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  1. scatwomb

    Eugene, OR

    I live in Eugene, and yes, it's a pretty great place. Wawa and outlaw are pretty spot on. The bus that Wawa is talking about has a last stop at the McKenzie River Ranger District US Forest Service Headquarters on Highway 126 - it's about 12 miles to the east of Blue River, OR. And, ha, as a...
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    Missing! Noah Dewitt!

    Good article on this:
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    Missing! Noah Dewitt!

    Oh man, that's really sad. Fuck.
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    Missing! Noah Dewitt!

    Yeah, wanting to be incognito or escaping is totally understandable. I didn't mention this in the original post (and maybe you or others wouldn't care) but he was really distraught when people saw him last. I imagine they don't simply mean upset, angry, or whatever. But, something more...
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    Missing! Noah Dewitt!

    Ah! Thank you so much. I haven't posted here in a while and just clicked on the sub-forum that was at the top of the list. My bad. Thanks again!
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    Missing! Noah Dewitt!

    Hi Everyone, Although I do not now him, I keep seeing posters up around Eugene, OR about, Noah Dewitt, who went missing on February 13th. He was definitely last seen in south Eugene. He may have been seen in Grants Pass, OR soon after he disappeared. By all accounts, he seems like a...
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    The Punk Rock Retirement Plan

    I want to raise sheep and goats and work for the Forest Service forever. Have my boy take care of the livestock when I am in the field. Excellent.
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    Do you remember your first punk show?

    I remember seeing this bike is a pipe bomb over 10 years ago - it was at this anarchist run show space in minneapolis. there was lots of snow. terry talked to me outside the show space and I fell in love in an instant.
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    What classifies someone as a "slut"?

    I haven't thought of it like this before - I think this is a definition that's heading in the right direction. I think, as anarchists (generally speaking), we should reject power inequality and control at any level. When sex is used consciously as a tool to disempower another person or...
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    traveling cat?

    I would question the judgement of your travel partner. If they think they can train a cat to travel, what other irrational shit will they try to convince you of? Just sayin'... Hope you enjoy your travels!
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    in missoula. colville by tomorrow night.

    in missoula. colville by tomorrow night.
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    want to start a squat in oakland?

    Ha, as much as I like living in rural Idaho, I miss what Oakland offers quite a bit. I may have to make a trip there in August...
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    want to start a squat in oakland?

    Want to go to Oakland. Now!
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    StP gathering in 2014 discussion

    Yeah, PNW is the ticket!
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    Avoiding student loan troubles

    Fake your death.
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    What am I missing?

    Seriously, just think about the weight vs. utility of things you're considering packing. My advice is to make three piles of all the things you are considering bringing. The first pile are essentials (the thing you definitely need), the second pile are the non-essentials-but-useful-things...
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    What am I missing?

    If you're debating over fishing line/hooks, don't. Bring them - these are incredibly small and light items and the fishing line has multiple uses...
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    Help with the DEEP WEB

    I didn't realize there was more to the internet than Facebook and forums! Assassination and child/rape/gore porn...OH MY!
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    Humboldt beach town Squating madness!

    Seriously, just go to the Plaza (the public square downtown) in Arcata and talk to folks there. We referred to them as Plazoids :) Beautiful area, though. I am hoping to be there for a week or three this summer.
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    Hello frome Idaho

    Woo! Idaho represent! Where'd you grow up?
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    Anarchism in Providence, RI

    "Hello, I am a police officer. Please tell me where the anarchists hide. Thank you!"
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    anyone ever eaten alot of lsd?

    I don't think you can generally say if LSD is "good or bad" for you. I think, for sure, it changes your perspective, but, that change in perspective be good, bad, or valueless. For me, I only used LSD and mescaline a handful of times. I have had both amazing and horrifying experiences on...
  23. scatwomb

    does anyone NOT drink?

