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  1. Childgoddess

    How to ask this guy in a letter if we are still together? he didnt come see me for 4 days.

    I've been dating this new guy for 2 months, already kinda feel I love him, we have spent almost everyday together, except a few times we lost one another, we were homeless, trying to take care of one another, he never wanted to leave me, he get me food, clothing, etc, let me stay his friends...
  2. Childgoddess

    How to ask for a sleeping bag at christian second hand places?

    Me and my boy lost our blankets, this guy is suppose to give us a sleeping bag, but need to call him and have no access to a phone and don't have a phone card, there is this used clothing place down the road, its a catholic used clothing store, they let you buy items with whatever amount of...
  3. Childgoddess

    What is the easiest wilderness bush shelter or shelter to make outside?

    I'm currently homeless with my new bf of two months, we are really roughing it out, sleeping outside with no blankets or anything, just have one another to hold for body heat, for personal reasons and because I got beaten up from this drunk women that stays there, I refuse to stay there...
  4. Childgoddess

    Its winter time, im homeless and got no where to live/go? what do i do?

    I literally have fucked myself over, I got drunk with my s/o and spent my basic needs money on drugs, a friend of the family is willing to rent out a couch of her's until I get a apartment/room, but she wants straight up CASH, cuz she has been burnt a lot, I know this isn't the most honest way...
  5. Childgoddess

    Where are places/alternatives to chill while inside during the cold winer weather?

    Hello there Fellow people! I'm unsure where to post this thread, please tell me otherwise if I'm not suppose to post this here, anyways here goes, its freaking freezing outside right now, my relative kicks me out at 8:00am every day, which in a way I don't blame him, he doesn't have a extra...
  6. Childgoddess

    How do you cope all alone on the streets by yourself, especially when you got social anxiety???

    my s/o is currently mia, i know he has tried calling me at my moms, but i dont stay there due to the fact my mother doesnt trust me, im starting to get really depressed because im all by mysef and feel like im going crazy wandering the streets by myself, people are looking at me, which is...
  7. Childgoddess

    How to deal with girls talking and wanting to drink and party with my bf?

    Hello there, me and my s/o have been together for 3 1/2 years, even thou i get a big feeling he doesnt cheat on me , i get a feeling when he's drunk he's a bit more friendly, touchy feeling with women/people in general, but it doesn't seem sexual, just a bit more emotional/physical intimate...
  8. Childgoddess

    Where are some places to sleep inside during the day? ( for the winter time)

    I'm unsure where to post this thread, so im putting this in general banter form. I'm currently staying at the shelter house, but I dont get enough sleep, havent been able to sleep for 5 days well staying, it has made my anxiety go super high because of the lack of sleep i have, I got bad social...
  9. Childgoddess

    Is it possible to survive in a winter wilderness shelter in -21 weather?

    Hello there fellow people! :) I know this may crazy, but is it possible to make some type of Survival Shelter(s) in the bush, im up in northwestern ontario, canada, the weather has been pretty cold, Its -14°C, but it FEELS LIKE-21 but wondering with the right gear, stuff in the bush and a...
  10. Childgoddess

    How to safely survive in the bush/on the streets as a women by yourself?

    Hello there People! I'm officially all alone and homeless all by myself now, my boyfriend got picked up cops last night, we usually sleep outside together because he's the one that makes sure that im physically safe, now that is gone, im feeling anxious, scared and alone on how to survive the...
  11. Childgoddess

    How to deal with boyfriend drinking too much and me being homeless and leaving him?

    Me and my boyfriend are currently homeless, his cousin was kind enough to give us her floor to sleep on untill we get apartment, but my bf is starting to fuck this up for me, he's getting super drunk, saying and doing embrassing things when we go there, his cousin said if one us goes drunk...
  12. Childgoddess

    How to keep really warm on a tight budget/for free with fall/winter camping?

    Hello there People! thanks so much if you decide to read this, as i need to know something to survive and stay warm in the bush with my fiance during the rest of october in northern ontario, canada. For the past 3 months, me and my bf have been sleeping in a tent in the bush ( cuz we are...
  13. Childgoddess

    how to take care of blisters and stinky feet on the streets?

    My fiance has some hardcore stinky feet and blisters going on right now, we don't have access to a shower everyday. All i know if him to wash his feet with water, from a water bottle, small stream of water somewhere with antibacterial soap and wear clean fresh socks everyday, and get a new pair...
  14. Childgoddess

    How to find spots/places to sleep during wintertime?

    It's the beginning of November, me and my fiance are currently homeless. We have been surviving usually sleeping outside in a tent on the outskirts of the city, but winter is here now. My family won't let me stay with them due to personal reasons. The shelter house isn't a option for me or him...
  15. Childgoddess

    What's the best way to stash your shit outside?

    What's the best way to stash your shit outside? I don't have a lot of people's places to stash my shit at ( clothes, gear, personal hygiene, food), wondering how to do that safety without it getting wet or my stuff stolen. Thanks. :) (Sorry if a similar post as been posted, couldn't find it here. )
  16. Childgoddess

    How To Survive a Freezing Winter Sleeping Outside with no money

    For personal reasons, I cant stay at the shelter house during the winter and i hate being around strangers, im considering sleeping outside in the winter, but on da cheapest fundz possible. Any suggestions and comments people?
  17. Childgoddess

    How to travel hack with no credit card?

