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  1. Doobie_D

    Anyone know how to skin a raccoon?

    Damn.. Wish Ida known about the possible dangers of consuming raccoon meat... A few years ago a raccoon was messing around in my baby food forest and my puppers took it down with the quickness but didn't put it all the way out. I finished the deed with a 1800's Era, double headed axe that...
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    Featured STP memes

    One more
  3. Doobie_D

    Featured STP memes

    One I made awhile back
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    bike trip through florida next month

    I'd be down to hang if your going down the coast. I'm in Ormond beach /Holly Hill. I might even ride a ways south with you if work isn't to crazy by that time. I'm not sure about the Jacksonville to St Augustine leg but from St Augustine to Ormond (on Hwy 1) they recently put in a sidewalk...
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    A story about a band.

    Hahah.. Yeah. That place was not unlike a parallel universe compared to the rest of the world. We weren't so much rivals as we were the best skaters of our respective towns. So when we finally met we had to have an epic game of skate. Hahah. But the high school for the whole county was...
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    Houston tx to ft worth.

    This week in: "showcase of what not to do on a train.. Much less brag about." Rookie move indeed
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    A story about a band.

    Haha.. I shoulda just stuck with the 90s but those other decades were pretty great too I've heard.. For California. I grew up in the 90s too.. But where I lived didn't have anything but cornfields and angry rednecks.. The only other punks lived in other towns.. There was about 6 of us in the...
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    A story about a band.

    This is awesome. California in the 50's-90s must have been a great place to grow up.
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    Creating a new hobby of storytelling

    Nice. I've always wanted to write a futuristic, dystopian, freight tale of fiction.. Ala Mad Max style. But I'm definitely no writer. I'll have to give this a listen when I get the time.
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    Zvijer, my first fight against the metallic leviathan.

    Excellent story. You've certainly got some writing skillzzzzz
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    Photos My Second Catch Out (NJ/NY)

    Awesome pictures and story. The "sunset at the Catchout" picture is especially bad ass. That ride up the Hudson is definitely one of the prettiest river runs on the east coast. My first time rolling into Selkirk had us pulled way up into receiving. Walked a few miles towards Steward's and...
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    Featured STP memes

  13. Doobie_D

    Featured STP memes

    I made this one awhile ago in response to a popular Engineer Lupo phrase
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    Internet in squats.

  15. Doobie_D

    Internet in squats.

    I'm currently in this boat. I have an unlocked public Wi-Fi connection across the street. I got a Linksys extender. For some reason, despite showing the public Wi-Fi on the wireless setup it won't let me connect to it. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with doing this and if they have...
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    Easy hop turns humiliating

    Great write up. Shitty times are always no fun when they are happening but always make great stories later on.
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    Bluetooth Your Scanner

    Figured I would update this thread because having wireless scanner capabilities is fucking awesome. Also rest in peace T-Bone. He had some great stories. And was a cool person. So a few weeks ago I was looking to do this to my old ass radio shack scanner. The original CARDO BTAII transmitter...
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    Jacksonville FL

    I'm currently sitting in 5 points waiting on the street fight radio show at rain dogs.. I'll probabaly be around for another day or two. Edit : Oops.. Old post
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    What’s it like dating on the road?

    Me personally.. I met my wife on the road back in 2003 in the emerald triangle. She was squatting some old, defunct southern pacific passenger cars and I happened to go back there with her and some friends drinking one night. One thing led to another and we started hitching together..then we...
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    Redding CA to Albany OR

    Your welcome. One of the last times I hitched that area it was July.. 107 degrees in Redding and there was a gaggle of homebum looking old men with a ridiculous amount of gear that sat on the exit for 3 and a half days. First thier sign said "Portland.. Then they switched it to "the North Pole...
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    Redding CA to Albany OR

    In my experience (years ago..but I doubt its changed) hitchhiking out of Redding is fairly tough. Also in California it's illegal to walk or be on the highway so it makes it harder. My advice would be to hit the exit at the far north end of town and have a sign saying Oregon. I would turn...
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    Ultralight Gear For Trainhopping?

    I hope you haven't forgot to pack duct tape? It's a life saver when down filled gear gets a hole in it. I know it's saved my ass a few times on windy pigs
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    Ultralight Gear For Trainhopping?

    I don't care who you are.. That rain kilt is straight stylin.
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    Thoughts on florida

    I suppose now that I'm a card carrying resident of deaths waiting room I should list my pros and cons. Cons : The crack of the east coast.. it seems like all the worst, rich, old , Yankees from up north comprise about 60% of the state. Extreme summer heat and humidity lots of creepy...
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    Featured We out here on the STP senior tour! Keddie > KFalls > Dunsmuir > Roseville

    hell yeah old man tour! Too bad y'all didn't have any slingshots or slings with you on that sweet taconite ride. They are the best ammo ever. Personally.. I would have loved to see some interbrutal empty auto rack pics tho
  26. Doobie_D

    Banned Withoutatrace banned for being a homo/trans-phobic, racist, misogynist piece of shit

    I'm dumbfounded that there are people in the world who still think like that. I never would have guessed withoutatrace was such a raging bigot. I really enjoyed some of his stories and input but that's just straight up inexcusable.
  27. Doobie_D

    Gardening / Housebitchin' advice.

