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  1. misanthropicrustacian

    finding where we belong

    I began traveling the moment I got out of high school , partially for the reason I had a lot of traveler type friends , some of which I looked up to that got me interested in it, but mainly because I was depressed and wanted to meet people, I thought I might meet the love of my life on the road...
  2. misanthropicrustacian

    Hernias, any travelers got em, know ways to cope?

    So I know I need to get mine surgically operated on eventually but I'm just curious if thres anyone whos managed to leathertramp it with a fat pack for long periods of time and manage doin physical labor a fair amount? Also I've heard just walking in general is one of he best workout for the...
  3. misanthropicrustacian

    no cost websites to sell, and/or trade , whats the best way?

    ive never made a website before, and im sure theres got to be completely free ones, see , I screen print patches, (well not very lately but I have accumulated a lot of my own product from earlier on.., and I make wire wrap jewelry and do some drawings, I know of course the whole shipping to...
  4. misanthropicrustacian

    Dropdead @ CHE -8-27-(thurs.) in sd, ca, anyone?

    anyone else on here going? , well, should see a crowd there anyways,, better be, it may be the che's last good show!! -cheers
  5. misanthropicrustacian

    Hernia, what a drag

    so just got back to ca stopped being on the move for a bit and realized i got a hernia , only just realized it now because it seems to have gotten worse to the point that i can tell its there! i like to be physically active and most of the work i do is physical trade work type, so it sucks, i...
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  7. misanthropicrustacian

    Free tent in Fort Bragg, CA

    theres a free large tent in fort bragg for anyone in that area seeking some shelter from the rain this year, you could fit 4-5people in there+some animals, its blue. the tent was left beside the traintracks that lead from the graveyard, (in the northern part of town) to willitts, they are the...
  8. misanthropicrustacian

    Helena, Kool-aid, alien, furby and scuff, where are you guys?

    Hey this goes out to the street punx who were hanging out in Fort Bragg, CA in 2009 & 2010 I don't know if you guys are on here but if you are this is Evan and id like to hear from you , I think about you guys from time to time, Helena and kool aid especially you guys I love you and hope...
  9. misanthropicrustacian

    where are you in maryland?

    whats up everyone, ive been traveling up and down the east coast but lately have stopped in southern maryland cus i got a job, to gather a bit of doe and then am planning on heading west or maybe northwest once things warm up, ive almost always traveled solo and for some time have been pretty...