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  1. Linda/Ziggy

    Ukiah/Hitching sout - problems with Oogles !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey folks, for anyone who may be hitching south out of Ukiah California (Hwy101). Be warned there is a swarm of Oogles & Homebums camped out on the on ramp and no one is stopping to pick up hitchers south due to them :>( Best to get bus to Hopland ($2) at 9am from Kohls across from Subway on...
  2. Linda/Ziggy

    Wooden frame/basket 'primitive' pack ???

    So we have talked about frame packs, framless packs but,,,,,,,, I was wondering if anyone has ever made a 'primitive' wooden frame pack/basket pack ?? Any ideas , www links to go info etc would be appreciated. Linda/Ziggy
  3. Linda/Ziggy

    Hitching NORTH out of Portland/Eugene (HWY 5)

    Hey Folks ! Can someone PLEASE post details: re HITCHING NORTH OUT of Portland OR Eugen for folks hitching to Washington for Rainbow Gathering ??? Or folks going north in general ? Need info re : Best spots to hitch out of , on ramps & street directions , etc! Much appreciated!!
  4. Linda/Ziggy

    Travel buddy to Oregon/Washington - SPEED HITCH!

    Hey folks ! I am looking for someone to hitch from Northern California up to the Rainbow Gathering or points north on the 101. Going from Ukiah/Willits (130 miles North of San Francisco). Leaving NEXT Thursday at the latest! I am doing a SPEED HITCH! So no stopping unless needed, am already a...
  5. Linda/Ziggy

    Hitching NORTH out of Santa Rosa (Hwy 101) ?

    Hey all! Wondering if anyone has any advice re: Hitching NORTH out of Santa Rosa - on the 101 ?? Best on ramps ?? Getting the street bus over from San Francisco to Santa Rosa. Thanks Linda/Ziggy
  6. Linda/Ziggy

    B.O.B Fest Oakland - Happening NOW !

    Suprised this hasn't been put up on this site!! B.O.B Fest is happening in Oakland right NOW - all week. BOB Fest happens ever 2-3 years and travels between UK, USA, Germany. Bands include: Jello Biafra, Subhumans (Uk) Touring bands from Europe & local bands. Shows happening at local...
  7. Linda/Ziggy

    STP meet up: Saturday April 9th - San Francisco

    STP MEET UP ! Saturday April 9th - 4pm: San Francisco Anarchist Book Fair. Golden Gate Park - fair ground buildings (about half way into the park) Meet up outside on the grass or inside if raining. See ya there! :applaud:
  8. Linda/Ziggy

    Hitching North out of San Francisco ? Advice ?

    Hey all, Any advice on hitching NORTH out of San Fransisco ? Going up Hwy 101 - (NOT THE 1 0R 5) Hitch from the other side of Golden Gate Bridge ? Bus to Santa Rosa ?? Hitching OUT of the city on the 101 through Golden Gate Park ?? Any ideas or experiences appreciated.
  9. Linda/Ziggy

    San Francisco Anarchist Book Fair - April 9th & 10th !!

    Hey all !! Any other STPers going to be at this event ?? Let's meet up, find crash/sleeping/camp space together !? The link: Also Homes Not Jails 'may' be trying to open a squat for the event. They are wanting to see how many folks want/need this so PLEASE email...
  10. Linda/Ziggy

    Fake CRASS gravy train derailed

    Well for all you folks who have got sucked into the rip off of the Steve Ignorant -fake CRASS usa TOUR. Well the nostalgia gravy train got derailed. They can't get their visas in time so the tour has been cancelled. No news if folks are gonna get their ticket money back or not, Source...
  11. Linda/Ziggy

    Pacific Coast Hwy/Oregon & Washington ?

    Hey all, I am gonna be hitching PCH 1 from Northern California up through Oregon into Washington to get to or from the Rainbow Gathering. Anyone hitched the coast before up that way? Places to check out Places to avoid / not get stuck in???? And is it true you can walk on the...
  12. Linda/Ziggy

    2011 National Rainbow Gathering - Washington!

    Hey all, Know it's still early in the year, but wondering who's gonna go ?? I'll be travelling up from Ukiah (Just north of San Fransisco). Will go early /mid June)for set up/seed camp. Looking for a travel buddy - hitching - hopping - whatever. I am sober :>) Linda/Ziggy
  13. Linda/Ziggy

    Anyone coming through Ukiah (Hwy 101 - North of SF)

    Hey all, Just to let anyone who's hitching through Ukiah, Me and my old man are settling here for a while and are doing a 'waystation' for travelling folks. We can't have visitors at the moment (but hope to at some point !). But we can give ya lots of info and head ya in the right...
  14. Linda/Ziggy

    Woodstoves -handbuilt !

    Hey all. I am currently building/sculpting a wood stove for cooking/heat in my little broken down travel trailer. The stove is a cross between a Rocket Stove & Lorena Stove. The inside/fire chamber is brick/concrete with tin cans for combustion. The body is of course...
  15. Linda/Ziggy

    So Cal Anarcho Punk Fest Tour !

