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  1. macks

    Hey if you are looking at this I don't use this website any more. If you want to get in touch...

    Hey if you are looking at this I don't use this website any more. If you want to get in touch with me I am on under the name "emil". You can also send me an e-mail at [email protected]
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    Summer 2011

    Research the hell out of it until the summer then please! For your sake and everyone else's.
  3. macks

    Digihitch is back up

    I found a few good things on there but take the advice people give on there with a grain of salt. I've seen more than one "experienced hitchhiker" on there give advice that is untrue
  4. macks

    Look At This Fucking Oogle

    Haha, on the header is a picture of the Dandelion Junk Queens. Not oogles!
  5. macks

    We need more appalachian old-time musicians!

    I play clawhammer banjer, it's a hoot. I like the minor sawmill type stuff and round mountain tunes. Some of my favorites: June Apple Spotted Pony Over the Waterfall Cluck Old Hen Greasy Coat Sail Away Ladies Walk Along John to Kansas Boatman Arkansas Traveler Georgia Railroad Train on the...
  6. macks

    Suggsted Books on Simple Living

    Sounds good, I'd like to read what you write about it if you don't mind. I read it in one sitting, partly because I was doing a lot of sitting, mostly because it was really good.
  7. macks

    Suggsted Books on Simple Living

    There was a great book on here called Possum Living, it might not be 100 pages though. Check the uploads section
  8. macks

    Tattooed pigs - nice work, but totally fucked!

    Most hardcore pigs ever. Seriously though, their gate is wierd as shit. I've heard that people learning to tattoo use pig's skin to practice, can anyone verify that? I mean like.. removed from the pig, not like the above link.
  9. macks

    Squats in Eugene?

    Under the 105 ramp with all the railkid tags on the big circular post?
  10. macks

    Squats in Eugene?

    I would say no to Jefferson park, it's got lots of homebums and heroin. The two H's of Eugene. Also Russ T maybe should keep that info to PM or something as it is not really a squat and may not be good for all of the internets to show up looking for a place to crash. Lots of scumfucks come...
  11. macks

    Why being a 'drunk punk' and an 'anarchist' don't actually go together...

    Do people drink because they don't care or do they not care because they drink? The world may never know, because everyone is too drunk to care. "but fuck "anarchists" who aren't doing any positive work whatsoever in any communities, just getting drunk, travelling, and talking shit...
  12. macks

    the digital vagabond

    With your bare hands. Core.
  13. macks

    the digital vagabond

    How you gonna get that canoe to the river/lake/bay without a vehicle?
  14. macks

    Dragon Con #24 Atlanta, GA Sept 3rd-6th

    Oh my shit balls. Next year. Thanks for posting this. Have fun! Pictures?
  15. macks


    Good introduction, welcome. Enjoy the site!
  16. macks

    greeeaaatt campin/cool revolution era ruins 40 mins east of philly

    By the way I thought you mind find this interesting.. was curious about the place after reading your description and pulled this up. NJHM - Joe Mulliner, The Robin Hood of the Pine Barrens
  17. macks

    greeeaaatt campin/cool revolution era ruins 40 mins east of philly

    Woah, thanks for the introduction to this place. I appreciate that you know your shit when it comes to the wildlife and history of the area, makes me want to visit! Now I have a reason to go back to the east coast. Sounds like an adventure..
  18. macks

    pants with reinforced crotch

    Re finn : Check out this neat little article on butt flaps. Bum Flap Information, Bum Flap Reference Articles - CanadaSpace Reference I always thought they looked silly but it actually sounds like it might come in handy while riding trains, keep the bum warm and the ass of the pants from...
  19. macks

    Why being a 'drunk punk' and an 'anarchist' don't actually go together...

    I don't think that disagreeing with someone is oppressive. So stop trying to oppress me by saying the things I'm saying are oppressive! The drunk natives in AZ are depressing as hell. I think at this point the US government would rather have the remaining native population not as fucked so that...
  20. macks

    Why being a 'drunk punk' and an 'anarchist' don't actually go together...

    Fuck yeah 614crust, now to start putting carboys under all of my favorite bridges so when I roll through towns I have some ready to drink! How about a hobo homebrew network? Bring some ingredients to the jungle, drink the batch and start a new one for the next tramp? Ah, if only a perfect hobo...
  21. macks

    Why being a 'drunk punk' and an 'anarchist' don't actually go together...

    Cheap entertainment, fun with friends. Helps to go to sleep in the bushes. I think that your 'government wants anarchists to get drunk so that they won't topple our regime' argument is giving anarchists too much credit. If it was big enough of a deal for the feds to make a plan to deal with...
  22. macks

    R.I.P. Tink

    Met him a little over a year ago.. drunk as shit with his two dogs on a train at like 10 am.
  23. macks

    Hitchhiking across the Canada/US border

    They asked me for a bank account statement, then said that they couldn't tell from my ATM receipt that it was my account. And asked us a million questions like "how did you find out about our public transportation system?" It took about 7 hours for us to get across the border (compounded by a...
  24. macks

    whatcha reading right now?

    Well here's the NOAA population estimates for the Puget Sound chinook : Might want to read up a little on the laws around there, poaching can get you landed in jail pretty easy.
  25. macks

    Squats in Eugene?