    I'm more or less in the same boat. I decided to settle down after a decade and a half on the road and lucked into a half acre of property that I've set out to turn into a food forest. Unfortunately we probably are as far away planting zone wise as possible. I'm guessing your in zone 2-4...
  28. Doobie_D

    Mushrooms - Magic and otherwise

    Assuming your in Seattle like your avatar says I would start by trying to contact the Puget sound mycological society : Try to hookup with them for a mushroom walk. Or maybe check out their annual mushroom show. To get a firsthand look at some edible species in...
  29. Doobie_D

    dumb traveler names

    Im probably gonna..
  30. Doobie_D

    dumb traveler names

    Oh..none not a fan of the name long ago thought of switching to "the slack action hero" but nobody gave me that name..
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    Road worthy E-readers

    Awesome. Thanks. I was leaning towards a kobo or a nook. But there is alot of information to sift through with some reviews being contradictory.
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    Road worthy E-readers

    I can't believe there isn't a thread on this already. Being as books are heavy and there isn't always an easy or cheap way to swap them out on the road I've finally gotten hip to the idea or rolling with an E-reader. I've seen folks selling them on here but there has never been a review on...
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    Solar cellphone/camera chargers

    I have a BLKBOX solar charger as well. I couple mine with a 12,000-some MaH Anker battery bank. I just charge my battery bank via the hanging panels while I'm chilling or walking. Then charge my phone off of the bank.! Fits my needs... Currently.
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    What happened to 7M? It's been almost forever since I've been in here..

    What happened to 7M? It's been almost forever since I've been in here..
  35. Doobie_D


    Sadly the "John" they are referring to is "kool breeze" aka crazy cooter, aka John burns, aka etc. Dude is a piece. But fingers are crossed for mark to be safe.
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    At least I gots me a shack down by the railroad tracks

    At least I gots me a shack down by the railroad tracks
  37. Doobie_D

    stranded on the Florida East Coast Railway's milepost 105.2 for another 3 years or so

    stranded on the Florida East Coast Railway's milepost 105.2 for another 3 years or so
  38. Doobie_D

    PDX... couple days from now... headin down to the sunshine... So-Cal...Union Pacific...

    PDX... couple days from now... headin down to the sunshine... So-Cal...Union Pacific...
  39. Doobie_D

    scanner info. ARA channels

    Definitely. A well made and tuned antenna makes a huge difference is reception
  40. Doobie_D

    Petition for an investigation into rvon's death

    Jeremy would probably be taken a bit more serious if he kept "dumpsta love" out of his signatures in his letters to the officials
  41. Doobie_D

    scanner info. ARA channels

    I have a 200 channel NASCAR scanner with 10 banks of 20. I use 96 channels (roughly 5 banks) for the railroad and then keep the others open for town specific channels. Like if I'm riding Roseville to Ogden I'll program only the dispatch, road channels, and police mutual aid etc channels into...
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    This reminds me of a story I heard from two guys I rode with back in 2005. They were on their way to B.C. From Everett. They got in a big ol CN plug door and highballed all the way to Blaine. Once at the border there was a worker checking all the cars one by one. They decided to hunker down...
  43. Doobie_D

    Stay around cap

    Stay around cap
  44. Doobie_D

    Camp Cactus- Florida is Weird.

    Those opuntia species cacti grow really fast and the conditions in FL are perfect for them. I don't.think they purposely planted them to deter homeless folks.
  45. Doobie_D

    Featured Stupid things the cops have said to you?

    Yeah I.feel ya.. had that shit happen many times and I prefer to push it out of my mind.. I feel stupid every time.. but when they roll up on me I'm generally quick on the draw and ID out before I ever exchange words with them. They tend to laugh and treat me with respect (as they...
  46. Doobie_D

    Skanks: Train-Core ranking system or Traveler identifier?

    I keep two bandanas in my back pocket. Very handy scraps of cloth. I'd say 80% of the people I've met.that wear them cool guy style tend to not be my kind of folks.
  47. Doobie_D

    Learning the mandolin

    tuning wise
  48. Doobie_D

    The Bag Poop (responsibly pooping in an irresposible, toiletless world)

    Bwahhh.. sounds like a premise for a sweet hobo style scheiße (shy-za) porn. I hope I never catch a grainer on the fly that has a fine splattering of mmmmmmmshit
  49. Doobie_D

    News & Blogs Cops dressing up as homeless ...Hobocop??? Really

    Thats fucked up. If I saw someone flying a "high hopes" sign I'd most likely kick them down a bud... In this case I would most likely be arrested for my generosity.