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  1. wartomods

    Photos Lets see those bikes!

    bicycle is the best way to travel.
  2. wartomods

    Rifle on the Road

    if it is for food you'll be 100x better with a pole and string for fishing.
  3. wartomods

    Open carry machete in US

    Dont take a knife to a gun fight. That's what they say
  4. wartomods

    Bolt Cutters are a must have

    as a bike traveler, i felt sick hearing the line about bicycle theft. Shame on you.
  5. wartomods

    Ever get tired/bored of traveling?

    also, change the way you are travelling, it is shite to travel if you are too dependent on others on where you are going to sleep or when you are going to eat, it sucks major ass
  6. wartomods

    Ever get tired/bored of traveling?

    definetly, there is also the wonder of being at the same place seeing the sun set and rise in the same hills, seeing the world change around you day by day. if you feel like it, do it and stop somewhere nice. If you get back on the road it will feel 10x better.
  7. wartomods

    News & Blogs Free Pussy Riot

    Russia seems such a shitty place to live, i dont know, but it hasnt got any prettier since the soviet times
  8. wartomods

    Fetish - let's make this clear -

    I have to disagree with you mouse, that is not the definition of fettish.
  9. wartomods

    The Greek Thread

    I've heard first hand from a few friends that things have been gnarly in greece in the last year or so, more than the media seems to show. Shit is gonna hit the fan soon, nobody knows how hard, but me being a mild survivalist and ready to be drifting anyway seems like exciting times. But i am...
  10. wartomods

    fucked. it's... fucked.

    In the end you are still a right wing nutjob who refuses divorce, is it. Cause it seems clear to me that you can get away from him. Hell mothers with kids, stable jobs and stuff dump their husbands all the time.
  11. wartomods

    Pee Play

    or as someone would say, not my cup of pee
  12. wartomods

    I need advice...ASAP

    oops slap the bitch in the face and say "Why do you have a boyfriend " She will drop her panties in two second
  13. wartomods

    I need advice...ASAP

    Thats the attitude, and if she says no again, slap the bitch in the face.
  14. wartomods

    Finding girls on the road (A silly but relevant thread!)

    when you are soaked wet, thinking how good that last sardine can tasted and are trying to find a good camping ground, sex can wait.
  15. wartomods

    sucking dicks for money?

    lol this thread delivers.
  16. wartomods


    a pocket knife but it is to protect me from straydogs and what a not. For beating people around i would prefer a blunt object, knifes can be deadly, but you can stab someone in the face or belly and they will promptly fight back in rage and only then maybe die of blood loss or something.
  17. wartomods

    wool or microfleece blanket?

    going against all the crusties, the synthetic yuppie warm sleepbag is the best.
  18. wartomods

    sucking dicks for money?

    Seriously, the last time i heard someone sucking dick was for a gram of heroin. Damn i would do many illegal things before sucking dicks. There is moral integrity and if you cant respect yours, you will be a sad sad person.
  19. wartomods

    sucking dicks for money?

    Seriously, the last time i heard someone sucking dick was for a gram of heroin. Damn i would do many illegal things before sucking dicks. There is moral integrity and if you cant respect yours, you will be a sad sad person.
  20. wartomods

    Bigginer/ Looking For Advice

    grab a bicycle, vans are tiresome, especially people who want to ride in it and do nothing.
  21. wartomods


    a knife, a big stick and reasonable senses is all you need to protect yourself from wild animals. It happened to me so many times, chilling out and eating my snacks at a parking lot, and being harrassed by stray dogs. And It sucks some people in rural areas dont control their sheepdogs . I think...
  22. wartomods

    Zombie Apocalypse Tips and Tools

    I think the only real way to survive would be to sneak around with a melee weapon for months, into the wilderness and dead cities, and wait till the zombies eat themselves out. Gun fire would only attract zombies, and trust me ammo would run out faster than crack on pay day.
  23. wartomods

    ATTN: Bike punks!! Help!!

    just get some rubber glue, and try to fix it, or just get tubes and try to run it as a tube tires
  24. wartomods

    best bike?

