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  1. Yugheld

    How do I begin to plan my route?

    Hey! As mentioned earlier, I plan on backpacking from Toronto to Mexico City in the summer of 2020. I'd like to start planning out which route i'm going to take and I honestly have no idea how/where to start. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
  2. Yugheld

    Looking for approx. 10 individuals that have backpacked in/to Mexico

    Hi! You may have seen that I am planning a trip from Toronto to Mexico City during summer 2020 in my most recent post. I am still in the intro part of my research and reading on Hitchhiking and all that I need to know. I'm going to be posting all around the forums to gain information and share...
  3. Yugheld

    Help please! First time hitchhiking. From Toronto to Mexico City

    Hi! I'm looking to HitchHike if the circumstances allow it or otherwise drive from Toronto, Canada to Mexico City, Mexico in the summer of 2020. I have zero experience with HitchHiking and have never been to Mexico. I would greatly appreciate any advice on which routes to take, which areas to...