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  1. RebeccaSoup

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,

    My squat was cleared out in inner Charlotte NC, after only a month. I need someplace a little more low key. So we're ready to get out of town. Word has it that there's a rapidly declining housing market, Rapidly declining job market, huge foreclosure rate and an impaired police force. Add to...
  2. RebeccaSoup

    Abandoned Apartment Building

    No place to sleep last night and it was raining... We just got a car so we kind of drove around aimlessly in the city we're both from. Pretty depressing, driving around NO place to go. NO (decent)friends, no family, in the town you were born in... But thats another (sob)story. Racking my...
  3. RebeccaSoup

    Knoxville Tennessee

    Whats the deal, yo? Places to make money?? Places to squat?? Fuck Charlotte, cant make dick for money here. And I need 2000 dollars fast. Flying a sign is always what works best for me. Maybe I'll do it in Knoxville?
  4. RebeccaSoup

    A New Thread about Bus Living

    I know there was another thread that Matt posted a couple of years ago about going in on a Bus to live on... I was wondering if that ever happened, and if not, why? I'm also interested in hearing stories from those folks who have lived on buses or know people who do/have. Down in Nola I met a...
  5. RebeccaSoup

    Lions Porno Party 3

    This forum is pretty rad.. I have a hard time getting past the idea of crust kids on the internet.. but so far it seems alright. hi folks. PS I'm in dallas and dallas sucks.