    Mongoose is a semi decent brand, wiki it, not a wall mart bike, and it shows in the specs.That mongoose bike would be much better than a used Giant Cypress DX , believe me, cant go wrong with full steel rigid frame and fork, v-brakes, just one gear in front, a simple mountain derailure system...
  25. wartomods

    Bike Across the US?

    say that to two motherfucking chineses i met, doing china-portugal through russia in a tandem bike.
  26. wartomods

    Bike Across the US?

    you obviously werent doint it right, nowadays when travelling i much prefer to bike and camp where i please than hitchiking
  27. wartomods

    best bike?

    for 150 bucks on kmart
  28. wartomods

    best bike?

    you can make it with a under 100 k-mart bike if you are keen on bicycle mechanics, not the most enjoyable or fast ride though, be sure to choose an all rigid model, and be prepared to spend more cash to replace parts. This would be probably the best budget touring bike
  29. wartomods

    over the fire

    And by fire i mean, always cook next to some hot coals. Sorry for triple post i am not being able to edit posts right now, it just freezes.
  30. wartomods

    over the fire

    i would stir clear from cans and tin foil cause that plus heat equals a bunch of chemicals towards your organism
  31. wartomods

    over the fire

    you can cook some things in fire, if they are wraped around a thick layer of some non toxic plant leaves, eg. cabagges.
  32. wartomods

    Dear kids...

    thank god i am a hermit traveller (wait another oxymoron), for me there is nothing better than cycling wherever i want and at sunset take my tent and lay down at some open field. Never really got into squat community living.
  33. wartomods

    Europeans making North America Roadtrip *needing help*

    wow 20 people thats a huge crow to travel together
  34. wartomods

    Who else does winter do this to?

    fuck polyamory. If you want to fuck with several people do it. But i think polyamory is emotionally unstable, and even if you manage it, it is not as rewarding has having a soulmate.
  35. wartomods

    waterproofing boots

    lamb grease is the best, but hard to come by
  36. wartomods

    Should I bring my iPhone?

    pre paid sim card + 20 bucks mobile phone, done.
  37. wartomods

    I think pokemon influenced my life because....

    ahhh, you sarcasm hurts me.
  38. wartomods

    What type of watch to use??

    timex camper?
  39. wartomods

    I think pokemon influenced my life because....

    Now i realise the anime was so great, they were basicly hobos going from town to town in the pokemon world.
  40. wartomods

    x-mas for atheists

    lets not forget christmas as we now it, with trees and stuff, is a pagan holiday.
  41. wartomods

    I found the stop smoking remedy!

    i think the main idea is to never smoke again.
  42. wartomods

    Howdy doo

    is it me or stp is becoming too family friendly, we even get couples and all.
  43. wartomods

    what do you hate?

    i hate that red font, fucks up my eyes, just read two words.
  44. wartomods

    My mom has gone insane

    man you are a scumbag, posting back satanic shit on your own mother's facebook. you should be trying to help her, the distance between being sane or insane is so tiny. If she doesnt help you either, get out, get a job and educations or become a hobo.
  45. wartomods

    Advice for Showering & Staying Clean

    dirt is alright, sweat, etc is alright, but fuck if you have piss, vomit or poop on you, get a fucking bath and clean clothes.
  46. wartomods

    How do you keep yourself amused while you're waiting doing nothing?

    think about my greatness in this world. I can spend hours just thinking random things, lol, it is pretty sad actually
  47. wartomods

    European dumpsterer seeking email pals

    welcome, just hang out more in these forums whenever you can, we need more european people.
  48. wartomods

    fish?! what the hell is going on here!?

    ahah, i dont know about this, welcome
  49. wartomods

    Photos Up high

    i heard vertigo is like a mix between self preserving and subliminal suicidal thoughts. And damn for us the weak minds sometimes is hard to resist the abyss attraction. It must take a fit mind and body to do that.