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  1. lone wolf

    News & Blogs Kid Rock for senate! (Not kidding)

    fair enough... wish i knew the mods and owners world views before joining. but most people realize the government is just the middle man, the federal reserve are the rulers. good luck, i can't participate in a community that censors the truth.
  2. lone wolf

    News & Blogs Kid Rock for senate! (Not kidding)

    you can dislike my post but to send me a warning for apparently posting hate speech is ridiculous. their is no hate in that post, only truth
  3. lone wolf

    Photos getting the most out of your razor

    started doing this about a year ago. was fed up with going through so many razors. the plastic guard is completely unnecessary. the only part of the guard that is important is the sides near the corner of the blade. this is what you need: a single blade disposable (dual blades will still...
  4. lone wolf

    News & Blogs Kid Rock for senate! (Not kidding)

    we grew up in same neighborhood. i like him but nobody can make a difference through the system. the system is unrepairable. only way to fix it is to throw it out and start over without a J-ewish controlled central bank.
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    my mother says the same thing and to this day i don't understand that statement. i talk with my mother through email regularly but I've had zero interactions with my father in over 20 years. getting away from toxic relationships is the best thing you can do for yourself imo. yes, the memories...
  6. lone wolf

    tobacco prices....

    [email protected] posting this thread in "staying healthy"... when you're ready, read the easy way to stop smoking by alan carr sry for the derail... carry on
  7. lone wolf

    Fishing without a rod

    laws? what's all this talk about laws? laws are for the 9-5 slaves. if you're in a survival situation you fish, hunt and forage however you please... if you don't have the devil's dollar then you in a survival situation. laws... lol
  8. lone wolf

    Difficulty sleeping outside

    i don't move much so whenever i do it always takes me a few nights to get comfortable and a few weeks to really relax. people that move often will get comfortable much faster. it's mostly a mental thing... but as others have said a pad can make a big difference.
  9. lone wolf

    What's the shitiest place in the US y'all have stayed?

    yeah, every place is shitty on some level... I'll never go back to atlantic city.
  10. lone wolf

    Natural cheaps to deal with body odor

    i used this before when i ran out of the poison stick. works well... lately i been going without anything. honestly like the smell of B.O. better than perfume/cologne. as long as you wash daily nobody should notice unless they snuggle up with you.
  11. lone wolf

    Photos so you wanna be an artist...

    been kicking around the idea of creating a comic book/strip to sell/ask for donations. but i haven't attempted to draw anything in 15 years... well, it's not like riding a bike, i tried... it sucked. it's gonna take time. while i was searching for ideas (storyline, characters, ect.) i...
  12. lone wolf

    Get ready for war!

    no matter how powerful the USA may be... we are no match to sabotage from within. the USA won't survive the NWO. well, technically speaking, no country will. spreading democracy, lol, more like spreading slavery... when the troops are done enslaving the rest of the world, they will bring down...
  13. lone wolf


    the lizards crawling on my tent gobbling up all of Bill Gates GE mosquitoes keep me company... i <3 those insect destroying creatures.
  14. lone wolf


    closest I've ever been to peeing on my ex was using the toilet together.
  15. lone wolf

    News & Blogs Video Poo Beach

    you'd think with all that fertilizer that coast would be littered with vegetation
  16. lone wolf

    Video How To Turn A Beer Can Into The Only Camping Stove You'll Ever Need

    we've set can-goods right on the fire. i wouldn't do it with just any can though. some have a plastic coating that could melt.
  17. lone wolf


    no personal experience with them, I've read the Europeans used the term "hothouse" so i imagine you'll be plenty warm. the only thing I've ever done was drape my tarp over my tent to hold in heat and lit a few candles. only bad thing about that setup is moisture builds up. i assume you'll...
  18. lone wolf

    Photos Where my Heart Lives; Dakotas to Death Valley

    been through death valley once over 20 years ago. left Vegas with a quarter tank of gas in scorching heat, no food or water and blindly drove the rode less traveled towards the Pacific. didn't see a single car or business for 60 miles. literally thought I was going to run out of fuel and die...
  19. lone wolf

    Trapping, Fishing, Hunting

    everyones immune system is different. what might make your friend sick won't necessarily make you sick... I'm a firm believer that society has purposely brainwashed us to sterilize our food and water to weaken our immune system. most bacteria are harmless... helpful even and the more helpful...
  20. lone wolf

    US ANARCHISM needs to get organized

    yeah well you're not allowed to get organized. with the invention of the computer/cellphone's they have eyes and ears everywhere. the patriot act will crush anybody that threatens the NWO. best to enjoy the time we have left because a century from now slaves will be cloned in a lab and history...
  21. lone wolf

    treating water and the options on how to do this

    don't you ever wonder how wildlife can drink from the most disgusting ponds with no ill effects? all these chemicals in our food and water have damaged our immune system.
  22. lone wolf

    Kinda Lost

    "the place you are looking for is the place from which you are looking" mooji
  23. lone wolf

    Get ready for war!

