tampa, FL from August 26th-30th and the DNC is in Charlotte, NC on September 1st-6th. I'm planning on going to both, just trying to gauge who all here is going.
  4. scatwomb

    May Day [May, 1st] - Oakland

    Who's going?
  5. scatwomb

    Anarchist self-defense groups?

    So, I hope I don't get shit because of my ignorance, but, here goes... Are there ay anarchist self-defense groups in the US? I mean, we are in a world where the police are arresting us because we want a more equal society and we see the state as an obstacle towards equality. And, they are...
  6. scatwomb

    NATO/G8 STP Meetup?

    Hi all, Would anyone be interested in having a Squat the Planet meetup either right before or during the NATO/G8 protests? The summits are going down May 19th-21st. Let's organize this! I think it could be a lot of fun.
  7. scatwomb

    How to cope with "society"

    So, I am probably not alone here in thinking that society is fucked up. I get depressed about what I see on a daily basis. Whether it's people mindlessly consuming, cities and farms which have destroyed native ecosystems, turning natural spaces into commodities, corrupt politicians, racism...
  8. scatwomb

    The Beehive Collective's 10th Anniversary Blackfly Ball! Machias, MA - August 20th

    This promises to be a great night with a really great bunch of people. The Beehive Collective is an amazing group of artists and activists who educate the public about globalization and environmental issues through artwork and community outreach throughout the Americas. It's August 20th in...
  9. scatwomb

    Crack the Surface - Episode 1

    A guy called Otter from the UK made the first episode of a decent documentary about urban exploration. I guess he is coming to the States (I know Minneapolis/St. Paul for sure) to film some more episodes! Exciting!
  10. scatwomb


    I just found out this morning I am going to be teaching a permaculture class for 10 days in Haiti. After the class is over, I want to travel around for a little bit. Does anyone here have any resources or knowledge they could share? Either based on personal experience or whatever. Or does...
  11. scatwomb

    Best parks along the Oregon coast

    I am heading out to Oregon in August for some traveling and want to stay in some state parks along the coast. There are so many of them that it is overwhelming to choose! What are some places you all would recommend along the coast? And, I know that question necessitates knowing the kinds of...