    I'm curious about dis thing called "TRAVEL HACKING", can somebody tell me more about it? I have shitty credit, so im not able to get a credit card and collect any points to travel. thanks.
  18. Childgoddess

    Best places to sleep/squat during winter cold nites

    For personal reasons and because I'm tight on fundz, I refuse to stay at the shelter house and use couch for a place to sleep during da winter cold nitez. Where are the best places to squat/sleep during winter cold nitez in the city? im open-minded to all suggestions. Thanks.
  19. Childgoddess

    How to deal with being called a slut when u sleep around?

    I think its so double standard dat if a man sleeps around, he's not considered a whore/slut, but if a women does, she is judged as that. I like my sex, I've slept with 6 guys this year. Do you really think dats makes me a slut? Im just worried about sleeping with somebody and them spreading...
  20. Childgoddess

    How to get a FREE sleeping bag or bagz?

    I'm extremely tight on fundz right now, most of da money i make goes towards personal shit and grub. Need me a FREE good decent sleeping bag or bagz for fall camping. I pitched a tent in da backyard of my mothers house, have some fuzzy warm blankets, but still find myself cold. Any...
  21. Childgoddess

    Natural cheaps to deal with body odor

    I personaly dont like using pit stick deodorant because of the unatural shit that goes into making it, i often travel, couch surf, and cant get access to a daily shower, and i sweat alot. Whats a natural cheap way to deal with underam and general body odor?
  22. Childgoddess

    Cuddling with close friends

    Do you ever find comfort/happiness with cuddling/snuggling/laying beside your closest friends? do u find it takes away the anxiety and depression or atleast lessens it???
  23. Childgoddess

    Do opposites really attract?

    Do you really think its possible for a shy, quiet, interverted person to date/have a long term relationship with a guy who's a very social butterfl/exterverted type? i got hardcore social phobia and have a crush on this guy whos a big time social, outgoing person who has a attractive personality?
  24. Childgoddess

    How to keep warm in winter with cardboard boxes as a shelter?

    Hi there! I'm thinking of squatting in the back of this apartment building, its kinda like a backporch, but has has cement floors and there is some cold air that does come in, so was thinking of getting some big furniture boxes to lay in, 2 regualr sleeping bags ( geared to like -30 winter)...
  25. Childgoddess

    How to pick locks!

    I don't know where to really post this, but its kinda related to squatting. A relative of mine has a back porch and a boiler room in the back, it never use to be locked until some drunk native people started sleeping there and leaving their shit there, and then the landlord found it and locked...
  26. Childgoddess

    Good Winter Tents

    I'm thinking of doing some winter camping outside, just wondering what kinda tent I should use, ( like a specific brand, type). Also gonna be doing some squatting and if super cold, possibily stay at a shelter house. Looking for something affordable or to make do with untill I find or save up...
  27. Childgoddess

    Personal Hygeine

    I'm worried about keeping clean for a job and my family refuses to help me out with a shower, cuz when I was drunk, i did some stupid shit, they don't want me around. I don't even have any friends that will help me out with a nice clean shower, don't have any money at the moment to take a...
  28. Childgoddess

    How do you keep your mind from going insane?

    Hey there! wondering about your ideas on how you keep busy/ keep your mind from going crazy on the streets, roads, streetz during the day, what would you do all day untill 9pm? ( can get your bed or have a warm safe place to sleep)
  29. Childgoddess

    Any advice for fall/October camping?

    I don't have much of a choice on where on to stay, except the shelter house, but for personal reasons, i rather avoid staying there. I have a tent, a few sleeping bags and some warm clothing to wear for fall. I'm thinking of tenting out in the outskirts of my hometown. I'm just worried about...
  30. Childgoddess

    How to keep safe as women when squatting/tenting out?

    Wondering, where would the best places to squat/tent out in the city? I would like to find a place that is safe for a women. Anybody got any suggestions? i refuse to stay at the shelter house for personal reasons.
  31. Childgoddess

    Introducing myself

    Hi there! My name is Kristal, originally from Tbay, Ontario, have travel and hitchhiked a bit in my twenties, looking to do some more this summer :D, I'm a pretty quiet shy person that keeps to themselves, but with the right person, I can be pretty social.
  32. Childgoddess

    How to avoid bed bugs?

    THis is kinda health related question, beside the obvious, what is the best to avoid bed bug eggs/bugs while dumpster diving.
  33. Childgoddess

    Squatting in Thunder Bay

    Curious, anybody ever squat in Thunder Bay? if so, please share your stories if interested. thanks.
  34. Childgoddess

    Where can I find a free sleeping mat?

    Don't have any fundz for a cell foam/yoga matt/etc for sleeping on. Already posted online for something nobody wants. Thinking of using cardboard, but don't even have wool blanket for insulation. Thought of also dumpster diving for one. Anybody know where to find/get for free?
  35. Childgoddess

    How to get camping supplies/equitment for free:

    I'm tight on fundz and thinking of urban spring camping in northern Ontario, so wondering, what is the best way to get everything I need for cheap or free? need mainly a cell foam pad, sleeping bags, wool blanket, etc. Already posted online ads for something and asked aquitances if they got...
  36. Childgoddess

    How to Urban Camp in May & keep warm?

    It's not actually summer yet, but considering urban camping in the city, instead of staying with "crackhead" friends, no offense, but can't have a decent sleep, and need to work and get important shit done. Anybody have any experiences with camping and keeping warmoutside in may, springtime...