    Southern California Anarcho Punk Fest Tour L.A - San Diego, Orange County Weekend of January 28th Bands, tables, speakers, vegan food, networking! Confirmed bands include: Phobia, Resist and Exist, Secret Sect, Arctic Flowers & more! Will put up link to more info when I can find...
  16. Linda/Ziggy

    Ukiah to LA ! Want to meet up? - July 2nd

    Hey all ! I'm hitching from Ukiah (Mendocino county) through San Francisco to Santa Cruz then onto LA. I'm putting a call out to see if anyone wants to hitch with me at any point along the way ??? I'll be heading out of Willits July 2nd. I'm also looking for peeps to hang out...
  17. Linda/Ziggy

    STP meet up in L.A: Sat July 11th-Venice Beach

    Hey all, I'm gonna be in my home town of Hell-A enroute to New Orleans ! I'm putting out a call out for ANY STP peeps who are in LA/will be in LA to have a meet up ! It'd be lovely meet some of you ! So how's about the obvious place? Venice Beach Sat July 10th Under the palms -...
  18. Linda/Ziggy

    Oil spill cleanup - NOLA & Gulf Coast anyone ???

    Hey all, I'm going to NOLA from LA, looking for other STP peeps who are heading there to for clean up. I'm going as VOLUNTEER, not paid-the paid jobs should go to locals. Any ideas - contacts anything would be appreciate, let's get this conversation going ! Let's meet up, network ...
  19. Linda/Ziggy

    LA to New Orelans ANYONE ??? Thumb or rail

    Hey all !! I am looking for a hitching OR hopping partner, hopping posse to go form LA to NOLA sometime in June/July. Anyone interested !!?? I'm an old old Punk gal, want o hitch or hop with experienced peeps. No under agers, warrants etc. NO DRAMA !! I'm also sober and hard drug free...
  20. Linda/Ziggy

    MDC/Subhumans(UK - Gillman Street/June 11th !!!!!!!

    Hey all !! MDC & Subhumans are playing Gillman Street !! Yippee ! Finally I can go to a Punk show and not be the oldest person in the room !! Anyone else going ?? How's about a mini STP getogether ? I'll be hithching down the 101 from Mendo County (Ukiah) Want to join me ...
  21. Linda/Ziggy

    STP meet up at NM Rainbow Gather

    Hey everyone ! Wanted to start a new posting about NM Rainbow. Seed camp has started, me and my old man are on our way tommorrow. If your hitching, go to CUBA New Mexico, get onto Hwy 550 (Bernalillo), not far from Albuquerque and it's straight up the 550. Then it's in Parque Venando...
  22. Linda/Ziggy

    Phoenix Az to Santa Fe NM ! let's hook up !

    Hey everyone ! Me and my old man Mike are hitching form Phoenix to Santa Fe in a week or so to go do set up crew at the Rainbow Gather. We are hitching via Flagstaff and Alburquerque to Santa Fe. We're looking for peeps to hook up with on the way and places to stop, hang out, rest...
  23. Linda/Ziggy

    Phoenix Az to Santa Fe NM !

    Hey everyone ! Me and my old man are heading to the Rainbow Gathering in a week or so to do set up crew. We are hitching out of Phoenix and will go to Santa Fe via, Flagstaff and Albuquerque. We're looking for advice on hitching out of Flagstaff to ALBQ, then Albq TO Santa Fe...
  24. Linda/Ziggy

    How to find out hitch hiking laws for EACH usa state !

    Hey everyone ! If your a serious hitcher or even a first timer, I would highly recommend that you check out the 'digihitch' website ! This is an awesome worldwide online hitchers community. They also have legal information regarding hitch hiking for each state in the USA...
  25. Linda/Ziggy

    Yukon Pack ??

    Hey all, I've been watching that Alaska wilderness experiment show on the TV. The participants all use 'Yukon Packs'. I've web searched for details of these things, but no luck. Anyone have any ideas ??? They look like hand made packs with tarps strapped over them. Linda
  26. Linda/Ziggy

    Hitching out of Phoenix Arizona !??

    Hey all, Any one have any advice re hitching out of Phoenix ?? We will either be heading out to LA or San Diego or straight to New Mexico for the Rainbow Gathering seed camp/set up. Any tips on truck stops outside the city ??? You can email us at: [email protected] Many Thanks...
  27. Linda/Ziggy

    National Rainbow gathering 2009

    UPDATE !! The Rainbow gathering will be happening in New Mexico ! The full directions are now up on the internet. Parque Venando - Santa Fe National Forest. Near Cuba NM, Which is nearish Santa Fe. I've been getting alot of feedback about the rainbow gather and STP peeps. Seems a few STP...
  28. Linda/Ziggy

    Ziggyluscious - now Linda/Ziggy - old account inactive

    Hey all , Jus:deadhorse:t for anyone trying to contact me! I'm now registered at STP as Linda/Ziggy, not ziggyluscious, that account had a meltdown so have re registered. So if ya need to contact me go to linda/ziggy [email protected]