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  1. misanthropicrustacian

    Seeking Sheltered Parking During Rainstorm

    Dude this damn mudslide I didn't even know about it and am omw to San Diego and have been gas's jugging it and nobody generous here lately and now just waiting get the through when ever they open up the 101 but hope your vehicle doesn't crap out on your , best of luck N safe travels
  2. misanthropicrustacian

    Hello from the Sacramento area.

    I'm east of Sacramento in a small town , if you ever happen to come out to the mountains for some reason and was t to hang out , or burn , if u smoke , hmu, and ya it sounds like you got some things to be grateful for , just be safe and follow your gut feeling
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    never a bad idea to take your time on that decision, a while ago I was trying real hard working at a restaurant saving up, or trying to , towards a van or truck but Hopes didn't prevail , if your somewhat familiar with basic vehicle maintenance anf you got some lucrative hustle really helps with...
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    Still it's probably going to be a worthwhile learning experience , My dad had a friend who did it years ago and mostly cut trails, Good luck with it , got any plans for what you are doing afterwards
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    That is really strange that they make you get your diploma even though u got a ged ,
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    Welcome , so how do you like working for the conservation corps?
  7. misanthropicrustacian

    Hello all

    Good morning brother and welcome, where you thinking of heading to?
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    Welcome to both of you
  9. misanthropicrustacian


    Welcome , you ever anywhere around Sacramento you got a friend, safe travels , and check out the forums
  10. misanthropicrustacian

    Indie filmmaker looking for actors and info about road life

    Currently I'm in San Diego for a couple weeks then I'll be in Sacramento vicinity for a while, I wouldn't mind Helping out with your film if we cross paths ,I'm bit of a indie film head myself, I wouldn't want cash either because film making, making art is something I do for fun anyway, Good...
  11. misanthropicrustacian


    Good for you, and welcome. I can really relate to that introduction, I'm in the same boat my friend , what you said about playing music and losing interest because of the dope I can soo relate too and it's so true and terrible, I'm a musician too and ya it sure does zap all your creativity and...
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  13. misanthropicrustacian

    some know me as shar

    Welcome to stp, Vancouver is on my list, got a friend up there, BC though , so by what means of travel you taking when you leave Maine?
  14. misanthropicrustacian

    some know me as shar

    \m/.. nice to meet you Where you from originally?,
  15. misanthropicrustacian

    some know me as shar

    Damn never heof that fest sounds cool , I like the gpg / slam grind shit , like devourment and torsofuck , If you ever make it to San Diego and want to party hmu!!!
  16. misanthropicrustacian

    Romance for the perpetually single

    This is a really positive approach to dealing with this which, As I read , reminds me I'm (we're) not so alone as we may choose to believe. I've always been puzzled by how much I've traveled America and out of all the many people I've met at how I still never found who I'm looking for , or that...
  17. misanthropicrustacian

    First time cross country

    Ya , I'm not you but, I would suggest to make the trip to new England Not during the coldest time of the year , especially considering you said your hoofing it
  18. misanthropicrustacian

    finding where we belong

    I'mUOTE="zipty6425, post: 210582, member: 16681"]I hear ya. I hope things are looking up for you these days. How old are you? What area are you in lately? Im 27 and now I live in Escondido CA, working a dishwashing job and renting a room in a house, on break from traveling or something like that
  19. misanthropicrustacian

    finding where we belong

    I began traveling the moment I got out of high school , partially for the reason I had a lot of traveler type friends , some of which I looked up to that got me interested in it, but mainly because I was depressed and wanted to meet people, I thought I might meet the love of my life on the road...
  20. misanthropicrustacian

    I don't know what to say.

    Welcome , so you've been hitching solo ?I got a good friend in Medford if you pass through there he's good people could show you around , but happy travels and if you ever make it down to San Diego hmu! I'm currently on break from the road :p
  21. misanthropicrustacian

    A sprouticus surprise

    Welcome back
  22. misanthropicrustacian

    Introducing me, myself and I

    I feel you on what you said about waiting for your tax return I'm doing the same thing working a lame job and going to hit it around the new year. Well dishwashing isn't that bad. And welcome ,
  23. misanthropicrustacian

    Bonjour à tous

    Hey if your going to be biking down the west side to the jamboree ill be coming from the south maybe we can meet up on the road there? Depending when and what way your taking
  24. misanthropicrustacian

    Bonjour à tous

    As far as having a certification in a trade being a electrician is a good one for the vagabond because its so lucrative . that sounds like a awesome bike route you got planned. Welcome !!!
  25. misanthropicrustacian

    Video Life Lessons From a 7-Thousand-Mile Bike Ride

    Really nice, I got this road bike that needs a little TLC but I have never bike traveled, biked alot in general but never traveled via bike, always thought about it and am thinking of doing it this Sept or Oct make my first journey from Oceanside CA to Joshua tree , hell I ought to make it to...
  26. misanthropicrustacian

    Greetings from New England

    Whereabouts in Boston?
  27. misanthropicrustacian

    Greetings from New England

    What's up Boston brother ! happy travels! welcome to the fellowship for worldwide vagabond communication ::pompus::
  28. misanthropicrustacian

    !This is the greatest!

