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  1. lone wolf

    Photos getting the most out of your razor

    started doing this about a year ago. was fed up with going through so many razors. the plastic guard is completely unnecessary. the only part of the guard that is important is the sides near the corner of the blade. this is what you need: a single blade disposable (dual blades will still...
  2. lone wolf

    Photos so you wanna be an artist...

    been kicking around the idea of creating a comic book/strip to sell/ask for donations. but i haven't attempted to draw anything in 15 years... well, it's not like riding a bike, i tried... it sucked. it's gonna take time. while i was searching for ideas (storyline, characters, ect.) i...
  3. lone wolf

    Snake! Who can identify?

    Been out all night, finally made it back to camp tired as fuck. Layed down under my tarp about to fall asleep when this damn thing decided to come join. Anyone know what kind of snake? Give me a minute, problems with pic
  4. lone wolf

    anyone like slow paced strategy games?

    found this one recently. starts out ridiculously easy/boring then the levels get harder. I can't beat the last level, been replaying the rest trying to get 3 gold stars on all. it's highly addictive if you like these types of games.
  5. lone wolf

    work, ride or pedal?...

    really undecided whether i should pack up and hit the road now or stay here and save before i go. was originally planning to save for a van but after reading StealthYellow's thread i wonder if i could manage with my scooter or bike. the scooter has a bad crankshaft bearing. about 1,500km ago i...
  6. lone wolf

    Microwaved water kills plant in home grown experiment An experiment conducted at home for a high school science fair five years ago has verified the dangers of microwave ovens not only to humans, but even to plants and other organic matter. The experiment showed that microwaved water...
  7. lone wolf

    Millions of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Could Be Released in Florida

    about a year ago i heard bill gates discuss using GM mosquito's to vaccinate people. knowing that he has publicly supported population reduction, my first thought was this is a plan to spread disease. i didn't think it would hit the states so soon. article is 3 months old... their reasoning is...
  8. lone wolf

    expiration date - how old is too old

    i always heard can food is good for decades but what about the easy open cans (with tab). will those also last decades after the printed date? i opened a can of chill with august 2011 expire date. smells fine, would you heat it and eat it?