    There are no functional/established squats in Eugene to my knowledge. There's plenty of good places to sleep outside though!
  26. macks


    Haha, if I am in a polka band and look as healthy as any of those dudes when I'm 50-60 I will consider myself lucky. And hanging out with a babe like that! Scoreeee!
  27. macks

    whatcha reading right now?

    Now/Recent: Jared Diamond (Guns Germs and Steel & Collapse) Roger Zelazny (The First & Second Chronicles of Amber) The Northwest Salmon Crisis : A Documentary History (Joseph Cone & Sandy Ridlington) Salmon Without Rivers (Jim Lichatowich) The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand) On Human Nature (E.O...
  28. macks

    10 most overrated "rock" bands of all time ?

    I like a few of the bands you put up there (the dead & the doors), but I have to say that it was really awesome to see that you put the Beatles as #1. Glad to see someone else thinks they are overrated!
  29. macks

    i am a man of constant sorrow

    Eugene street music scene sucks ass. It's kind of a strange phenomenon but busking blows there.
  30. macks

    Enviornmental/Conservation Projects

    I am hoping here to get some discussion going on environmentally oriented projects that are going on around the country. I'm sure we all realize how horribly we have fucked up many of our remaining natural areas. It's depressing to me seeing how many people realize this but how few of them are...
  31. macks

    I'm getting paid to go to school!

    Wow, good deal! What are you studying?
  32. macks

    How To Say Goodbye?

    They can only stop you if you let them, especially if you are 18. I warmed my parents up eventually to the idea that you could still hitch-hike without being murdered, which was a hard sell since my mother had a -very- sketchy experience hitch-hiking in the 70s. My dad as well took a cross...
  33. macks

    crackhead cheerleading team in georgetown...

    That is fucking sweet! Hilarious shit, thanks for posting this. Good thing they didn't end up blowing your cover.
  34. macks

    Photos Gudj's pictures

    Very cool shots. Makes my feet itch. Great shots of bagby and other spots in Oregon. I used to use blogspot but got frusterated. Wordpress seems complicated to set up, as a non-techie person. Am I missing something about it? Anyone have a link to a good tutorial or willing to explain it?
  35. macks

    yeah it was nice hanging out with you guys. always nice to meat some riders that are laid back...

    yeah it was nice hanging out with you guys. always nice to meat some riders that are laid back cool folks! good luck getting on out of this neck of the woods, let me know how catching out of eugene goes!
  36. macks

    How to get over a broken heart.

    Yeah, you made that point with the first post. Then the second one came and I was like "damn, Wider is really after this one". Then the third post came and it just seemed like overkill. You made your point, no need to use her as a punching bag because you think it's stupid that she would ask for...
  37. macks

    How to get over a broken heart.

    Yeah, I think that makes three unanswered dick comments in one thread. Maybe a first even for you Wider! Give the girl a break, it's her party and she'll cry if she wants to.
  38. macks

    Should I bring my iPhone?

    A friend and I on a long trip took his iTouch (like an iPhone without the phone part). It was really handy because, although it doesn't have phone service, you can just use skype to call anywhere in the world for free once you get internet service. It had a transit system application so we could...
  39. macks

    Accessing the situation: My options

    1. Sounds fucking rad, and like an awesome deal. The insurance you could just pay all at once if you can swing it. Like, pay 600-700 bucks for 6 months of insurance up front then when your six months is up, stop driving it for a while. That way you don't have to always have a job to support your...
  40. macks

    How to get over a broken heart.

    Don't worry about the loving again part until you deal with the being happy on your own part. My 2 cents.
  41. macks

    How to get over a broken heart.

    I would say take care of yourself by eating well, sleeping enough and exercising. The alcohol is tempting but it doesn't work, just delays dealing with the problem, and it can become a problem in itself. And no one likes a sobbing self-pitying drunk. It's going to suck but it will suck less if...
  42. macks

    STP treehouse commune?

    I would be careful where you're tromping around in the woods in NorCal, some farmers up in them woods don't take kindly to such things.
  43. macks

    Fundraising Ideas

    You know, people (especially younger ones) eat up cool slogans/designs involving their city's name. If you made a cool design or funny saying with your city's name on it and screenprinted some T-shirts I bet you could get people to buy them for a couple bucks profit. My advice here is sell them...
  44. macks

    STP treehouse commune?

    If you ever do get it set up I will totally come visit and help out with projects.
  45. macks

    STP Gathering 2010 (LOCATION CHANGE!!!!!)

    STP Gathering 2010 What's the status of the campground? Do we have the spot reserved?
  46. macks

    Lincoln City, Oregon?

    I would let that issue die, I don't know about those cabins but I imagine that if I did I would be VERY pissed off if the information was posted on the internet. Don't blow it up yo!
  47. macks

    STP Gathering 2010 (LOCATION CHANGE!!!!!)

    STP Gathering 2010 If anyone needs a ride from Western Oregon (Salem area) and can pitch gas money I've got room for 1 in my rig. At this point it looks like at least jbx and I will be coming down for this.
  48. macks

    this intrepid writer has got some questions!

    Alright, the bag has been punched.. I say we give it a rest until he posts again at least.
  49. macks


    Wait a second, that "Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers" band is actually the comedian/actor Steve Martin!!! FUCKING AWESOME!