    Ive heard about the cannery jobs during the season, never done it, How did you go about getting into that? I heard about some companies paying for your flight out to the elusian islands from Seattle, is that where the cannery your going to is?, the island,,n I'm already sure I misspelled the name
  29. misanthropicrustacian

    Circus of hate

    Circus of hate
  30. misanthropicrustacian

    No Good Travelin' Folk Band Needs YOU

    Wait.. it helps to vote for them more than once, ?
  31. misanthropicrustacian

    No Good Travelin' Folk Band Needs YOU

    Great original sound !! Good tunes Shoot,, ill gladly vote;)
  32. misanthropicrustacian

    Im new to this

    :DWelcome to stp Richard , southern CA is a easy going place ,weather wise, year round to get used to camping out, if your still getting the feel for that, Take advantage of the forum pages , Just about all the basics and much more knowledge that will help. Be safe , have fun!
  33. misanthropicrustacian

    Not yet but I will be where u at now? I'm always down to kick it,, n where u planning on goin...

    Not yet but I will be where u at now? I'm always down to kick it,, n where u planning on goin, which direction?
  34. misanthropicrustacian

    Video Brighton Courthouse Squat film-1994

    That's the best, nice . When was this filmed ?
  35. misanthropicrustacian

    New here trying to get the fuck outta Texas

    My old road dog is in Texas now, es trying to get out west, you out to meet him, he's real cool and friendly ;) I'm pretty sure he's in Denton
  36. misanthropicrustacian

    Event Fucking MD deathfest

    That's bullshit, iv never once seen or heard about any kinds of wp .Nazi bands playing there, plus its in Baltimore, which is on of te blackest thuggin fucking cities ever and most Nazis wouldn't last long hanging on these streets or even the fucking show, you outta come to the states and find...
  37. misanthropicrustacian

    Event Fucking MD deathfest

    Md deathless is the shit , I went two years in a row over three years ago or something,, raged . More cops n security s the years go by but still sick also price of tickets goes up each year , but I tell you its definitely worth it, they got a bunch of sweet merch. A whole bunch of travelers...
  38. misanthropicrustacian

    Looking for a bit of advice.

    Be about your wits on the streets, always go with your gut feeling, stay safe -have fun
  39. misanthropicrustacian

    Hernias, any travelers got em, know ways to cope?

    Thank you so much, I just got back to san Diego an sw a doctor to make sure I still have medi-CAL and I do , I'm planning on getting I fixed here because ill have a nice living situation spot to heal . I got a surgeons number from th hospital
  40. misanthropicrustacian

    Hernias, any travelers got em, know ways to cope?

    damn I thought thought those surgeries fo hernias were usual fail safe, my dad ha one ad his fuckwd up but that's because he started working right away too soon, and he's old, well interesting thankyou
  41. misanthropicrustacian

    Hernias, any travelers got em, know ways to cope?

    So I know I need to get mine surgically operated on eventually but I'm just curious if thres anyone whos managed to leathertramp it with a fat pack for long periods of time and manage doin physical labor a fair amount? Also I've heard just walking in general is one of he best workout for the...
  42. misanthropicrustacian

    Thanks for existing!

    Welcome to stp , and sorry about that happening, I know that feeling losing everything and starting over from zero, best of luck and safe travels
  43. misanthropicrustacian


    ya man i hear you on that one , i feel the same way if iom not working , whether its getting paid doing work for someone else or not getting paid and wrking at something just for yourself,ive been pretty much out of work for a bit here, way broke and would like to make a little bit of cash to...
  44. misanthropicrustacian

    Hey everybody!

    welcome ::drinkingbuddy::safe travels
  45. misanthropicrustacian

    Rackbone From SEA

    Welcome brother , I hear you on your third paragraph there, but I don't think most people on here pas judgment without knowing any facts but whoever does puck em,, I've been around alot too and never hopped either, really want to as well, so where you planning o toin to after you et your I...
  46. misanthropicrustacian

    Hey, Taz there anyone from Massachusetts?

    Toxic narcotic is one of my all time favorites, so I see you got that banjo, how long you been playin? You jam with anyone?
  47. misanthropicrustacian

    Hey, Taz there anyone from Massachusetts?

    Damn, there's no vagabond cats around the south shore.? :( you ever need a place to stay, I'm in Plymouth area, hit me up, where you from originally?
  48. misanthropicrustacian

    awaiting serendipity

    awaiting serendipity