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  1. rusty

    RIP Asher 'Bishu'

    man that all sounds just like him, but honestly im not 100 percent that was so many drunken years ago. but also i hope its not and that your homie is still out there alive n well. Ill lyk if anyone can confirm thats him, he died just a couple months ago. Log into Facebook | Facebook -...
  2. rusty

    RIP Asher 'Bishu'

    His dad is from texas, where bishu was living at the time Dallas/Ft worth last i heard, his mom was from Rhode Island (close to NY) which is where we met. He also had family in Libya where he lived for a few years teaching ESL. He traveled a bit though, i had bumped into his gf in nola a few...
  3. rusty

    RIP Asher 'Bishu'

    I'll never forget the light in their eyes and mischievous smile. Had a lot of firsts and a lot of lasts together. Another piece of my heart has creeped out of existence. I love you 'Asherbashirkhalifamuhammed' You are loved and you are missed</3
  4. rusty

    Worst State to Hitch Through?

    Fuck florida and fuck ohio. Im from new england and have caught rides pretty quickly around here. Pheonix is right, do not hitch on the interstate, cops will stop u anywhere but they take hitchin on the highway pretty serious. Ive also not have any luck at "rest stops" been kicked out of them...
  5. rusty

    cross-country gym membership

    I always wondered what the deal is with truck stop showers but i saw this, Lol Maybe askin a nice trucker for a shower inna pinch? I guess they can get em free, otherwise it sounds pretty steep.
  6. rusty

    Ybor Tampa February 11, 2016

    i think i met those same kids, was a chick and like 3 dudes. i was partying there on the 13th and 14th. if the chick had a sweet leather jacket its likely cuz i remember suggesting we fight for it and just kissing a bunch after. rolled around on some skateboards but mostly the ground. they slept...
  7. rusty

    Owning land?

    If i knew the difference id be rich. I had a lawyer try to explain it to me once. He barely understood it himself. There are special lawyers and special layers of bull shit you have to go through to get a property through a tax deed. But heres what im referring to...
  8. rusty

    Owning land?

    I've seen a bunch of undeveloped land (what i usually look at) on and the like for 100$ but they are usually tax sale, and not and actual title for the land. As far as michigan i guess theyre just really trying to get people to move into those homes theyre demolishing everyday...
  9. rusty

    Owning land?

    Not on the fb. But thanks for the recommendation. Electric seems nice but not crucial. Ive seen a lot of peeps work off a generator when getting started. I guess its about if someones going to come around and be like "hey you gotta get on the grid" or "shitting in a hole is a public saftey...
  10. rusty

    Owning land?

    Thats sick, what part of the us are you in? Seems location is crucial on the getting fucked with level. Yea its good 2 kno the codes for structures, like building something like a shed to crash in. So long as it doesnt have a foundation or exceed a certain amount of sq ft. What kind of pack...
  11. rusty

    Jarle Andhøy sails to Antarctica

    Hey guys, I've been reading up a bit about Antarctica, as an explorer its piqued my interest. Its seems to hold a lot that is unexplored or inaccessible. I have little sailing experience myself, but i figured i'd turn you unto this punk motherfucker...
  12. rusty

    News & Blogs Homeless Man Arrested For Living in 15-Foot-Deep Man-Made Cave

    Lol cops destroy his property and he gets charged? Just morally wrong.
  13. rusty

    Owning land?

    A little rant, Hey guys, been on and off the road for 10 years now. Seeing new places, meeting amazing people and experiencing new cultures. Always at the bottom of this travel I've been searching for a place to exist whether its a minute, a night or a month. In my wandering I've found that I'm...
  14. rusty

    Polyamory Anyone?

    Clear, open and honest comminication. Being able to manage and organize your time with your partners well is a must and effects everyone involved. The lessons i learn through polyamory are applicable to monogamy as well. If anyones interested i highly recommend reading the ethical slut. If i...
  15. rusty

    Iceland ahoy

    As far as squatting word is theres plenty of abandoned barns because a few years back the farmers started vaccuum sealing their hay and leaving it outside. And the sheep stay out all summer as well. People seem few and far between even along the coast. The center of the island the highlands was...
  16. rusty

    Iceland ahoy

    Hangin at reyjavik campsite. Tis a camp pretty much in the city. Its really lax, and enough people that u can get away with a lot. Eatin up all the free food in the pantry, just like hostels they have a public kitchen, wifi, bathrooms, showers even laundry, this place is hooked up. U just put up...
  17. rusty

    A jacket/backback

    What id really love is a sleeping bag tent backpack. 3 in one. Lets go.
  18. rusty

    Iceland ahoy

    i'll be in iceland tomorrow june 4th until june 16th, if you're there
  19. rusty

    Iceland / Reykjavik

    still in iceland? ill be there the next two weeks. also wondering how that worked out
  20. rusty

    Uninhabited Patience Island

    damn near 90 today, might have to go. id be a lil early for best friends day though :p
  21. rusty

    Uninhabited Patience Island

    im ridin down to richmond for a couple weeks, but im def down to plan an island venture with whoevers down. anytime in may should be good for me. i have access to a lil dighy and a canoe but dont personally own anything
  22. rusty

    Uninhabited Patience Island

    after a little asking around, i heard patience is a bird sanctuary or more so an "important bird area". heres a link with more info about patience and prudence; and a map...
  23. rusty

