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  1. ZombieJack

    Looking to buy a new camera....Any Advice?

    I'm not sure if this is the best section to post this, but there wasn't really a section on film/tv/youtube and I figured art would be the closest. I wanted to make youtube videos for fun, mostly talking about media and art with some political theory and such. I considered going with pretty...
  2. ZombieJack

    Quick Lineart of My OC

    My OC Tai. The arms turned out bad, I did this one really quick just to have an updated design for them. I wanna do like a comic about them and their friends.
  3. ZombieJack


    Hey my name is Jack and I just got back to NJ USA from Germany and I want to travel again soonish, so I figured I'd join and get some good tips, and meet some cool people. I'm do all kinds of dumb shit.