    if the billionaire club is going to succeed in their centuries old quest then it's obvious NK must be under their control before they dismantle the USA. when NK goes down, the US goes with it... doubt we will see the true nature of the plan until the wall is complete. i suspect a biological...
  24. lone wolf

    Atheism and Anarchism

    Good post but lets be honest... If government didn't appear to do some good then the people would finally take action for change. People just don't realize how hard they are being fucked because the majority don't understand how money is created.
  25. lone wolf

    Most useful online feature ever

    don't think it matters much, regardless who they put in office this country will continue to move in the same direction. It's just a matter of which candidate will get us there the fastest... Hillary will do cartwheels and stab you in the back to appease the rulers of this world.
  26. lone wolf

    BBC America - casting vanlife documentary

    Is that BBC plan? They can spin that story however they please...
  27. lone wolf

    anyone like slow paced strategy games?

    Here is a fun one i found for android. "Air control lite" in the play store. It's a bit hard if you have a small screen, turn off wifi so the annoying ad doesn't cover part of the airport. I see they have a couple with same title. I'm using the one by four pixels
  28. lone wolf


    Paid to travel! ::wideeyed:: awesome.. What do you want to do when you get there? If you want to work them I'd stay in the city. If you want to experience life then I'd go to the slabs. Btw I've never been to either but i imagine the slabs would be fun if food doesn't become a problem.
  29. lone wolf

    Southerner in the snow

    The only times i have slept in the snow were by accident so i was never fully prepared. Cardboard saved me from freezing. Your body heat will keep you warm if you can seal all/most of the holes in your homemade boxhouse. When i was about 10, my brother and i built an igloo by digging a hole...
  30. lone wolf

    Sesame Credit - rating how good a citizen you are

    Lol, all my contacts should delete me now
  31. lone wolf

    Craziest places you've slept for the night?

    Couldn't get comfortable in my cutlass supreme. Couldn't stretch out in the front or back seat. So decided to fold the back seat down so i could extend my legs into the trunk. Well the seat didn't fold down on this car so i got out my tools and cut a big hole in the back seat. I don't know if...
  32. lone wolf

    New guy, trying to find his way out of florida

    What type of work are you looking for? I been working for a day labor in lake worth and many of the jobs are in north palm and Jupiter. If you can work construction come a little farther south. Plenty of work down here.
  33. lone wolf

    Snake! Who can identify?

    He doesn't have a head anymore. :eek: I'm thinking late night snack & pair snake skin boots. How many more you think I need for boots? :D
  34. lone wolf

    Snake! Who can identify?

    Been out all night, finally made it back to camp tired as fuck. Layed down under my tarp about to fall asleep when this damn thing decided to come join. Anyone know what kind of snake? Give me a minute, problems with pic
  35. lone wolf

    Photos Left home in April

    Lol @ that hammock in the snow... I left Detroit nearly 15 years ago, my first trip to the Rockies was in the middle of summer. Man was i unprepared, nearly froze.
  36. lone wolf

    Anyone here fold?

    PRIONS! They are studying GMOs. If I can find the article I'll post later.. A biologist in the early 90's quit his research team because the plants they were modifying produced an unknown protein. He tried to explain the danger of prions (folded proteins) but his research team didn't want to...
  37. lone wolf

    The weapon that makes you feel safe?

    The only time I ever feel like I need a weapon is when I'm sleeping outdoors. I know the feeling of being unsafe is all in my head but that doesn't stop me from keeping a sharp piece of steel close by.
  38. lone wolf

    Filming the Scum

    sucks dude.. The last douchebag I lived with got me for $900 but whatever money/property can be recovered. Just makes you more cautious in the future.
  39. lone wolf


    Think he has moved on, thread is a tad bit old
  40. lone wolf

    News & Blogs Hiding the homeless

    :p lol, I cheated... I wouldn't know how to do it from that site either. I found it on youtube
  41. lone wolf

    Any tips for drying out boots?

    Toilet paper or napkins work well. Just change it often. Once you get rid of most of the moisture find a hand dryer.
  42. lone wolf

    free cell service?

    Assuming it works the way I've seen it done on YouTube I believe it is legal. They used a couple of apps and a free WiFi connection. So you only have service through WiFi.
  43. lone wolf

    free cell service?

    Lot of videos on YouTube show you how to do it with an android phone. I haven't tried it...
  44. lone wolf

    Video Don't J-walk in Austin...

    Look at all those brainwashed men in blue.. Somebody has to pay their salary. Not enough really crime so they'll just create it.
  45. lone wolf

    traveling with crohn's

    my health has also deteriorated over the years. i've never been diagnosed (i avoid the doc) with crohns but i have/had some of the symptoms. a few years ago i started researching my problems and discovered much if not all was the result of a poor diet. i know it can be hard to follow a healthy...
  46. lone wolf

    anyone like slow paced strategy games?

    here is another one with similar game play as jelly go this one is much harder though, i'm stuck on level 27 set on easy, lol
  47. lone wolf


    keep the cash and drop the wallet in the lost in found if the library has one. $21 is a good reward for not having to cancel your credit cards.