    I probably drink about once every three months on average...
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    News & Blogs Dark Ecology: Searching for truth in a post-green world

    Here's a cool article about the Progress Trap, Ted Kaczynski, and the problems with neo-environmentalists: THE HANDLE, which varies in length according to the height of its user, and in some cases is made by that user to his or...
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    Missing Daughter, Please Read

    Honestly, it seems like you have your bases covered. Something will pop up soon enough due to your efforts. I'll rack my brain and periodically post something on here if it comes to mind. I don't want to make this into some political thing, but, it's fucking disgusting that the police...
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    Missing Daughter, Please Read

    Have you contacted any animal shelters in the area? If her dog is at an animal shelter, it may have become separated from Ursulah? And, depending on what shelter you find it at, it may give you a better idea of her last location...? I know that's not something that would help alleviate any...
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    News & Blogs Another Anarchist Will Be Jailed December 26th for Resisting Grand Jury

    I think it may take a genius to figure it out, as you're not really saying anything here, building an argument or generally making sense. "Bureaucratic shills trying to scapegoat our freedoms" - what does that even mean? How do they want bigger governments or marshall law? And how are...
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    The Great Walk (New to StP)

    I've done one (extra) long distance hike - the Idaho Centennial Trail. It's about 900 miles, which is much less than what you're talking about. I will say that you better develop some badass calluses before you go. Even though I hiked a ton before my trip, blisters were a big issue. Also...
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    I did it in the Pacific Northwest for a few months and your experience will be dependent upon the host farm(s) you're at. Overall, I had a good experience. Some farmers, however, are creeps who want to take advantage of you in every way possible. Mostly they're great, but, don't assume...
  30. scatwomb

    Anyone know any good books about revolution?

    This is awesome!
  31. scatwomb

    Anyone know any good books about revolution?

    Become a friend of AK Press and get your revolution on every month!
  32. scatwomb

    first distance hitch

    Man, you should just stay in Missoula and dick around in the Selway and the Frank in the spring/summer ;)
  33. scatwomb

    Will the police know who I am?(Probation)

    I can't believe no one has said this yet.
  34. scatwomb

    Where Should i Go??

    Hike the PCT.
  35. scatwomb

    Will the police know who I am?(Probation)

    Just not under the prying eyes of the law ;)
  36. scatwomb

    Will the police know who I am?(Probation)

    Fuck that, you should be a dick and undermine people who are spewing bullshit that could lead to someone getting into more trouble with the law. Like everything, this is a risk. If you think the consequences of being caught are worse the the benefits of travelling, don't do it. If you are...
  37. scatwomb

    Will the police know who I am?(Probation)

    I am going to go out on a limb here and say, "YES, THEY CAN DEFINITELY IDENTIFY YOU." As far as I know, if you don't have an ID they'll bring you in and keep you there until they find out who you are. Or, well, they can legally do that. Maybe they won't....? They probably will. Especially if...
  38. scatwomb

    buddhist monasteries?

    Yeah, I mean, living in a monastery is a huge commitment. I don't know how long you've practiced, but, I'd talk to a teacher rather than folks on here. I mean, there could be some random chance that one of us stayed in a legit monastery, but, I'd start with talking directly to a teaching...
  39. scatwomb

    buddhist monasteries?

    Generally speaking, the legitimate monasteries only take in very serious practitioners, just sayin'.
  40. scatwomb

    PLEASE give me one good reason to stay in school.

    Someone earlier mentioned that school and traveling will always be there. This is true. I am currently getting a PhD and I spent a few years roaming around. I plan to travel for about a year after I am done, then, I will probably teach and travel in the summers. If you're studying something...
  41. scatwomb

    free pizza

    I won a free pizza thanks to this post! Papa Johns sucks, but, free pizza is good pizza.
  42. scatwomb

    Just got a visit from the Mossad (Israel Intelegence)

    You need help, man. This is like some scary sneak preview for some paranoid intelligence-community-is-after-me post.
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    this is true.
  44. scatwomb

    Anyone currently hold down an island?

    Plenty of folks squat on islands. Do it, you'll be fine.
  45. scatwomb

    Damn Health

    I was in a really similar situation in November/December. I had a virus that kills 38% percent of people who get it. And, this is right before I was going to leave for Idaho. It was crazy stressful. I am, however, happy to be alive. Just take care of yourself, man.
  46. scatwomb

    Hot Springs?

    For hot springs - there are many many places in Idaho. I'd recommend going during the "off-season." You may have to snowshoe into most places, but, it's worth it. The idahohotsprings website is a pretty good resource.
  47. scatwomb

    Hot Springs?

    This is exactly the type of things we need to say to keep folks out. Well done.
  48. scatwomb

    Hot Springs?

    I like to perpetuate the stereotype that Idaho is filled with ignorant Nazis and racists. That'll keep the developers out. People here may also actually burn down resorts or new housing developments - depends what city they try to take over next.
  49. scatwomb

    Hot Springs?

    And the potato license plate!