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  1. shabti

    Hitchwiki, as good as we make it.

    So I'm on my first long term road trip since joining the site. We went through all of northern Cali, and It was my first time hitching. A lot of really cool people and experiences, but there was one thing that stuck out to me: how obsolete most of the info on Hitchwiki is, and how perfectly...
  2. shabti

    Hobo-veralls are now mall-chic.

    So I needed...dafaq was it? Bearing lube I think. Found these hanging on the wall of Zumies. Your opinions?
  3. shabti

    Event Leftover Crack/Days n Daze in El Paso

    Just what the title says. I'm pretty stoked. Tickets aren't that expensive, so if you're nearby, hit it up.
  4. shabti

    News & Blogs Cargo Box Houses

    So I'm researching the whole tiny house thing, now that I have a tow vehicle. Ran into this article where they made a house out of the shipping containers you find on trains. It's kind of astounding how many of these 'not suitable for habitation' type things can be turned into totally insulated...
  5. shabti

    Photos Paleo-Indian Archaeology Road Trip in NM

    Hey, so I went to my first archaeological dig over the labor day weekend. It was close to Three Rivers in NM, so I went up there to check out the petroglyphs. We were excavating a paleo-indian site that's been dated from 600 C.E. The place where you see us all digging was a Kiva. There could be...
  6. shabti

    Ethanol as Fuel

    Prices being what they are, and capitalism doing what it does, and Petroleum being what it is, has all led me to research alternative fuel sources. You can run your van/car/whatever internal combustion thing on Ethanol, which can be made in a portable still. Here's a list of resources I found...
  7. shabti

    Camper Made for Bicycles

    This guy is making tear-drop campers that are light enough to be towed by a bicycle.
  8. shabti

    car insurance??? (how do I do this?)

    So I like being dirty, but not riding dirty. Anyone know how this whole insurance thing works? I'm looking around at all these different companies, and I don't want to request a quote from all of them, since they run your credit everytime you do this. Are there specific things to put in a...
  9. shabti

    News & Blogs The Tiny House Powered Only By Wind and Sun

    I ran across this article on the Atlantic. It's about these tiny houses that have wind turbines, collect rain water, and are solar powered. Pre-fab too. I know there are a lot of these, like...
  10. shabti

    Bought a biodiesel Jeep today

    I'm tired of paying rent at the homeless shelter. I've wanted to do the tiny house/camper living thing for a while. So I'm house sitting for a friend, and driving her hybrid around, and I started looking online for cars, and BOOM. A 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD. I don't know how long they'll host this...
  11. shabti

    Good punk music for a metalhead

    So....I can't do it. The Exploited, the Casualties, Pisschrist, the Dead Kennedies, Reagan Youth, Minor Threat... The list goes on and on and on. The list of bands that EVERYONE seems to love, but I can't...seem to get into. So I'm asking for help. I'm a metalhead. I'll provide a list of...
  12. shabti

    News & Blogs Sk8boards out of discarded building materials

    So what happened to the news section? Anyway, for lack of a better place to put this, here are some people making skateboards out of discarded building materials, and then giving them out to kids in Cali. "Once there was there is skateboarding." what do you guys think?
  13. shabti

    News & Blogs FBI targets Crusties

    Da fuq? Ran into this article on gawker. FBI ran an op called "project thunder" that targeted Crusties, and animal liberation peoples. Here is a...
  14. shabti

    GPS devices?

    Who here uses them? Designated hiking gps thing? I was looking at buying a garmin gps and two way radio thingy. At school, I know the geology department uses them. I kind of wanted to figure out how to log coordinates into a GIS...
  15. shabti


    So................. folding bikes. Or a bmx. Whatcha think? Is an extra 30 pounds worth it? (with tubes, pump, patch kit, lock, multi-tool, lights...? all that jaz is like, 30 pounds.) would you guys take one with you?
  16. shabti

    News & Blogs 47% of the us is uninhabited?

    So I'm learning this new technology called GIS. If you've ever used google earth, or mapquest, or...well, lots of stuff actually, GIS is the maps-and-computer stuff that allows the weatherman to trace out storms across a big blow up map. Thing is: anyone can make these maps. and have them...
  17. shabti

    (Game)Theory and Practice

    So I became a student to get money and access to social services while I wait for the state to release me from probation. Recently, I discovered that University libraries. Are. Awesome. I mean, Hannah Dobbz's book on squatting history? Boom. Online edition. The Radley Balko book about the...
  18. shabti

    News & Blogs PirateBay founders in Prison, can be sent letters/books/(stp bandannas too?)

    I went to go get a copy of Earthlings from TPB, and noticed this on da front page: And I thought to mehself, that receiving letters from a bunch of crusties with laptops might cheer these guys up mightily. I know there are tons of prisoners with no fame, and no support base who might also be...
  19. shabti

    Elyse, I hardly knew ye.

    I just learned a few hours ago that on saturday afternoon my girlfriend was killed trying to hop a train. We think she was trying to run from the cops while high. She and I are members of Narcotics Anonymous. I almost have six months clean. I can't even process this properly right now. Here are...
  20. shabti

    if only they were this lenient....

    Methinks the bosses at this wal-mart plantation not really be so easy on people like mr. shane.
  21. shabti

    The Ultimate Swiss army knife (written on Libre Office, Debian Jessie with XFCE)

    The Ultimate Swiss-Army Knife The Ultimate Swiss-Army Knife is not from Switzerland...nor is it a knife. It's the computer. There are a lot of green anarchists, primitivists, luddites, etc who argue (with quite a valid point) that the “information age” is just one more way that dominance and...
  22. shabti

    Photos Dreadzzz

    They started forming little lock lets on their own, so I made the mistake of trying to section them off. Took me forever to get the plastic out, and it was a waste of 88 cents. The picture on the bottom is after about a week and a half of finger/palm rolling, and two...maybe three washes with...
  23. shabti

    DIY capo

    So the guitar I dumpstered can't play open chords without a capo, so I made one out of rubber bands and chopsticks. ;)
  24. shabti

    Share pictures of Pussy

    For those of us with felines, share pics of your fuzzy pussies below.:) This is nana. big white guy is Fred, my friends cat. The little guy is Fred's spawn, so I adopted him and called him "Fre" (pronounced "free") because he's almost a Fred....get it? another one of Fre, giving SoMeow (his...
  25. shabti

    building up a digital collection (arrrr matey)

    So, how do you guys avoid paying for music? I bring it up because in what seemed to be a never ending quest to pirate the newest Amebix album (seriously, why the fuck does nobody seed AMEBIX for chrissakes) I discovered a technique for pirating that I'll share with you shortly, but I just...