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  1. MidnightRider

    Cheap Land w/ Lax Zoning/Building Codes Near a City?

    You basically want recreational zoned land, or be so wooded or rural nobody notices what you build. Manufactured and Permanent-Structure parcels are way too strict unless you're hidden or very rural. Also that first paragraph isn't just about one or two states parcel designations. I look at...
  2. MidnightRider

    Greyhound loophole

    Drunk hood rats are why I avoid buses.. I appreciate people who don't lie and stand up for themselves, but there is a point where it's just obnoxious BS.. There are the white-glutton type who do it too..
  3. MidnightRider

    Greyhound loophole

    They check your stub on re-board at break-stops. It's got the next layover on it...
  4. MidnightRider

    Best and Worst Jobs Stories

    Best to worse Successful Thief Reverse Engineer(binary analysis(IDA and Ghidra and SoftIce and GDB and WinDBG etc..)) Software Engineer in the sports betting industry Stuff using FAA private class license Truck Driver(I've drove everything from three on the tree to a 18-speed spicer or Eaton...
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  6. MidnightRider

    Greyhound loophole

    I took greyhound all the way from Florida to whatever the underground terminal in Manhattan is a few years ago and paid nowhere near $100.00.. Rates were still the same when got on out of Jackson, MS months back.. I stayed on 43rd St(?) YMCA for $40.00 a night.. A 15 minute walk to Central...
  7. MidnightRider

    Jim Stobe has passed

    Signed up just to give my $0.02.0% Give me this guy over the violent drunks and heroin addicts that make up the majority of this "community" any day.. Coming from someone who has been out there in multiple countries longer than pretty much anyone here with zero injuries in almost two decades...