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  1. wartomods

    The Greek Thread

    I've heard first hand from a few friends that things have been gnarly in greece in the last year or so, more than the media seems to show. Shit is gonna hit the fan soon, nobody knows how hard, but me being a mild survivalist and ready to be drifting anyway seems like exciting times. But i am...
  2. wartomods

    I think pokemon influenced my life because....

    Now i realise the anime was so great, they were basicly hobos going from town to town in the pokemon world.
  3. wartomods

    How many of you

    got tired of travelling after years and decided to do something else?
  4. wartomods

    Have you ever thread

    have you ever with fellow crusties done something along the lines of pissing off the bouncers and stupid people at a pseudo posh clubs/discotheques. If you are fighting for sport, there is nothing better. By the way this is especially fulfilling for me because when i was younger i always got...
  5. wartomods

    Travel Light

    i love this stuff
  6. wartomods

    The Bike Topic

    As i've seen lately there has been a rise in the number of bicycle related threads, so i created this topic for everyone who has any bike related question, wants sugestions or advices, i would glady answer, i consider myself a bike afficionado, i worked previously in a bike shop.
  7. wartomods

    I think i am

    balding, FUCKE MY LIFE, well but i hope it will give me street cred, or at least home bum status. Seriously, it is quite a emocional charge, but i will handle it with charm i guess.
  8. wartomods

    What's you camera?

    Since this website has so much focus on photography , it would be fun if each one said what camera they usually use. In my case it is the camera from my cheap phone sony ericson w800, lol
  9. wartomods

    Going to Ibiza

    i going to make the leap and get on the boat and be at ibiza next week or so, any special shoot outs? Advices?
  10. wartomods

    Camden Town (in london)

    I am fucking hating here, i was said it would be cool and shit and punk vibe. But all i got was faux oi punks, disgusting goths and capitalism fueled on super sketchy businesses, a tourism leeching community. I am leaving Whats you opinions about camden.
  11. wartomods

    Me and my guitar

    as you have may have seen, i am very limited at singing, some songs i can do ok, but this one was total fail.
  12. wartomods

    Attack Of The 60 ft Lesbian Octopus

    just have to share this awsome named music
  13. wartomods

    ELF vs ExWorkersCollective

    This is a very stupid question/poll (some people will argue they are to different, they are, but thats where the interesting aspect of this question lies) if you had only two options: Being a member of elf Being a member of crimethinc what you would choose. consider all the true...
  14. wartomods


    I've seen some cases of it, where it is due to lack of fresh food and vitamins. Can vitamin suplements really make a difference here and prevent it, even if you only eat canned/long lasting foods.
  15. wartomods

    Bump key

    I want to know more about the subject. Do you own one, have you ever used one, if yes did it work , in what situation you used it ? Disclaimer: This thread is only for informational purpose and any member of this forum that has used this key has done it in their own property.
  16. wartomods

    Strange Things you find on the woods

    There are several interesting or creepy things that sometimes we come across, but one thing that creeps the hell out of me is when i find old dolls in the forest. I know it is just regular domestic garbage, but i find it extremely disturbing.
  17. wartomods

    A cover of mine

    I d like to share a cover of Sunday Smile by Beirut that i did on guitar SoundClick artist: wartomods - page with MP3 music downloads
  18. wartomods

    Arctic Monkeys - Choo Choo

    it not something super amazing , but i like the theme.
  19. wartomods

    There is this thing

    called koka tomato noodles, i wonder if it has crack , cause it is too addictive to my own health.
  20. wartomods

    Say Your Ultimate Favourite Genre

    The tittle says it all. If you dont know dont post ( i kid go ahead post whatever)
  21. wartomods

    Summer Festivals are comming

    and i want you to share your shenigans on how to go free, i've made a couple hopping the walls, but they werent that big (both the walls and the festival) , what do you think about major ones, reading/glastonbury/benecassin , etc etc etc. I just now one thing not willing to pay 40-70 euros for a...
  22. wartomods

    The Art of Sewing

    Damn recently just found an interest in sewing , I cant do it amazingly, but it is so nice to have a needle and being able to fix stuff and apply patches... My technique sewing patches on is pretty faulty, but ohh well
  23. wartomods

    Gear Thread (post yours)

    I am pumped i got a new backpack, pretty sweet, it is some cheap brand and probably wont last long, but it is amazing to carry lots of things efficiently
  24. wartomods

    In europe

    in europe travelling be it hitchhiking or hopping has another dimension, being that the different languages there is in each country, unlike states. I am not in much trouble in countries like Spain, Portugal, Uk, france, italy, etc, but it would be a pain to go to germany, greece, holland, and...
  25. wartomods

    How do you

    access internet while on the road
  26. wartomods


    Yellow everbody