    Uninhabited Patience Island

    I've sailed there a couple times, some boats frequent the shores in the summer. haven't noticed any activity besides that... inspired to scout the island a lil more now that you mention it. also, its likely easier to take the ferry to prudence and get to patience from there. haven't tried it but...
  24. rusty

    Northern California Commune

    don't give up! it could take a lifetime, but you can do it.
  25. rusty

    always wanted a mule, how much do those fuckers eat? oh slabs<3

    always wanted a mule, how much do those fuckers eat? oh slabs<3
  26. rusty

    Guatemalan couple squating Europe :)

    if you go to barcelona hit up the cso's/okupas i'll send you a link that lists addresses.
  27. rusty

    dumb traveler names

  28. rusty

    Featured Photos Mongolia Rainbow Horse Caravan

    <33333 thanks for sharing! i missed the who's, who of the story. if you don't already have one posted, a pic of the caravan & former caravan with names in the caption would be a great addition. i'm trying to picture who's going through what as the story unfolds.
  29. rusty

    News & Blogs New Zealand town with 'too many jobs' offering packages of land and homes for $165k

    seemed like winning the lottery so i bought a ticket(emailed the mayor for fun) this is the automated response; Bryan Cadogan Jul 2 (2 days ago) Hi, if you are emailing about living and working in the Clutha District, please see the message below, unfortunately I cannot respond to you all...
  30. rusty

    REPOST: Nancy Minus

    was reposted from lisa marie lopez's fb. she asked for the post to be shared and i remembered this handy forum. just lookin out for the communtity. thanks for spreading the word!
  31. rusty

    REPOST: Nancy Minus

    Lisa Marie Lopez · June 9 at 7:22pm WARNING. GRAPHIC DETAILS OF RAPE ACCOUNTS. After everything that has happened in the past 24 hours, I am coming out against a serial rapist. a serial abuser. I have made comments here and there about this person harming me, but never went into too much...
  32. rusty

    Yea was just in montreal, hopping all over. In providence, either headin back there or to...

    Yea was just in montreal, hopping all over. In providence, either headin back there or to Philadelphia. 4012254742 if u can txt
  33. rusty

    To sex or not to sex a local while traveling

    taking one for the team? as in hey i'd do you the favor of fucking you to make you feel better about yourself? please tell me if i've misread this. you wholeheartedly agree but you're still joking?
  34. rusty

    Hey bud! Im having a hard time seeing the salt assault calender on my phone :( got anywhere else...

    Hey bud! Im having a hard time seeing the salt assault calender on my phone :( got anywhere else i can see the when and wheres? Thanks! Ps are ya goin?
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  36. rusty

    might take me a sec to get over to the slabs, so no jambo for me. hope to see you around there...

    might take me a sec to get over to the slabs, so no jambo for me. hope to see you around there this season though sittin in the desert and writing sounds refreshing
  37. rusty

    made a trip over to chicago. philly etc., mostly floatin around new england my friend is...

    made a trip over to chicago. philly etc., mostly floatin around new england my friend is drivin to nola n back northeast i might b hitchin a ride with him shortly, trying to check out the metal fest in vt this weekend... if all else fails ive got a solid ride to florida next month. south...
  38. rusty

    Anti Homeless Libraries

    yea the co springs one sucked they asked me to put my skateboard in a locker made for them specifically and rent a lock or some garbage.
  39. rusty

    Anti Homeless Libraries

    I have experienced an overwhelming discriminating response to homeless and traveling persons at their public libraries, over and over again as I'm sure some of you guys have as well. Taking away the only solace most people have, this has proven to be unconstitutional in some cases. this articles...
  40. rusty

    i'm still kickin' it nova

    i'm still kickin' it nova
  41. rusty

    Richmond, VA

    in st pete fl ;)
  42. rusty

    The Debt Resisters' Operation Manual

    ^^I found this book outside of an Anarchist Collective, looked interesting, available to read online at lmk what you guys think.
  43. rusty


  44. rusty

    was going to head to seatle but its getting laye in the season, making a trip to phili. then...

    was going to head to seatle but its getting laye in the season, making a trip to phili. then deciding from there. great to hear from ya nova! ill let ya know
  45. rusty

    MD to Florida Via I-95. Any Advice?

    go to philly and ride juice or ups?? ive only rode junk south but thatll take at least a week if all goes well. i think 2 days on ups? just another option, hitchin should be fine, a lot of long days in the sun. waterwaterwater!
  46. rusty

    News & Blogs Neat story of 2 girls on bicycles in 1944

    "You sure are going to make some hobo a good wife," lol! thanks for sharing! the story is really good so far.
  47. rusty

    Extended van living stories?

    just did what i like to call the 2014 walmart tour. half the time was spent between walmart parkin lots and truck stops. i know, i know sounds glamorous, theyre both open 24hrs and havent had any trouble it would be interesting traveling with a caravan of different vehicles and campin out...
  48. rusty

    RIP Reno Brian

    ate outta my first fuckin dumpster with reno. whatinthefuck. :(
  49. rusty

    what I plan on packing. Need to cut some. Suggestions?

    i had that problem with wool socks, they got soaked with sweat and i ended up with my granfather called "trench foot" which was extremely painful. from not changing outta those wet socks